Essay on Summer Season | My Favourite Summer Season Essay

The summer season is beautiful, important and has lot of benefits. It is in fact the favorite season of many. What happens in summer season is indeed of high importance.

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Essay on Summer Season | My Favourite Season Summer For Children & Students

Summer is the hottest season of this year. The thing that makes it more exciting is that it comes after spring. During this season, days are longer and nights are shorter.

In day time, humidity becomes unbearable and it is difficult to go outside. Even after this, summer is still my favorite season because there is so much to look forward to in this season.

Essay on Summer Season For Students

This season is all about beach vacations, swimming, ice cream, holidays, shorts nights, fruit parties and enjoyment.

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Reasons Why I Like Summer Season?

I love summer season because of so many reasons. Firstly, schools are closed for two months because of too much warm climate.

This gives me an opportunity to enjoy without caring about my homework. I do not have to worry about getting up early for school. I can sleep late and wake up late.

My outdoor activities also increase during this season. I go to beach with my friends and family to spend time with them. I get plenty of time to spend with my family and enhance our bonding.

We play many games like volley ball, badminton, football and tennis. On evening, we go for swimming too. I love evenings in summers because of sparkling city lights and cool breeze. The sunset view in summer season is too heartwarming.

The best part of summers is that I get to eat all my favorite fruits especially mangoes and water melons. My mother knows my eternal love for these fruits so every day, we have a fruit party at our home.

She also prepares delicious mango shakes and water melon juice for me at night. Another reason for liking these fruits is that these fruits are not only tasty but they are also enriched in vitamins to keep me hydrated.

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Another reason is that many beautiful flowers bloom in this season. I have a big garden at my place. It has many trees including guava, black berry, banana and mango.

Each year, I eagerly wait for this season so that I can enjoy at my garden eating fresh fruits. My garden looks so amazing because of all the beautiful flowers.

I love to see the color of flowers and smell their fragrance too. Everything looks really fresh and beautiful.

During this season, I get to wear all bright colors and light clothes. I love to wear lawn shirts with beautiful embroidery and flat shoes.

For me, there is nothing more exciting than getting dressed in my light clothes and spending a day on beach eating ice cream. Sometimes, I leave my shoes and just walk on beach barefoot.

I love the clean blue sky especially after rain when the weather becomes pleasant. I love to play and walk in rain with my friends. I also get to spend a lot of time with my family.

As everyone is free from school so we do a lot of family gatherings too. On weekends, we spend time at river and do barbeque there. I love to travel and explore new places, so I go with my friends for hiking too.

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Besides all these advantages, I do not forget to take care of myself during this warm season. I know that the increase in temperature can lead to heat stroke and dehydration, so I always try to stay hydrated.

I always drink plenty of water and fresh juices to prevent dehydration. Now a days, I have also started to plant trees in my area with my friends to decrease humidity and get fresh oxygen. I enjoy this season to its fullest and love it.

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