Essay on a Friend in a Need is the Friend Indeed [ Real Life Example ]

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Essay on A Friend in Need is the Friend Indeed For Children & Students

It is a famous proverb. It explains the meaning of true friendship. A true friend is a person who helps you at the time of trouble. True friend never leave you alone in troubles and distress. He helps in every nasty condition.

Such a friend is truly blessing of God and not easy to find. We have a lot of friends in our life but there are one or two true friends. True friends really care for you. He shows his concern for you. He will surely help you in every situation.

True Friendship; Examples & Explanation

We have often listened that true friend is difficult to find and rarely exist. This phrase explains the important characteristics of a true friend. A true friend is always by your side no matter how hard the situation may be.

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When all other people leave you alone, he will stand by you. A true friend is honest and loyal friend. He is the most trust worthy person in your life. He helps you in every situation. He saves you from many troubles by timely advice.

He is always there for you. It is very important for a person to recognize his true friend. One should respect and love his true friend. As there are many foes in the mask of friend. It is very important to be aware of these people.

Sometimes people pretend to be sincere but they are not your well wisher. Difficult and nasty situations reveal these people. If someone is leaving you alone at the time of distress, he can never be your true friend.

True friend never leaves his friend alone. It is universally accepted fact. True friend is only friend who helps you when the need arises. He helps you to face dangers.

Importance of Friendship

True friend is a need of a man. Man is a social animal. He can not live alone. Man needs someone to share his feelings. We all need some soul to rely on. It is our need to share our problems and worries.

This person is our best friend. It is very important to choose a loyal and sincere friend. A friend should help you in difficult situation. He should never feel you lonely. A true friend tries to lessen your worries and helps you to solve your problems.

He carves out solution for you in every situation. It is very important for all of us to have that person in our life.

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This makes life more beautiful and gives you courage to fight with problems. If your friend is not helping you in difficult situations, he is not your true friend. It is very important to be aware of these people.


Friend in need is a friend indeed truly explains the true friend. True friend never betrays in difficult situations.

A true friend gives you valuable advice in nasty condition. He brings you out of difficult situation. In short, one should recognize the true friend and never lose him.

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