100 Classroom Rules | Classroom Rules Explained in Points

Classroom rules and regulations are essential for ensuring the productive learning outcome of Preschool, KG, Elementary, High school as well as college-level students. The classroom regulations should be a collaborative activity. They should be simple, easy, short, brief, and to the point.

The classroom ideas should be explained with the help of a chart, poster, image, clip art or blackboard. The classroom decoration ideas should be designed and displayed during discussion with the students.

Sometimes it becomes hard to ensure that the little kids do understand classroom rules. Students of Preschool, KG, grade 1,2,3 level students should be handled with due care to making them understand classroom rules effectively.

They should be encouraged with kind rewards to improve retention levels.

List of 100 Classroom Rules for Pre School, KG, Elementary & High School Students

  1. Start each day with smile.
  2. Come School on due time.
  3. Bring all your stuff.
  4. Complete your homework
  5. Focus on studies.
  6. Quite when teacher is talking
  7. Do your best
  8. Raise hands before asking any question.
  9. Never speak without permission.
  10. Don’t touch or use others things.
  11. Always seek permission before your use others things like pen, paper, computer etc.
  12. Respect your fellows.
  13. Respect your teachers
  14. Always be ready to help others.
  15. Don’t mock at others
  16. Have good manners.
  17. Be kind and polite with others.
  18. Obey all school rules.
  19. Listen others carefully.
  20. Always take care of your stuff.
  21. Keep your classroom neat and tidy
  22. Sit on your own seat
  23. Don’t run in the hall or corridors.
  24. Be creative and share new ideas.
  25. Observe dress code.
  26. Don’t disturb others.
  27. Say kind words like sorry, please, thanks
  28. Never break the ques.
  29. Take part in discussions
  30. Don’t criticize unnecessarily on others ideas
  31. Be honest and committed
  32. Always be cooperative
  33. Have self confidence
  34. Never borrow
  35. Be Positive
  36. Concentrate on your goals.
  37. Be straightforward and tell truth.
  38. Be a good friend.
  39. Have fun and keep others happy
  40. Work hard and Take pride in your class.
  41. Treat others kindly
  42. Never cheat others
  43. Follow all directions from your teachers.
  44. Keep your seat neat and clean.
  45. Take care of your books, pen and other stuff.
  46. Play safely in playground.
  47. Accept your mistakes.
  48. Learn from your mistakes.
  49. Be organized.
  50. Have big dreams and goals.
  51. Never ever give up
  52. Line up and wait for your turn
  53. Be a good listener
  54. Share your stuff with others like lunch box, water, chocolates.
  55. complete all assignments on due time
  56. Always be punctual and dedicated
  57. Never feel shy for taking from others if you need so
  58. Do not damage classroom properties like desk, blackboard, cabinets etc
  59. Come school with neat and clean dress
  60. Change your socks daily.
  61. Bullying is strictly prohibited. Report it, if you ever experience it
  62. Make sure you don’t spill food, water or any eatable on floor during the lunch times
  63. Maintain your personal hygiene well. Take daily showers and be well prepared
  64. Do not eat anything like chocolate during the class
  65. Be alert, do not sleep while teachers are taking the classes
  66. Do not fight or argue with others.
  67. Take up responsibilities and participate in classroom activities.
  68. Never Feel Jealous of others.
  69. Celebrate success with others.
  70. Manage your time wisely.
  71. During class times, turn off your mobile phones, tablets, or mp3 players.
  72. Make sure, before class starts, you are well prepared. Don’t seek permissions for personal needs like bathroom, repeatedly.
  73. Follow the discipline.
  74. Never be anxious for the classes to end. Relax and sit back until teacher dismisses the class.
  75. Use computer or Internet wisely, if required in the classroom. No web surfing!
  76. Keep up your promise/words.
  77. Do not laugh at anyone.
  78. Always be Positive and Optimist
  79. Never be absent or avoid Classes without due reason and Permission.
  80. Do not call teachers with their names. Instead use respectful words like Mr.Mrs, Ms etc
  81. Students should not go other classrooms unnecessarily.
  82. Be unique , No plagiarism in your written assignments.
  83. Do not hit, kick or shove others.
  84. Sit Back, Relax, Never Stress
  85. Be careful! Do not disturb others while getting materials out of the bag or sharpening pencil etc.
  86. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  87. Do not ask unnecessary or irrelevant questions.
  88. Disrespect, obscene gestures, cues etc shall not be tolerated.
  89. Always speak English unless you are instructed otherwise.
  90. Ensure that you do behave well in the cafeteria
  91. Use well the school bathroom, don’t make it dirty.
  92. Do not accuse or insult others.
  93. Remain calm and composed, control your anger.
  94. Follow playground rules.
  95. Respect others, do not pass rude or hurtful comments about others.
  96. No name calling, teasing or aggression.
  97. Address your fellows with proper names, not half nor hurtful.
  98. Do not bring toys or other irrelevant material with you.
  99. Respect others privacy
  100. Do not miss necessary parents’ signatures on documents.
  101. Settle all dues timely.

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