Essay on Crimes | Types & How to Control Crime Essay

Crime is an act that goes against established social laws. It disturbs social order. For that, there are different modes of action to be done against any specific act or crime.

Essay on Crime For Students

Crime is an act that goes against the law of the land. A person who commits a crime is known as a criminal. Crimes are defined by the governing body of a country and can vary from small misdemeanors to the most serious of crimes, such as murder.

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In common law countries, a person charged with committing an act that is deemed illegal by the state can be brought before a court or tribunal and prosecuted.

In some cases, a person will confess to the crime. In other cases, the state will proceed with prosecuting the crime even if the accused claims innocence. In some cases, a person may be deemed unfit to stand trial, and this can lead to a “not guilty by reason of insanity” verdict. In cases where the accused has no mental illness and is deemed fit for trial, the accused can use criminal defenses to try and prove innocence or reduce their potential sentence.

Major Types of Crimes

Crimes are broken down into four major categories: violent crimes, property crimes, drug crimes, and public order crimes; violent crimes having the harshest penalties because of the potential for harm to others or property.

Violent Crimes: This category includes murder, manslaughter, rape and other sexual assaults, robbery and aggravated assault. This is the most serious of crimes and carries significantly harsher penalties than other types of offenses.

Property Crimes: Crimes in this category include burglary, theft (including shoplifting), arson, fraud and forgery.

Drug Crimes: These crimes include the selling, buying, importing and exporting of illegal drugs. This category also includes crimes related to the manufacturing of illegal substances.

Public Order Crimes: This category covers offenses surrounding riots, civil disobedience, weapons charges and other offenses related to the general public and community.

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How to Control Crimes in Society?

Crime rates are rising in many countries, including the United States. No one has yet found a surefire way to keep people from breaking laws. However, some measures, such as harsher penalties for many offenses and increased security in public areas, have led to a decrease in crime rates in specific areas. There are a number of things that can be done to reduce crime rates and protect society:

Increases penalties for crimes such as murder, rape, robbery and assault. Longer prison sentences or the death penalty can act as a deterrent. Increase security measures to protect public places and events, such as sporting events.

By following these guidelines, crime rates may begin to decrease. However, no society will ever be crime free so long as people exist. Therefore, each person must take responsibility for his or her own actions and strive not to participate in illegal activities.

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Crime is defined as an act that goes against the law of the land.  There are many ways to reduce crime in a society, such as increasing penalties for crimes or increasing security. Crime can never be stopped completely because people will always exist, but it can be controlled and reduced with the correct measures.

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