Essay on My Grandparents | My Grand Father & Grand Mother Essay

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Essay on My Grandparents | Short & Long Essays & Paragraphs for Children & Students

Everyone has an important person in life who he is closer to. For me, my favorite persons in this whole world are my grandparents.

They are a gift from GOD that is irreplaceable. They are perfect in every way. They are angels in disguise on Earth to take care of their kids and then grand kids. My grandparents are the root of my family and my love for them grows every day.

My Grandparents

Since childhood, I am very close to my grandparents. Instead of staying at my place, I always preferred staying with my grandparents.

I would miss them more after coming back to my house. Ever since I grew up, my love for my grandparents has grown stronger.

My Grandparents Essay For Students

I never felt any need to make friends because for me, I already had best friends in the form of my grandparents. Whenever I did something mischievous, they would save me from my parents too. We used to play so many indoor and outdoor games together like hide and seek, Ludo, cricket etc.

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My grandfather is a very good player of chess and he taught me how to play chess too. He is a very active person. I never see him sitting idle. He is always busy in doing productive things. He has made a small garden in our backyard that is full of beautiful flowers. He also planted many fruits and vegetables there.

Whenever, I come back home, I always miss the fresh fruits of that garden. When I was a kid, he used to read me stories every night. Every story had a moral in it and gave me motivation to become a better person. His advice about life are very useful as he already has faced various hardships in his own life.

These advice have always helped me in my decisions. My grandmother prepares so many delicious meals for me. Her omelets are still my favorite thing at breakfast. She is expert in everything.

She also knows how to knit. Every winter, she knits colorful sweaters for me. I wear them so proudly at my school. She also taught me various tip and tricks of daily life that are very useful even today. I wait every year desperately for my school holidays because I get to see my grandparents after that. I pack my luggage as fast as I can and then I surprise them by going there.

When I go there, I spend quality time them. I also show them my school prizes and awards which I get for my best school performance. The happiness that I see on their faces that time is priceless. More than my parents, it is because of my grandparents who made me who I am today. They taught me how to be selfless and kind.

I never saw them fighting. They are my role model who always encouraged me in every field of my life. They are always concerned about my health and always taught me to inculcate healthy habits in my daily life.

Now they have grown old but they are still the backbone of our family. I adore my grandparents for introducing me with good values and ethics that helped me in daily life. I know that even if I do not live with my grandparents, they are always praying and looking out for me.

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I am blessed with the best grandparents. They made me a better person. I cannot repay them ever for their affection and love towards me. I pray every day for their well-being and happiness. May they live long.

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