Essay on Flowers | Importance, Why I Love Flowers Essay

Flowers, a very important part of our surroundings that have been attracting us from the ancient times. They are also called as ‘the beauty of nature’. Flowers play an important role in corresponding the feelings of human beings. These are perfect presents for anyone be it your family member, friends or the lover. They are used to express love, affection, happiness and sadness.

Read the following short and long essays on topic Flowers; types and importance of flowers in our life, with quotes, images for children and students.

Essay on Flowers | Types, Importance of Flowers, Essay for Students

Flowers represent beauty and fragrance. They add life to our surroundings and make it more beautiful. Flowers are used in making garlands, wreaths, bouquets, flower arrangements etc. Flowers also used in preparation of perfumes and cosmetics. Flowers are a symbol of love and affection that is why they are used to make weddings more beautiful.Essay on flowers for students

Different Types of Flowers:

There are many different types of flowers that can be found around the world. Every type of flower has its own importance and beauty.

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Blooming Flowers: These flowers are called as blooming flowers which includes Rose, Sunflower, Lily etc. These kinds of flowers gather the attention at first sight. These types of flowers always look fresh and mesmerizing. They also have a long life span which makes them more special.

Lonely Flowers: These types of flowers are usually found on its own (lonely) creatures like cactus, orchid etc. These types of flowers have a unique beauty and attractiveness. These types of flowers are found in different colors and shapes which makes them more amazing.

Rooted Flowers: These types of flowers can’t survive without its root. These types of flowers include Daisy, Daffodil etc.

Climbing Flowers: These types of flowers grow up on a support and climb it. These type includes Honeysuckle, Ivy etc.

Perennial Flowers: These types of flowers come back each year with their same colors and shape. These type of flowers include Rose, Daffodil etc.

Bulbs Flowers: These types of flowers includes tulips, lilies etc. These type of flowers bloom during a specific season and die in winters.

Shrubs Flowers: These types flowers have no specific time of blooming and they always remain fresh. These type includes Hydrangea, Azalea etc.

Ground Flowers: These types of flowers have small stems which are usually covered with leaves. These type includes forget me nots, violets etc.

Spreading Flowers: These types of flower are also called as carpet flowers which have small stems and leaves and they spread on the ground. These types of flowers include begonias, impatiens etc.

Budding Flowers: These types of flowers have a very little stem with flower buds. These types of flowers include Hydrangeas, Azalea etc.

Scented Flowers: These types of flowers have pleasant aroma and they spreads fragrance. These type includes Jasmine, Rose etc.

The most used flowers are the blossoming flowers which includes Rose, Sunflower, Lily etc. Flowers have given us many useful items like cosmetics, perfumes, decorative items etc. These are also used in food items and drinks as a garnish. Flowers can be seen everywhere around us from the beginning of the human civilization.


Flowers are the beauty of nature. They add life to our surroundings and make it more beautiful. These are used to express feelings like love, affection etc. They are used to make things beautiful. Flowers have a strong relation with the festivals and occasions. Flowers are used to make wreaths, bouquet, garlands etc.

Importance of Flowers Essay For Students

Flowers are the precious gift of nature. However, every person in the world loves to give and receive flowers on any special occasion because flowers are a source of emotions and feelings.

There are many reasons for this… Flowers have the ability to make everyone happy, they create an atmosphere of sympathy and understanding, they are the wonderful way to express your feelings in words that often go unspoken, and they also bring social awareness.

Here are 5 reasons why flowers are important in life.

  1. Flowers have the power to bring back your sweet memories of the past .
  2. Flowers are symbolic representation of love and peace.
  3. They act as a perfect way to apologize for your mistake.
  4. Flowers play a significant role in taking out the anger and frustration and bringing about positive energy and happiness .
  5. Flowers can be used as the best way to convey your good wishes for others.

As William Arthur Ward has said, “The language of flowers is one that even the uneducated can decipher. The rose, for example, means love; the honeysuckle, fidelity; and a daisy with its heavenly eye means innocence.”


Flowers are one of the precious gift that nature has given to us. From ancient time, flowers play an important role in our life because it has the power to convey feelings and emotions. So, we should understand the importance of flowers and send flowers to our loved ones so that we can grow the bond of love and respect.

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Essay on Why I Love Flowers:

Yes, I love flowers. But not because they are beautiful…although that is a necessary component of flower-love. I love flowers because they are heart-opening, mind expanding and healing; they are a mirror of growth through which we can see our own transformation reflected back to us and: they are positively delicious! Here’s 10 Reasons Why I Love Flowers:

Flowers open our heart and help us to feel more love for ourselves and others.

  • The act of picking flowers can help us to get in touch with our inner child.
  • Flowers can help to bring balance and harmony into our lives.
  • Flowers are living entities that we can connect with in a very real way (when we do not try to own or possess them).
  • Flowers can help us to rise above our more base human tendencies.
  • Just being around flowers can help us to feel more loving and less fearful.
  • Flowers can help us to get in touch with the beauty of nature.
  • Flowers can help us be more creative and feel playful.
  • Flowers can help to bring beauty, peace and calm into our lives.
  • The act of picking flowers can help us to feel more grounded and in touch with our bodies.
  • And the final reason that I love flowers is because they are delicious. By that I mean that they can:
  • help with fertility (eaten in abundance but also in moderation – the reason why the Romans would eat roses on the first date)

Flowers can be used in a multitude of ways for medicinal purposes. They are living, growing beings that are constantly evolving and changing just as we do – it is possible to see our own growth mirrored back to us in the way that a flower changes from bud to blossom and vice versa. In this sense, flowers can help us to connect deeper with our own intuitive knowledge and to see the world in a richer, more nuanced way.

I have been studying about flowers for about three years now and I’m constantly amazed by what I discover. Even if we do not eat or drink them, they can be powerful allies in every area of our lives!

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