Essay On Dancing [ Hobby, Passion ] For Students

Dancing is an art. For most people who are not trained or for those for whom dancing does not come naturally, it may seem like a very strange concept of expression. However, for others it is a means to express self-emotions or to connect with the music in an entirely different manner.

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Essay on Dancing for Students

Dancing means different things for different people. But most of all, it is a form of expression, which requires passion and a drive. While some of us might dance to express our inner emotions, others may dance just for the love of movement.

People who have their own style, rhythm and sense of movement are said to possess natural dancing qualities. But for others who may not be lucky enough to be born with these qualities, they have to put in a lot of effort and practice to become good dancers.

Dancing is a mixture of various forms of art like music, rhythm, fashion and creativity. It also involves making hand movements that are called gestures or body language while moving to the feelings of songs. After all, dancing is something that is inspired by music.

There is no specific or defined way to dance. Everyone has their own methods of expressing themselves through dance. But there are still certain styles of dancing that are generally practiced worldwide.

Types of Dancing

There are many different types of dances, like:

  1. -Ballroom dances like Salsa, Waltz and Tango.
  2. – Disco dances like Hip-Hop and Breakdance.
  3. – Jazz dances like Funk, Contemporary or B-boying (Break dance).
  4. – Folk dances like the Russian Hopak or the tango of Argentina.
  5. – Street dances like Krumping, Popping and Locking.
  6. – Hip Hop dances from all over the world

Dance can be a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. It can help you look and feel better. As dancing is a form of aerobic exercise, it is great for the heart and lungs. It’s an incredible calorie burner and a lot of fun.

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Dancing is also about having fun and expressing yourself through movement. It is a great way to increase coordination, flexibility and balance. It is also a great low impact workout for those with joint problems like arthritis. So if you have been putting off dancing because you are afraid of being “a try-hard” or looking like a fool, then give it a shot and remember that everyone looks stupid when they start out. It’s something that you can enjoy and be passionate about for the rest of your life.

Benefits of Dancing 

Dancing is not only a passion. It has many benefits in life. Some of the benefits of dancing include;

  1. Health Benefits

Dancing improves muscle strength and flexibility. People who dance have better hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility than non-dancers. Dancing also increases your lung capacity and strengthens your heart and reduces the risk of coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

  1. Dancing improves your mood.

Dancing is an excellent way to reduce stress and improve mental health. It has been found that dancing can improve self-confidence, and decrease the symptoms of depression.

  1. Dancing is good for weight loss.

Dancing can be a great way to get in shape and stay in shape for life. It can help you look and feel better.

4.Dancing will make you smarter.

Dancing helps to improve brain function. People who dance regularly have better memories than those who don’t, and also better verbal reasoning skills.

  1. Dancing increases your stamina.

Dancing can provide a better workout than other forms of exercise because dancing involves all the major muscle groups in your body.

6. Dancing gives you creative fulfillment.

Dancing provides an outlet for self-expression, creativity and improvisation. It also enhances your ability to focus and enhances your problem solving skills.

7.Dancing sharpens the senses.

Dancing heightens your awareness of everything around you. Dancing is about coordinating your body with your feelings, and it also makes you more aware of the music played.

8.Dancing keeps your body flexible and strong.

Dancing is a low-impact workout that increases your flexibility, builds muscle strength without bulking up, and keeps joints flexible.

9.Dancing is fun!

Dancing is enjoyable and most people find that they become more confident when dancing with others. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

10.Dancing is a great stress reliever.

Dancing can distract you from your problems and provide an outlet for your stress and anxiety. It is also a great way to let off steam and relieve tension.

Dancing is challenging, but it never gets boring because there are so many different forms of dance that you can choose from. It is also an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities because no one style of dance is better than another.


Although dancing may not be for everyone, it is a great form of exercise that can help improve your mental, physical and spiritual health. So if you enjoy it and stay healthy as you do, then keep on dancing!

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Paragraph on Dance is My Passion

My name is Jane Doe and I am a dancer. Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it is my passion and true love. Ever since I was a young girl, dancing has been a part of me. To this day, I am still dancing and I plan on dancing for the rest of my life.

Dancing makes me feel great! It keeps my muscles strong, helps me think, keeps me active and healthy, makes me look good and makes me feel good. I have made it my goal to be the best dancer that I can be, and I will never stop dancing. Dancing has also taught me discipline, self-confidence and it improves my memory.

Dancing helps me to forget about my problems and makes me happy. I can express myself on the dance floor by creating my own moves, putting my feelings into my dance and letting loose. It also keeps me in shape by strengthening my muscles, improving my stamina, making me flexible and it is a low impact workout that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

I love dancing so much, and it is my passion! I love to dance for myself, but I also dance for my family, friends and the entire world. Dance is truly a beautiful thing!


Dance is my passion. I love it because dance makes me feel good and motivates me to stay healthy. I will dance for the rest of my life and hope that other people can enjoy it as much as I do.

Short Essay on Dance Performance in College

When I first heard that we were going to be doing a dance performance in my college, I was very nervous. It wasn’t exactly something that I had ever wanted to do before because it always seemed like something very difficult to do. But after I looked more into it, I realized that the dance performance would actually be a lot of fun. I decided that I wanted to do it because it was something different and challenging for me, and dancing is something that I really enjoy.

So I signed up for the dance performance. When practice started, it was a little difficult at first because we were all learning how to work together, but once we got better at dancing with one another it started getting a lot more fun. Dancing has always been something that I am passionate about, and the dance performance made me realize that I really do love to dance.

To prepare for the dance performance we had to learn a new dance and we had to learn it very quickly. The best part about working under such pressure is that we got better at dancing faster then we normally would have. The dance that we were learning was a very difficult one, and I think that it is something that none of us ever expected to be able to do. But with a lot of hard work and dedication, we were able to get it done in time for the performance.

The performance was a lot of fun. We all worked very hard and we were able to dance well together. I am so proud of myself and everyone else who danced in the performance because we really did a good job and we all stayed very positive throughout the entire thing.

I hope that all of the work that we put into the dance performance will help motivate others to get involved with dancing! I know watching us dance was fun for everyone and I hope that everyone who did get to watch it had a great time.

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