Essay on Perseverance | Meaning, Value & Importance

The word persevere means to persist in anything undertaken so as to withstand wear, tear or discouragement. It has become common parlance nowadays due to its very useful capacities to succeed in life. Read the following essay on Perseverance and its importance in life, for children and students

Essay On Perseverance | Importance of Perseverance in Life

The word Perseverance means to hold on, not to give up. The act of not giving up when faced with difficulty is what most people think it is, but there’s more than that. Perseverance goes beyond the fight against external forces; showing dogged determination in the face of adversity. It does not mean simply pushing through hard times.

Essay on Perseverance

The perseverance means hanging in there when things get tough; it is our ability to keep doing what we already know how to do, even when the voice within us begs “please stop!”

Perseverance is not just running toward your goal. It’s also running away from your fears. It’s staying the course when your Inner Critic tells you that you are not good enough. It’s being committed to your vision, even when it seems too risky or impractical.

It is resolutely plodding ahead in the face of adversity without fear of failure.  Which means anything but taking the easy way out. Perseverance is acting despite our fears and doubts , believing in ourselves when we have no reason to.

Perseverance is being more stubborn than our limitations, and more tenacious than the obstacles that face us. It is a powerful force that propels us forward in spite of ourselves.

Perseverance is the Key to Success

There are many qualities that are required to pursue a successful life, but one quality rises above all others.¬†Perseverance is the foundation of every major success story. Perseverance exemplifies how dreams become reality; it’s the direct manifestation of our resolve and commitment to keep going, even in the face of adversity.

Perseverance is what helps us get up after being knocked down, it is the fuel that keeps our dreams alive. If you want to be successful at anything in life, you must have perseverance.

Successful people are obsessed with success, but they are even more obsessed with staying on top once they accomplish something great. They have a need to keep succeeding. It is perseverance that fuels this obsession, and it is their ability to fail, lose and fight even harder for what they want which makes them unstoppable.

Success comes as a result of commitment, not as a destination. And the only way to achieve such high levels of success is through absolute and unwavering dedication.

Perseverance is what allows you to overcome the challenges that face you. It’s not just about getting through hard times, it’s also about helping you stick with your goals even when things get tough.

Perseverance is turning obstacle into opportunity. Obstacles are great for making us stronger and more resourceful than we thought we could ever be. Perseverance might not guarantee success, but it certainly guarantees that you will never fail for lack of trying.

Developing Perseverance

Perseverance cannot be developed overnight, it gets built up gradually through trial and error. It nullifies the procrastination and laziness.  It does not come from reading a book or from listening to motivational speeches.

You must start small and work your way up, you must give it time and effort to be able to succeed. It’s okay if you fail over and over again, but never give up. The more mistakes we make and the closer we get to failure, the closer we also get to triumph and glory. We must learn not to shy away from challenges that cross our path, but rather, to embrace them.


Understanding what perseverance is, and learning how to develop it are crucial steps in our journey of becoming successful. If you want to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you must be able to maintain your focus when the obstacle inevitably crosses your path. It is only by means of consistency you may be able to reach at your goal in life

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