Essay On Loneliness | Causes & Impacts

Loneliness is the state of being alone and without companionship. Loneliness typically includes feelings of isolation, disconnection, or lack of belonging. People can feel lonely for a variety of reasons, including social, cultural, and family situations. Read the following essay on topic loneliness, causes and impacts. This short and long essay is quite helpful for children and students in school exams, scholarship tests etc.

An Essay on Loneliness, Causes, Impacts & Ways to Overcome Loneliness Essay For Students

‘Loneliness can be defined as a distressing experience that occurs when a person feels isolated from others. If we look at the origin of the word, it has Latin roots. The term ‘Lone’ means Alone and ‘Ness’ means State. That is when a person lives or exist alone, then that person can be in a state of loneliness.

The common understanding is that Loneliness is born of being alone. We can feel lonely or be alone but these are not the same thing. We can feel lonely when we are in a crowd, and when we are with someone. The key point here is that: Loneliness is an emotion. It is an emotional state of the mind. A person can be lonely while being in a group, while being married or while being accompanied by someone.

Is Loneliness Normal behavior?

In our society, loneliness has been considered as a normal phenomenon nowadays. In this busy life, it is very difficult to make time for oneself which can become a cause of loneliness. If the person doesn’t have healthy social circle to stay connected, then it can lead to Loneliness.

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People nowadays are living in urban areas where they don’t have time to spend with their families and friends which makes them vulnerable to loneliness.

Why Some People Feel Lonely?

We all know that everyone needs affection and to feel connected with others, but why people are feeling lonely in today’s age?

There can be many reasons for the same. Here I have divided them into four major parts:

  1. No time to spend with families and friends because of work load.
  2. The job profile doesn’t match with what the person wants in life which can affect his/her personal life.
  3. If the person has psychological problem such as depression and doesn’t want to share his feelings with others can lead to loneliness in life.
  4. If the person doesn’t have healthy social circle that can help them to stay connected and can feel disconnected from people around which leads to loneliness.

Effects of Loneliness:

Loneliness can cause several health problems such as:

  1. Blood pressure level increases due to high levels of stress hormone called cortisol
  2. Loneliness can cause mental illness such as depression and anxiety
  3. In the long run, loneliness can affect physical health i.e. weakening of immune system
  4. Loneliness is another factor which can cause several sleep problems
  5. Loneliness can also affect the cardiovascular system and increases risks of heart attack, stroke etc.

Loneliness among Students:

The main reason behind loneliness among students is their academic pressure and busy schedules. Students need to stay connected with each other by using social media apps and websites. If the students are not able to stay connected with each other, then they can use social media apps like Facebook and other networking sites to find friends around the world.

Overcoming Loneliness:

There are many ways that one can follow in order to get rid of loneliness. Some of them are:

  1. Making healthy social circles that can help the person to stay connected with friends and family members.
  2. If someone feels lonely then that person should ask for help from others and share his/her feelings
  3. One should go to religious places like church, mosque, gurudwara etc.
  4. One should also join some community service to stay connected with people around them.
  5. If someone is feeling lonely then that person should try to stay active on social media and connect with people.
  6. One should also take up a hobby or interest that can make them engaged in something productive.

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We live in a society where everyone faces loneliness at some point in life. We all need love and affection to feel connected with others but due to busy work and life, we all are facing loneliness in life. It’s important for the people to take care of their mental and emotional health in order to overcome loneliness. One should try to stay active on social media and connect with people around them.

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