Essay on Character | Meaning, Purpose & Importance of Good Character

Character can be defined as a set of moral principles.  It is also defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Character is what you know about somebody, either through experience of dealing with them or by what you have learned about them.

Essay on Character | Meaning & Essentials of Good Character in Life 

Character is the set of attributes that defines a person’s moral and ethical integrity. It reflects a person’s attitude towards others and his or her own belief system. It is a collective term for the distinguishing mental qualities of an individual.

Essay on Character

Factors of a Good Character

The major traits of good character are honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, kindness, morality. A person with good character is honest and truthful not only about important matters but also little things. They are trustworthy because they don’t lie, cheat or steal; they also fulfill their promises and commitments. They are truthful in communication and feedback.

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Importance of a Sound Character

Having good character is important because it helps develop the inner peace in a person. It also allows people to trust you and establish healthy relationships. It also allows you to focus and prioritize in life.

Character is about being honest, truthful and kind. People with good character help others without expecting anything in return. They are supportive of one another.

People who have good character are peaceful, loving, supportive, helpful to others without expecting anything in return. They have self-control and do not give in to temptations.

Whereas, on the other hand a person with a bad character is not honest and truthful about important matters and small things. They always lie, cheat or steal from others. A person with a bad character also fails to fulfill promises and commitments. They are not truthful in communication and feedback.

Benefits of Good Characters

it’s about being a good person at heart. It’s knowing the difference between right from wrong and choosing to do the right thing. Following are the benefits of good character in life

  1. Good character helps you gain respect from other people
  2. People will cooperate with you and work as a team to achieve common goals
  3. People are more likely to trust you
  4. You have the power of influencing others
  5. It allows you to develop healthy relationships
  6. It allows you to focus and prioritize in life
  7. You will have a positive energy to achieve success in any field of life
  8. It brings peace to your mind and body
  9. You will be able to deal with stress
  10. You become the person who is loved and respected by all

Developing Good Character in Life

It is important for parents to teach their child about good character. They should set examples for kids by practicing what they preach. You can also encourage your child’s positive traits and discourage negative traits.

Parents should also encourage their children to participate in community service activities that develop good character. The more your child will be actively involved in community service, the more your child will learn to be a good and responsible person.

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It is important to have good character in order to be a great and successful person. Without having good character, you will not be able to gain the trust and respect of people around you. It is important to be truthful about everything including little things, as it reflects your honesty and integrity towards others

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