Classroom Rules | A Guide For KG, Elementary & High School Students

Classroom rules are essential for productive, disciplined & well behaved education system. The following guide about classroom rules, sample notes, etc would definitely help you out.

The classroom is the important element of whole education system. A good classroom regulating discipline, rules & regulation ensures the progress and success of student to the rest of their lives.

A complete guideline of classroom rules and regulations for students of KG kids, primary, elementary, high school Students.

The article focuses on classroom rules activity, how to create conducive environment with best, simple and effective classroom rules for productive management for students, teachers and administration.

The detailed rules with examples, charts, pictures, info graph posters, pdf download and classroom rules videos for students.

What is the Classroom?

A classroom is the place to get education, knowledge, maximize skills, make new friends, learn the best for our life and much more. A fine classroom is always governed by the best classroom rules.

As, under the good rules and regulations, a classroom would be able to provide what it is meant for, e.g good education, knowledge, civilized behavior, tolerance, patience, kindness, loyalty, trust etc.

The classroom rules are, therefore, not a weird thing to be looked at. They are basic, simple and essential norms for good behavior of students in a classroom.

The classroom rules represent, respect, honor, dignity, discipline, honesty, loyalty, commitment and courage in life. These all values are injected into the personality of student of every grade or level whether Ukg kid, primary, elementary of high school student.

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Importance of Classroom

Classroom Rules are a necessary in student life. They are the expectation of good conduct from a student in school. The classroom rules defines the boundaries of actions.

They list out the dos and do nots for a student. When in rules, a student know certain acts and the rewards or punishments associated with it.

Well, in general, classroom rules are very much essential. They inculcate a sense of discipline, responsibility, moral courage, tolerance, cooperation, respect, punctuality and sincerity among the students.

The classroom rules and regulations are not oppressive or forceful set of action upon students.

They are rather necessary for productive and collaborative classroom management. The consistent and value based classroom rules promote conducive education behavior in school

How to Create Classroom Rules?

Classroom rules should be clear with proper definition and sound direction. They should not be unnecessary to do checklist for student.

They should not burden the student rather they should be cooperative, manageable, doable and achievable. Making good classroom rules is a vital task. The administration behind the rules must have understood the psyche of student with years of teaching and learning experience.

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The Best Classroom Rules

Although there are many techniques of creating effective classroom rules but the best one should be inclusive one. That is, while creating classroom rules, the teachers should include the students in the process.

A good list of classroom rules should be prepared by both students and teachers alike. It should be simple, easy, manageable and be revised from time to time.

Most Important Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules are vital for proper class management. As they are made to be followed by students for productive class management. Therefore, they should be simple, organized, clear and creative. They should not a burden upon student.

The classroom rules for UKg kids, primary, elementary or high school students should be clear and simple.

The most important classroom rules should must include the element of kindness, respect, mutual cooperation, punctuality, loyalty and productivity.

5 Golden Classroom Rules

The best classroom Rules should must include the following 5 Ps for Best Classroom Management

  1. Try to be Productive in Your Life
  2. Always Stay Positive
  3. Be Well Prepared during your classroom activities.
  4. Stay Polite, humble and kind.
  5. Be Punctual, dedicated and committed to your goals.

Three Simple Classroom Rules

3Rs for Simple, easy and cool classroom rules for students

  1. Always be READY
  2. Be RESPECTFUL to everyone.
  3. Act as RESPONSIBLE in classroom

Classroom Rules For Students

Following are important classroom rules that the students need to follow and understand thoroughly.

1. Abide by Classroom Rules and Teachers directions

The classrooms are meant to be followed by all students. The teacher is responsible for everything in the classroom.

In order to maintain the perfect class management, it is mandatory to abide by teachers directions from time to time.

2. Always be Punctual and Committed

Students should observe punctuality and self discipline. They should try to meet deadlines, complete homework timely and stay committed with their tasks.

3. Keep Your Classroom Neat & Tidy

Cleanliness is a virtue. Keep your seating desk and all around tidy. The classroom should be neat and tidy. Students should ensure that, in addition to personal hygiene, they must observe cleanliness in the school.

4. Always behave Respectfully to others

Everyone deserves the respect. Behave respectfully. Treat everyone with love and kindness.

5. Listen Everyone with love and Care

Listen to your fellows respectfully. Never be angry or anxious while someone is talking. Everyone has the right to be listened at.

6. Raise hand Before asking a Question

During the classes behave kindly. Raise your hand and seek teacher’s permission before you ask any question. Don’t try to be impatient. Wait for your turn until teacher permits you to speak.

7. Take Permission Before Using others’ Stuff

Never use the stuff of other students without permission. The stuff like pen, books, maps, drawing etc are personal property.

You should not touch or use others belonging without prior permission. Everyone has the right to protect their privacy, therefore, permission is necessary.

8. Protect Your Belongings

You are responsible for your belonging in your school. Your stuff including pen, books, geometry boxes, laptop etc should be protected by yourself.

9. Never Borrow Stuff for Others

It is weird and disturbing when you ask others for class stuff like pen, books etc. Always bring your own stuff with care. Borrowing is strictly forbidden.

10. Follow the Dress Code

Always follow recommended dress code. Never overdress or have non formal dress in school. It should be neat and tidy. Your dress represents yourself. Therefore, always take proper care regarding dress code.

11. Always Sit on Your Own Seat

Always take your own seat in classroom. Never change or settle on others’ sitting places. It irritates classroom environment.

12. Always be honest & Cooperate with others

Students should be honest, dedicated and committed with their studies. You should abide by all rules with honesty, commitment and care to succeed in life.

13. Work Hard & Do your Best

Work hard is the only key to success. In your journey you may often face difficulties and failure but stay committed. Never lose hope, do your best and ultimately, your reward would be with you.

Success is the result of continuous efforts and rising above every failure.

14. Help Your Fellows

Everyone is equal in classroom before the eyes of teachers. Therefore, the weaker among you should be help by the greater ones.

Keep your mind and heart open for everyone. Try your best and help your low performing fellows in studies.

Students are the best to identify their fellows with detailed shortcomings. This is a good collaborative practice for group learning. It improves learning outcomes and is vitally recommended in education.

15. Never Mock or Jeer at Anyone

Mocking, jeering or bullying are strongly condemned. No one is allowed to mock or jeer at anyone. It hurts the classroom environment. Everyone is advised to stay with love, cooperation and mutual respect.

It is mandatory for good education outcomes. If you are unhappy or hate someone, do it alone. Never disturb classroom environment for your personal matters.

16. Always be focused & Concentrate on your Own Work

Focus is the key. Always listen quietly when your teacher is talking. Have full concentration and ask question when necessary.

17. Walk but  don’t run in School

Always follow the ques. Never break the line. Walk in corridors but never run. When the assembly is over or the classes come to end, never run outside hurriedly. Instead, walk with care and discipline.

18. Believe in Yourself

Self confidence is the essential element for learning. The self esteem and self confidence help you learn effectively. The students with a high valor and self esteem perform better in classroom.

19. Celebrate Others’ Success & Joy

Joy is the thing to be shared collectively. Join others in celebrating their successes. Have fun with no jealousy.

Appreciate the hard work and struggles done by your fellows. Create an atmosphere of mutual love, care and happiness.

20. Learn from your Mistakes

Mistakes give you the experience. Learn from your mistakes and constantly upgrade yourself by rectifying your mistakes by every single try. Mistakes are the lesson to be learned. They should not be ignored or regretted.

21. Keep your Moral high & Trust Yourself

Students should possess a high sense of self confidence and discipline. They should trust themselves, have their moral high and stay committed to their jobs.

22. Time Management

Time management is the key to success. Follow your time schedule strictly. Meet your deadlines and never abandon your tasks. The success lies in managing your time effectively for better results.

23. Take responsibility of Your Actions

Every student is responsible for his own actions. Therefore, behave accordingly. Never break the rules. Stay alert, active and committed to your wider goals.

24. Work for your Goals &  always have big Dreams

Success is the milestone achieved a goal crossed and a dream realized. As per the classroom rules, never be lazy or pessimist. Have big dreams, strategize your time and work for your goals.

25. Try to be Creative, Share new Ideas and help your Fellows

Sharing is caring. Always try to be creative. Join class discussions and try to solve the problems with creative and logical methods.

26. Never stress Yourself, Enjoy learning and have Fun

Stress is the enemy of life. Never burden your mind with unnecessary stress and uncertainty. Enjoy your life with fullest satisfactions. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

27. Never Ever Give Up

Success is the result of trying again and again without fail. You should not feel discouraged with the feeling of giving up. When if you fail in your goals, tasks or deadlines, never settle or give up. Rise above the challenges and prove your mettle.

28. Stay Strong and Positive

Always be positive and face the challenges with an open heart. You should not let the pessimism overpower you. Instead, improve yourself, work hard whenever you fail. Try again and you would definitely reach the destination.

29. Use Kind words like thanks, please, Sorry etc.

The sweet words have the powerful force within. Always use the kind language. Accept your faults with an open heart, if they are. Say thanks to your fellows for their help and stay happy always.

30. Always Smile

The smile is the only powerful force that help you throughout your life. Always smile and never regret or repent over whatever has gone out of your hands. A little smile shall save you from a host of issues in your life.

Classroom Rules for Preschool

Preschool kids are tinder and sublime. Therefore, the preschool classroom rules have to be simple, short and easy to be followed. Kids should easily remember the rules. The few and shorter preschool classroom rules would help your kids stay smoothly in the school

How to create more Effective classroom Rules Preschool

Kids are very soft and cute. The rules that you set for preschool, should be simple and sweet. While framing out the rules for preschool toddlers keep in mind the following things

  • Ensure all rules are separately placed or posted on the wall.
  • Explain each rule with pictures or posters.
  • Visuals should be colorful and interesting.
  • Each rule should be explained and easily understood from the picture
  • Add visual cues into the pictures
  • Ask kids to read it aloud.
  • Help kids to copy the cues with physical movements as explained in the pictures or posters.

Pre School Classroom Rules with Chart and Posters

The visual guides are the best to aid the toddlers to understand the rules. In fact, the classroom rules explanation with the help of chart of diagram is an effective way to help students understand.

It helps better classroom rules retention and obedience from the students. Encourage your kids and appreciate when they abide by classroom rules. Be positive and help the kids learn, if ever he or she fails to understand or abide by the rule(s)

Pre-School Classroom Rules List

The simple and easy classroom rules for preschool kids, as with the help of visuals, should be as follow.

  • Hands to Help:
  • Eyes to Look Focused
  • Feet to Walk not run
  •  Ears to Listen
  •  Voice to stay quite

Explain each rule by holding or pointing at eyes, hands, feet, ears and tongue.

Classroom Rules Printable

The printable classroom rules are the best to help kids understand rules with the help of visuals, pictures, info graphs, charts, posters, pictures etc.

The rules chart for KG kids, toddlers with detailed explanation of each rules is in fact the best recommended way helping students perform better.

Classroom Rules for KG Kids

The best, simple and easy to understand Classroom rules for KG kids must contain the the following points in mind.

1. Simplicity is the key

Keep your rules simple and easy to be followed.Brevity is the way; The rules that you set, must be short and easy. They should not be a collection of jumbled and mixed set of to do list.

2. Understand ability

Keep it simple, sweet and easy to be understood. Take help form classroom rules visuals, charts or info graphs.

3. Collaboration with Kids

The classroom rules should must be agreed by the students before being enforced. Take the help from your students. Listen at them. Understand them and have their say before finalizing the classroom rules.

[su_note note_color=”#e0ece6″ radius=”20″] Short Classroom Rules for KG Kids[/su_note]

Below here we have mentioned sample classroom rules for KG kids. These rules are simple as per the expectations of children.

  • Respect Yourself, Respect your teachers and every class fellow.
  • Follow all the directions or instructions with open heart.
  • Raise your hand and seek permission before you question
  • Work hard and stay focused
  • Try your Level Best
  • Stay hopeful
  • Be helpful and kind to your fellows.
  • Dress well.
  • Observe cleanliness.
  • Be Punctual.
  • Use your time wisely.
  • Always smile.

Classroom Rules for Elementary School Students

The elementary and high school classroom are better organized with productive outcome only with better classroom management.

The classroom rules for elementary and high school students are essential. They help better education outcomes by ensuring conducive learning environment, better classroom management, inculcating the sense of discipline, honor and commitment among students as well as in teachers.

Creating Better Classroom Rules for Elementary and High School Students

It is already stated that the classroom rules should be simple, brief, productive and goals oriented. Keep in mind the following points for creating better classroom rules for elementary or high school students.

  • Take input from your students for every rules.
  • Discuss classroom rules with students with positive and negative of every rule.
  • Modify, edit or remove any rule that is disapproved or is difficult to follow by students.
  • Ensure that every rule is well understood by every student of your class.

Classroom Rules For Elementary and High School Students

Rules are the set of directions, formulated by teachers and students alike to ensure the appropriate classroom management.

In order to get the desired student’s behavior following rules are mandatory as elementary classroom rules, in addition to other rules

  • Always come to school on due time.
  • Bring your necessary stuff with you.
  • Listen everyone kindly.
  • Abide by the instructions given by teachers
  • Follow Good manners.
  • Be kind and helpful to all class fellows.
  • Work hard, be productive and respectful to all.
  • Take care of your time.
  • Help others.
  • Always be sincere, positive and optimist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 . What are good rules for a Classroom?

There are 5 good rules of classroom that are;

  • 1. Listen attentively to teachers as well as others
  • 2. Raise hand before you speak.
  • 3. Don’t use others stuff unless you are permitted.
  • 4. Always be ready and Punctual.
  • 5. Stay positive, give respect and help others.

2. Why are rules important in a Classroom?”

Classroom rules are important in varying ways. They help efficient classroom management, provide conducive learning environment, ensure discipline and productive learning outcomes.

Rules are important for every grade including for preschool to KG kids, for elementary and high school students.

3. How do you establish ground rules in the Classroom?

The classroom rules are to set and established by the teachers and students alike. The ground rules for creating better classroom rules must include mutual respect, kindness, hard work, punctuality and commitment. These should serve as the grounds for establishing good classroom rules

4. What are some good classroom rules for high school?

Following are 7 Good Classroom rules for high school students 1. Being Punctual 2. Giving full attention when teacher is talking

3. Always try to help others 4. Keeping the classroom neat and tidy. 5. Respect everyone. 6. Work hard and stay committed to the goals. 7. Always be optimist and hopeful

5. What should you not do in a classroom?

Being as a student you are responsible for your conduct in the classroom. You should not disrupt the classroom environment by breaking or violating classroom rules. If happens so, you should excuse without fail.

6. What teachers should never say to students?

Teachers are the builders of a nation. They help nurturing students with good moral character, wisdom, dignity and self confidence.

They should inspire the students. They should raise the self confidence and trust of students. They should not spread negativity, pessimism or hopelessness among the students.

7. What are the rules of the teacher in the Classroom?

Apart from the rules for students, there are few rules for teachers as well. The teachers should; 1. Come well prepared into the classroom 2. Treat students with love and kindness 3. Listen everyone gently. 4. Make sure that every student has understood what has been taught. 5. Raise the confidence level of student with love, care and kindness

8. What is the difference between classroom rules and procedures?

Both rules and procedures are interrelated. When we talk about the rules we refer to the general expectations from the behavior of a student. Whereas, the procedure refers to the ways or methods to accomplish a certain act

9. What is a classroom routine?

The classroom routines are general acts or modes of daily activities. The routine refers to the common schedule or mode of working of a classroom. The routine may include what is done in the start of school, entering or exiting classrooms, half times, fixed classes schedule, end of the school day etc.

10. Can a teacher say shut up?

Yes! occasionally the teacher can say shut up to the students. Whenever the teacher observes that a student is falling behind the normal level in studies he should treat him gently.

The teacher should give respect the students. The same applies for the students as well

11. How do you compliment a Teacher?

You can compliment your teachers by the expression of kind words like ‘thanks, please, respected sir, your words mean a life to me, You are my role model and my hero etc.

Alternatively, the teachers feel satisfied when their students perform good in studies and became successful in life

12. Is it rude to say shut your mouth?

Yes! It can be rude to say shut your mouth. Instead the kind words like, please keep silent and let me speak etc, be used

13. Is a Teacher allowed to take your phone?

It depends upon the classroom rules. If the classroom states that a student is not allowed to bring the mobile phone in the classroom, the teacher, while seeing mobile in your hands, may take away mobile from you. The teacher can take your mobile but there has to be a reason for that

14. Why do teachers humiliate Students?

The teachers shouldn’t humiliate students. The students should be encouraged and inspired by the teachers. The humiliation kills the self confidence and self respect of a students.

The humiliation is unwarranted. If the teacher does so, he himself is violating classroom rules.

15. What is proper classroom Behavior?

The proper classroom behavior involves following strictly classroom rules for an expected learning outcomes. The rules bind the students to stay alert, punctual, active, careful, kind and hardworking.

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