Essay on Youth and Age | Complete Essay Explained For Students

The Youth are the crucial pillar and way to the future. The following essay on topic youth and age describes the roleĀ  and responsibilities, feelings and expectations from youth. This short and long essay is quite helpful for children and students.

Essay on Youth & Age | Duties of Youth in Today’s TimesĀ 

The word youth is often associated with youthfulness, joy, freedom, and passion. The young generation is full of life because they are young. These students are eager to learn new things and eager to explore the world. It’s an energetic generation that wants to break with the customs of previous generations. They examine everything logically and question the radical thinking of the elders. Though, they usually end up annoying the later.

Essay on Youth and Age For Students

To ensure that every child gets an education, the Indian government has launched several programs. Education is the first step towards building a strong youth. The parents and teachers are also responsible for cultivating responsible youth by helping their children to grow up.

There are many young people in India who are making their country proud in different fields. Everyone knows the importance of Indian youth in the field of Information Technology. Several young Indians have won medals in different sports, demonstrating just how talented they are. However, we cannot deny the fact that the number of unemployed and uneducated youth remain high, and we still have a great deal to do.


Due to the glamour of the west, Indian youth don’t realize how rich Indian culture has always been. One must inculcate our culture’s good qualities, although one should not shackle himself to superstitions. Likewise, we should not become a slave to technology, but use it wisely

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