Essay on My School Topic For Class 10th Students

Welcome my dear students!. We have written here My School Essays for class 10 in descriptive and descriptive manner with simple headings and hints. This essay is written for 10th class high school students

 My School Essay for High School Students

The students of 10th class are mature and well aware enough regarding to the role and importance of school. They have been in a school for around 10 complete years of education.

They can understand, experience and share the vivid insights and wonderful memories regarding school. The following Essay have been written specifically in this manner.

Essay on My School For 10th Class Students

Blessed are those who are well taught in an excellent school. Those students are really fortunate who are having the kind look of energetic and efficient teachers. Those schools are the real wealth of a nation who prepares a nation for a good tomorrow. It is the moment of great pride for me that my school comes in the list of those a few excellent schools that are well taught and the wealth of a nation.

Essay, speech, paragraph for class 10 students
My School Essay for grade 10th students

I study in school (write the name of your school). The school is located just near to my home. It has a large sturdy, excellent building that welcomes all of us every day. I feel a great sense of pride and enthusiasm when I enter into my school. It has a large airy building with wide open rooms.  I study in class (write your class) All of my class fellows are kind, energetic, dedicated and motivated for study.


The learning environment in our school is matchless. We study with close cooperation with each other. The teachers are kind and encouraging. Not only they do teach us from the books but also they help us understand from the real life experience. My school has a large central library with all the required books to study. There is a big students’ hall where we celebrate all school events.  In addition to that, my school has latest science lab and a computer lab to help us in studies.

My school comes in the list of those schools whose students always win prize in the field of extra curriculum studies. My school prepares us to take part in extra curriculum activities like debates, speeches, quiz competitions, sports events and much more. Every year we celebrate all national events with great pride and honor. We do participate in annual sports events like cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, badminton etc. We are coached here under the command of best administration of our school.

My school is more than just an educational institute. It is the national treasure. The teachers here are kind and cooperative. Our Principal is the man of honesty and dedication. In fact, our all school administration is beyond the success and fame of our school. The school like ours should surely be a factor of pride for the students.  Because, it is a fact that a good school classroom shapes the destiny of a nation.

Outline of the Essay on My School For Class 10th:

Here we will learn what things to be kept in mind while writing an essay on my school topic for students.

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