Rainy Season | Essays, Speeches & Paragraphs for Students

The rain is blessing. It brings the real joy, love, beauty, experience story, fun and furry. The rain is equally beautiful for city as well as village life. The essays, speech, paragraph or short speech or rainy season or on rainy day, is the most favorite topic for exams in schools.

Read here essay on rainy day or season with examples, quotes, stories for Ukg kids, middle and high school students. The essay include rainy season in summer or winter, merits and demerits, rainstorm, five, ten lines on rainy season for UKg kids, class 1 students, essay on rainy season in summer or winter.

Rainy Season | Rain Day; Essays, Speeches & Paragraphs for Children & Students

Rainy season is the time of merriment & enjoyment. These days carry a lot of bliss and spread happiness all around the world. Rainy days are appreciated by every person in this world. The rainy day stories are the beautiful part of every piece of literature. The following write ups do sum up rainy season, meaning and importance in short essays and speeches for children and students.

1. Essay on Rainy Day For Children & Students

Rainy day is always welcomed and enjoyed by most of the people. It brings joy and happiness among people. The rain makes atmosphere calm, serene and green. It  enhances and activate mood of people. After the rain showers, cool breeze blows and rejuvenates hearts and minds of people. When there are heavy rains, schools declare holidays and children get highly elated to enjoy rain.

Rain offers relief to all people. On rainy day farmers look very happy. They rejoice because rain helps the growth of crops. Rain is good for irrigation in the areas where there is little access of water. It increases the yield and helps in the fertility of soil.

The rainy day is considered as the boon for trees, plants, animals and humans. Rain makes weather pleasant and attractive. When it rains all living beings animals, plants and humans become fresh and happy. Specially children bathe in rain and play in the water of rain and enjoy a lot.

Rainy Season, Essay, Speech, Paragraph For Students

Rain water is considered pure and refreshing. It purify the impurities of body and refreshes the mood. Rainbow is only seen after rain. When the rainbow appears on the horizon it gives very happy and pleasant feelings. When it rains in summer it provides respite to all living forms from hot and dry weather.

When it rains I rush to open fields where when drips of rain fall on the earth, a sweet smell of soil makes me highly overjoyed. To me all fragrances and perfumes mean nothing as compared to the smell of soil.

On rainy day animals rejoice and celebrate joy as the Peacock dances when it rains and frogs jump and leap merrily on the soil and all animals produces their sounds to welcome rain.

Rainy day can be described as the nature’s way to revive and rejuvenate the earth and all life forms on mother earth. It brings sigh of relief and respite from hot weather and pollution present in the air. The rain purifies the atmosphere and cleanse all impurities present in air and makes air cool and fresh.

I often enjoy rainy day.I go for outing and stand in the open atmosphere. I love to bathe in rain water. I enjoy watching the clouds sailing across the sky. Lightning and thunder are also worth arresting scenes of rainy day. The flashes of lighting in the sky and rumbling of distant sounds of thunder in the atmosphere makes one feel very happy.

It is very worth surrendering when children gather to float their paper boats in rain water. They shout and scream when their boats sink by the fast currents of water.

2. Essay on Rainy Season For Students

Rainy season is the season of rain, full of blessing and merriment. This season fall after summer season.  The summer season brings a lot of scorching heat and sweating. All living organism suffer from scorching rays of sun during summer season. God has blessed the rainy season at the end of summer to provide a respite and relaxation.

In this season all plants get a new life. The greenery spreads every where. The rain enlivens the plants and trees. In summer due to sunlight and heat all gardens lose greenery and the water bodies dry up. When it rains the greenery prevails in the deserted gardens and rain water start gushing in rivers.

When clouds sail at the sky farmers become very excited. They go to their fields.  They plough land and cultivate different vegetables and crops. Rain water in the form of floods bring silt in barren lands and make lands fertile.
Not only farmers become happy but all young as well the old and children enjoy this season greatly.

People often plan outing and make outdoor dinners and lunch during rainy season. After rain the appearance of rainbow in the sky is worth surrendering. Kids raise their fingers and show bright rainbow to one another. They make paper boats and float them on the water of rain. They also bath in the water and splash it on one another.

Not only human celebrate the rainy season and enjoy it but all animals also enjoy rainy season. The Peacocks in the forest produce sounds and dance in rainy season. The frogs croak, lambs and sheep bleat, buffaloes and cows look very happy. The cats and dogs dive in the running water of rain. The horses neigh merrily, the rabbits hops joyfully and the parrots sing.

In rainy season,  it seems as though that the life has returned. The bewitching greenery of plants and trees and happiness of animals and humans elevate the mood. Rainy season spread colors of joy, happiness and mirth all around.

Rainy season is a blessing in disguise. However,  sometimes excessive rains cause severe floods which affect the lives of poor people. The floods cause heavy loss of life and property. Many people become homeless and starve and the crops are washed away in floods.

The transportation system is disturbed and the communication network is also disrupted due to floods and rains. Mainly the devastation of crops due to floods and rains lead to shortage of food items. The prices of food items spike up that make the poos suffer to a greater  extent.

Despite all these things rainy season is a blessing from God. It enlivens the plants and trees. The trees become dark and green which attracts the eyes. The impurities of  air are washed away in the rain water an it becomes fresh and pure.

The rain makes mother earth fresh and cool. When the drops of water fall on the surface of the earth, the enchanting smell of soil is spread in the environment. And, thereby, the earth gets a new life. All the heat of sun is blown away with the falling drops of water. The Earth becomes cool and all living forms on earth enjoy rainy season greatly.

3. A Rainy Day Story Short Essay For Students

When I used to study in 8th class, once there had been heavy rain fall. It was one of my remarkable rainy day in life. I was asleep. The clouds hailed down furiously. The large drops of water and sounds of hails over the roof awoke me.

I raised from the bed and opened the window of my room, it was hailing outside. It had struck 6 o’clock of the morning. I love rainy season so I rushed out of room and awoke my parents. My mother got amazed finding me out of bed so early on school holiday.

Though on every Sunday I used to sleep peacefully till noon but on that rainy day I hurriedly left the bed and awoke all family members and started enjoying rain. It had been a wonderful day.  As soon the rain stopped pouring,  my mother prepared breakfast and tea. I took my breakfast and went out of home to see how heavy it had rained.

All the trees were washed away. I found trees moving at northern breeze after rain. I went to visit a garden near by to our house. There were different colorful flowers.  It seemed that flowers were dancing in the air. The sweet fragrance of the flowers captivated my soul and drove me internally.

I was moved gazing at the natural beauty of the garden. Trees had taken bath and stood lush green. I could sense the happiness of the trees. All my senses were occupied in the presence of natural beauty around in the garden.

I found sparrows, parrots, Mina, crows and some other small and large birds singing melodiously on the branches of trees. All birds were leaping from one branch to another merrily. The rain had rejuvenated the trees and birds in the garden. I captured some pictures of birds an flowers and I returned home.

As soon as I reached home my mother called me and asked me where I had been for three hours?  I replied I had been at the garden. She smiled and asked me to go to market and to fetch vegetables and fruits. I went to a near by city. It had rained heavily so there was squalor and dirty water on the roads. Specially the vegetable market was full of rain water.

I bought fruits and vegetables and returned home. My mother prepared lunch. I took lunch with my family members and asked my younger brother to play cricket with me. We took bat and ball and invited cousins and near relatives to play cricket. We then went into an open ground, where we played cricket.We played cricket till evening. When sun started to set off we all stopped playing and rushed towards home.

Rainy season has always inspired and activated me. After rain I feel energetic, enthusiastic and active. I have observed that rain bring activity in me and makes me shun laziness. I love rainy season because it rejuvenate internally and brings greenery around. New leaves start sprouting on trees and environment become green and cool.

4. 10 Lines & Few More Sentences on Rainy Season

1. Rainy season is the season of joy and happiness.

2. This season arrive at the end of the summer season and reduces the intensity of heat.

3. It often start at the end of June and lasts the middle of September.

4. In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh August is considered as the rainiest month, rain pour too much in the moth of August.

5. When it rains, after rain cool breeze blows and weather become very pleasant.

6. All plants and trees become green and greenery makes environment more beautiful.

7. All water bodies often get full of water, the rivers that dry get plenty of water.

8. In rainy season the sky is laden with clouds, they sail at sky like ships.

9. Farmers and peasants get enough water in rainy season to cultivate crops.

10. Children enjoy this season to the utmost, they take shower, float paper boats and dive in the water of rain.

11. Most of the families in rainy season go on trips to visit historical places.

12. Women at home cook delicious dishes at home specially spicy items during rainy season and serve family members.

13. Heavy rains destroy crops and cause floods.

14. As it rains excessively in rainy season, it is called the wet season of the year, climate become normal and weather become wet.

5 Lines on Rainy Season For Children

1. Monsoon season is the season of happiness and joy.

2. The black and dark clouds cover the sky for hours in the rainy season.

3. Most of the effective agricultural activities are carried in the rainy season because during this season there is no shortage of water for irrigation.

4. Animals look very happy and enjoy the rainy season as men do.

5. The continuous heavy rains in Monsoon season cause too much damage, many lives are lost and property is damaged.

6. These three months of Monsoon are months of happiness and joy to humans and animals, frogs croak at night, birds hops merrily and Peacocks dance beautifully.

07. Rainy season has always influenced poets and writers, specially poets compose poetry on the beauty of nature.

6. Paragraph on Rainy Season For Children & Students

Rain is a form of blessing. Rainy season falls after summer season. The rain not only offer respite to humans who suffer extreme scorching rays, but it also offers life to the plants that mostly become lifeless due to heat. All plants become fresh and become dark green and there is greenery all around, it means rainy season rejuvenate all plants and animals.

It is a well known fact that there is scarcity of fresh water for drinking. The farmers hardly get water to irrigate their field. They wait anxiously for the rainy season. Because the rain shower plenty of water that irrigate their dried fields. Rain help most of the crops grow well and bloom and it help increase the yield.

Therefore rainy season is of great importance to farmers because they carry out their agricultural activities in rainy season. Some crops do not require more water, those crops are not grown in rainy season. Farmers pray for adequate amount of rainfall because less rainfall and extreme rainfall both adversely affect the crop.

During the Monsoon season where ever it rain, all those areas offer enchanting sights, specially greenery bewitch our eyes and soul. This season is a natural mood booster. This season not only give much needed respite from heat but it help enliven the dead trees, the cool breeze and the fragrance emitting from wet mud of earth gives life to all living beings.

It is observed that people love getting drenched in the rain to get rid of their stress. People rejoice and celebrate this season excessively. Kids also live bathing in rain and play in rain water.

During this season women prepare spicy and tasty foods to eat specially pakoras and samosas and people prefer taking tea during rain. This season bring family members closer and people go on outing with friends and near and dear ones.

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