Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure | Short & Long Essay For Students

Read best written essay on topic Prevention is better than cure. This essay explains the benefits of prevention and ways how to lead a balanced life. Additionally this essay is also helpful for Kg, primary, high school or college students who are looking for a well written essay on this topic with outline, quotes and images with different word limit (120,150,300 words etc)

Essay on Prevention is Better than Cure For Students

Prevention is better than cure is a famous proverb. It means that it is very important to make prior preparations to avoid any danger. If we know that things will be worst in future then it is very important to take out precautionary measures. One should always be ready to combat challenges of the world. Life is not a bed of roses. It offers challenges every day. Essay on Prevention is better than cure

A wise man always makes prior preparations to avoid discomfort in future. This proverb explains the true way of leading a comfortable life away from all worries and troubles.

A Way to Balanced life

Prevention is better than cure is a secret of balanced life. Life will continue to offer problems and troubles. Life is never easy. It is us who decide how to live. There are many dangers in our way. One can with stand all these problems just by making prior planning.

It will save you from worst danger and leads your life towards poise and solace. Wise man uses this formula to be successful in his life. He is always ready to cope with hurdles in the way of his cherished goals.

Successful life requires proper management of time to solve many problems. This proverb has a lot of importance for the balanced life of students. Students, who study before the exams and utilize their time in appropriate way, are the most successful.

Students who waste their time suffer a lot in long run. It is very important for students to learn the importance of this proverb. Their way to success is hidden in it.

A Healthy lifestyle

Health is the most precious blessings of Almighty. One can not buy health. It is the biggest wealth. it is very important for healthy life style to prevent all adverse things. Prevention is very important factor. It is why we have often listened doctors saying prevention is better than cure.

One should avoid all those things that have adverse effect on health like fizzy drinks, fast food, smoking; alcohol etc. consumption of these things causes a massive damage to our health. In most cases, these damages are incurable.

It is reason doctor advises us to avoid these things. People are suffering from many diseases as they don’t follow preventive measures. This proves disastrous in a long term. There are many diseases that are incurable.

One way to avoid these diseases is prevention. Prevention is the only way to save one life in case of diseases like AIDs,  Covid 19 etc.


One should always keep this old saying in mind on a way to achieve his destination. Prevention can save us from many problems. It can lead one towards problem free life.

It is always said to make proper planning for future. Success requires management and action in time. It is better to avoid the problem rather than facing it. Problems and troubles often do great damage to our lives and it can only be avoided by proper preventive measures.

Prevention is better than Cure Essay 150 Words

The proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’ teaches us how to avoid getting sick. We also benefit from it if we are in good health. The meaning of this proverb is well suited to us in our daily sphere of life. We can learn from it that we can even turn bad fortune into good fortune when we take precautions to avoid troubles and to be happy.

What if we neglect studying all year, and then when exam dates are announced we start studying again; this scenario will only create stress on our minds and bodies. In the end, it improves the heart’s blood flow, stress and anxiety levels, which leads to illness and then cure.

We become safe if we take preventive measures, otherwise we must seek cures. To begin curing, it is necessary to determine the cause of the problem. Generally, this proverb relates to physical and mental health

Essay on Prevention is better than Cure in 350 Words

This proverb states that if we follow the prevention measures in all spheres of our lives, we will be happy in every way. The proverb is a famous and old one, which frequently refers to our mental and physical well being. In order to avoid diseases and other health problems that need a proper cure, prevention is always the best and wisest approach.

We may not be cured to our normal level by treating ourselves with a costly regimen. Therefore, prevention should take precedence over seeking remedies.

How this Proverb is Applicable in our Life:

We can avoid difficulties in life by taking prevention measures, which will give us a peaceful and happy existence. We face many difficulties in our lives, and if we don’t live with discipline, we suffer too much. Thus, this proverb has a lot of relevance to us throughout life. To be happy, wealthy and healthy, wise people must apply this technique everyday.

The environment in which we live is polluted, so anybody can die at any time from any illness, no matter how big or small. Moreover, any disease requires proper treatment, which is very expensive and does not guarantee recovery.

A safer and more peaceful life can be achieved through prevention instead of cure. The process is economical, healthful, cost-effective, and time-saving. Additionally, we are protected from anxiety by it. Our reasoning abilities and our sense of foresight are what make us human, so let’s use them for our own good. We invite difficulties only by mistakenly doing things or being careless. As a result, we should always exercise caution.


The conclusion is that life is very short and we should enjoy it to the fullest. Nevertheless, this is only achievable when we are free of stress, free of disease, and disciplined in every aspect of our lives. In order to avoid troubles and difficulties, we ought to take preventive measures. As long as this proverb is faithfully and strictly applied in all aspects of life, it can be achieved.

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