5 Speeches on Pollution [ Short Persuasive, 1,2 Minutes, Class 6,7,8 ]

Pollution is a monstrous issue of today’s world. Read the following written speech on pollution for children and students. This speech explains the importance of saving the environment for the future beings.


An Speech on Pollution For Students

Good morning to the respected sir, madam and my friends. On this occasion, I would like to speak about pollution, the most serious issue of our time. Environmental pollution is the most powerful demon causing an environmental imbalance in the atmosphere. Despite its global significance, it varies in nature and extent with regional variations.

It is the topic of anxiety and debate to solve this issue. It is not the time to accuse one another however it is the time to fight this demon together with some effective weapons.

In spite of the fact that developed countries are heavily responsible for the widespread pollution and global warming, in fact, all countries are bearing this burden.

We have been the victims of environmental pollution, but we cannot ignore the fact that we created this problem. It is we who have caused this problem through our irregular consumption of natural resources and modern living patterns. Several factors contribute to pollution, including fast urbanization, deforestation, industrialization, and unmanageable wastes from industries and factories. Due to the extensive use of fertilizers in agriculture, as well as emissions from chimneys, motor vehicles, etc., it is experiencing a boom.

Fuel consumption levels have increased due to the increased number of vehicles, which is causing air pollution to a great extent. The ever growing pollution is also a result of population growth. There have been a growing number of houses being built, plants being chopped down for living spaces, and other modern needs leading to pollution.

No one is thinking about this issue, since everyone is busy making money and gathering things of physical comfort. Human needs for physical comfort (such as AC, TV, electricity, electronic devices, fertilizers, freeze, washing machine, etc.) have also increased due to overpopulation. The spread of pollution is directly related to the demand for fresh water and wood.

Our current environment is not suitable for breathing fresh air, drinking fresh water, growing healthy crops, or sleeping in a peaceful environment. We have to bear all that due to our negligence and carelessness. For real physical and psychological comfort, we have to continuously strive for a naturally fresh environment. We need to get control over this demon and protect the lives of the inhabitants by planting more trees, managing wastes from industries and factories, reducing heavy vehicle use, and taking other effective measures.

Thank You.


Short Persuasive Speech On Pollution

During the event celebration, I will give a speech about pollution. My dear friends, pollution is not a foreign word to us. We know about the environmental problems caused by it, and its negative impacts on our lives. A natural environment provides the living organisms on Earth with everything they need to survive, grow, and develop. However, what happens to this natural environment if it is polluted. The existence of life here will be threatened by everything getting out of control.

The pollution has occurred as a result of the mixing of hazardous unnatural ingredients with the natural resources, thereby making the ecosystem unbalanced, which poses health risks to humans and animals.

The industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, technological advancement, overpopulation, etc., are all contributing to the damage of the ecosystem. These are the main reasons for the increase in toxic gases (causing air pollution), solid/liquid wastes (causing water, soil and food pollution), and sound (causing noise pollution). All are responsible for imbalances in the natural ecosystem in some way, either directly or indirectly.

I have taken it seriously and need to solve it. People have a lower life expectancy due to diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart problems caused by pollution. The pollution facts I’d like to share with you

Worldwide, around 6.7% of all occurrences of death are due to air pollution, along with 7 million premature deaths. Nitrogen pollution in the Mississippi River amounts to approximately 1.5 million tonnes. The pollution caused by China may affect weather patterns in the United States. Up to 56% of trash in the United States is in landfills (half of that is only paper).

The most harmful pollutant to the environment is fossil fuel, which has caused pollution in air, water and soil. We all have a responsibility to protect and enhance the natural value of our environment. We should try our best to tackle this problem and ensure a healthy future for our next generation.

Thank You.

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Short Speech on Pollution  (150 words 2 minutes Speech)

Hello everyone! Honorable all, my colleagues, respected guests, I welcome you all over here! Today, the topic of our concern is the Pollution.

One of the biggest threats to human and environmental health is pollution. The issue affects people throughout the world today. Different hazardous and toxic substances are getting entangled in the environment, causing water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, and thermal pollution.

Water bodies are primarily polluted by industrial and chemical waste dumped directly into them by factories. This type of contamination is introduced into the environment and causes detrimental effects. Man-made and natural sources of pollution can harm the environment, although natural sources are less harmful than man-made ones.

Water, air, soil, and other natural resources are contaminated with pollutant components or pollutants. Deforestation, urbanization, technological advancement, and an advanced lifestyle have caused pollution to boom since prehistoric times.

The people should realize the importance of the environment they live in and respect the one God has given them to live a simple life on earth (the only known planet with life). There are many types of pollution, such as water pollution, soil or land pollution, air pollution, and sound or noise pollution, all of which are harmful to the health of humans and animals.

The people have become accustomed to technological advances in their daily lives, and they have forgotten about the existing problems as a result. In order to get better and healthier crops, many fertilizers and other chemicals have been used in agriculture for many years.

Another major cause of air pollution is the growing number of vehicles in cities. Gasoline vehicles emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which are relatively harmless to humans, but diesel vehicles emit much more of both.

We need to understand the gravity of the situation. Through educational institutions and government agencies, the common people should be made aware that they must use environmentally friendly things and practices in order to save the environment and keep it healthy.


Speech on Pollution One Minute

My dear Sir, Madam, and colleagues, good morning. I am Pooja and I am in class Xth (B). I will speak today about pollution in India. I have chosen to open my speech in front of you to celebrate this special occasion in the honor of humanity, as we are gathered here to celebrate this event.

I am sure that we are all familiar with the word pollution, my dear friends. You need to understand that pollution is a poison that affects us and our lives very badly in all aspects, whether they are physical, mental, social, or intellectual. Getting rid of it at once is not easy, but gradually preventing it is not impossible.

In order to reduce the effects of pollution, the common public must be informed about the bad effects of pollution and must act towards reducing it. In order to maintain the natural equilibrium in the environment, we should plant more greenery in the surrounding areas and on the sides of the roads.

It is vital that we take individual action to reduce pollution in our lives, so that we can do everything we can to reduce it. For some positive changes, we shouldn’t rely solely on government actions. The main factor in stopping pollution is common people like us.


Speech on Pollution for Class 7

Hello everyone. During this event celebration, I will give a speech about pollution. We, my dear friends, are not unfamiliar with pollution. Our lives and the environment are negatively affected by its causes and effects.

Life on Earth cannot exist, grow, or develop without a natural environment. What happens, however, if this environment is polluted by various methods. It is impossible for life to survive here if everything is disturbed.

As a result of the mixing of unnatural ingredients into natural resources, pollution has resulted in an imbalance in the ecosystem and thus various health hazards for humans and animals. We are destroying the balance of the ecosystem due to pollution.

 All of this is due to industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, technology advancement, overpopulation, etc. As a result, toxic gas levels (causing air pollution), solid-liquid waste (causing water pollution), and noise pollution (causing noise pollution) are on the rise. These are all contributing factors to natural ecosystem imbalance, whether directly or indirectly.

I have been concerned and thinking about it, and I need to find a solution. As a result of pollution, babies are born with various birth defects, and people’s life expectancy has been shortened because of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. There are 7 million premature deaths worldwide attributed to air pollution according to the WHO.

The Mississippi River carries about 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen pollution. China’s pollution may affect weather patterns in the United States. In the United States, approximately 56% of trash is disposed of in landfills (half of that is paper).

Fossil fuel is the major pollutant that causes global environmental pollution. The air, the water, and the soil have been contaminated with various harmful effects. All of us have a responsibility to protect our environment and improve its natural value. In order to provide our next generation with a nice, healthy future, we must tackle this problem properly.

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