Essay on Fear | Short & Long Essay on Fear & Worry For Students

Fear is the state or feeling of uncertainty. The fear can be real or perceived. But in either case, the fear can occupy a person and greatly impact the life of an individual. Read the following short and long essay on Fear, why fear happens, and how can we deal fear in our Life

Essay on Fear | Meaning, Causes, Impacts & Ways to deal with Fear

It is a feeling of being afraid. In some situations the person experiences fear instead of any other similar feeling such as awe, alarm, anxiety, or panic. It can be defined as a response to danger. It is the feeling we get when we expect something bad about to happen. It is an emotion characterized by feelings of apprehension, uncertainty and worry. Fear is defined as a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat.

Essay on Fears

Fear can be defined as a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat whereas worry is a sense of anxiety or uneasiness. Since fear is an emotional response, it occurs in the presence of imminent danger, whereas cowardice, a behavior that often goes hand in hand with fear is an anticipation of danger. The fear and lying  are both part of same coin thereof.

The fear is such a powerful emotion is because it evolved as a survival mechanism. When there was some type of danger present, the person experiencing the danger would have a fear response. The fear response helped them to either protect themselves or avoid the dangerous situation.

Causes of Fear

There are many causes of fear. A common cause is the thought that something bad might happen to you or those close to you. Many fears, such as fear of the dark, are learned fears.

In humans, fear is believed to have evolved as a response mainly to physical dangers [e.g., animals that might eat them]. In psychology, however, it is believed to occur as a response to a broader range of stimuli, and therefore it can happen in many different contexts.

When we are in danger, our mind and body get alerted to the fact that something bad is about to happen. We get alert, our heart beats faster and our senses become more acute. It may depend on what you are afraid of. If you are afraid of heights, people might tease you. If you are afraid of spiders, people might think that is strange. But whatever you are afraid of, most people understand that it can not be normal to enjoy being in fear.

What is Social Fear?

It is the fear of being judged, embarrassed, criticized or disliked by other people in social situations. It can be a powerful enough fear that it can significantly limit a person’s ability to function.

Effects of Fear

There are many effects of fear. Some people experience an increased heart rate, dizziness or shortness of breath. These symptoms occur because the body prepares itself for fighting or running. Other people experience some type of physical pain, such as stomach problems. Some people also have trouble sleeping due to fear. It eats out the self respect and human dignity.

There may be something that we can learn from our fears. The fear of spiders might make you more aware of the amount of insects in your home. The fear of dogs might make you more aware of the amount of unvaccinated animals in your community.


Fear can be very powerful if you let it get out of control. The best way to overcome your fears is to face them. If you try and avoid your fear, it will not go away over time.

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