Essay on Violence | Meaning, Causes & Ways to end it

The violence is not an innate part of human nature. It’s true that humans are capable of committing acts of violence, but the impulse to be violent is not innate. People are social animals with a need to live in communities, and it’s impossible to do that without some sort of cooperation. As a result, humans have developed strong inhibitions against committing violence against other members of their social groups, and this has been backed by both social and legal sanctions.

Essay on Violence | Meaning, Causes of Violence in our Life & how to end it

Violence is the use of physical force with the intent to harm someone, violate rights, or damage something. It is both a criminal and civil law violation.

Essay on Violence

Violence in our Society

There are many possible reasons for violence in our society. The increased availability of guns contributes to violence because it makes it easier for people to  commit crimes, especially homicides. The violence that is done by the media has caused people to become more accepting of violence as an effective way of settling conflicts. People’s lack of knowledge about each other can contribute to violence.

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Violence in Families

It is not an easy task to explain why there is violence in families. It might be the result of some financial problems, family history and mental health of those involved. There might be a strong impulse to use violence against the family members who are physically weaker. Those family members might experience intolerance and disrespect from others due to their gender, their age and other reasons.

Causes of Growing Violence in Life

There are a certain important contributing factors towards the rise of violence in our society. Increase of violence through the media: The rise of incidents involving social networking sites and introduction of smart phones has been a significant factor for an increase in violence in the society. The increasing number of cyber crimes has to do with social media websites, which are considered as the main source for spreading propaganda and views on the pretext of religion, race, sexuality and so on.

Rise of single parent families: The rise of single parents has been a significant factor for an increase in violence in the society. Single parents lack the time, resources and skills to adequately supervise their children. Most of the single parent families in underprivileged neighborhoods lack well-defined social and moral educations.

Increase in crime rate: The increase in the crime rate has been a significant factor for increase in violence in the society. The crimes like robbery, kidnapping and domestic violence have increased over the years. The high crime rate has to do with the global economic crisis that has adversely affected both the American society and environment.

Increase in drug use : Drug abuse is one of the significant factors that have been affecting our society. Drugs lower inhibitions and cause violent behavior, which often leads to injuries and death. The drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine are widely used in the US for producing psychoactive or mood altering effects.

Poverty and Unemployment:  The rapid economic changes have a massive impact on social and family life. The unemployment rate in the US is significantly high, which has an adverse effect on social and family life.

Need of Peace & Violence Free Life

Therefore, it is quite imperative for us to foster love and peace. The peaceful behavior brings a positive impact by avoiding violence, assaults or injuries that can cost society million of dollars. Mutual dependence can bring positive impact by uniting different types of people, which opens the door for new ideas and opportunities for people. Love and affection can bring positive impact by being a strong emotional support for family members, friends and neighbors.

How to End Violence in Life

The first step to end violence in your society is to bring awareness. There are many cases of violence that go unreported among the people, so it is important for people to become more aware of these issues. People should be educated about the different types of violence and what they can do to prevent it.

The second step to end violence in your society is to start a dialogue. People should not be afraid to discuss these issues and raise their concerns. People should be willing to speak out against the violence in their community and spread awareness.

The third step to end violence in your society is to be respectful. No matter what the situation, everyone should behave in a respectful manner that will help maintain peace and order in society. Be polite to everyone that you meet, whether they are a stranger or someone close to you. Don’t use violence in any form, even if it is in self-defense.

People can find ways to end violence in their society by following these steps. If enough people act, then the issues of violence will soon be a thing of the past.

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In the end, I would encourage the readers to call on for a complete stop of violence in their society. It’s our duty to show respect, respect for life. Let’s join hands so as to spread love, peace and harmony throughout the globe.

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