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Leaders are not born. They are made out of the experience, struggles, skills and capabilities. The great visionary leaders are the great thinkers, sincere, dedicated, reflective strategic, organized and responsible. Leadership is an art, a potential, the strong will and determination to brace the challenges ahead.

Leadership can’t be taught in schools or in organization. It is rather practiced. It knows no boundaries. There are many great qualities and examples of leadership.

There are numerous styles of leadership but what is leadership to me is the fine blend of all great qualities, charisma, true potential, motivation, management, ethics education etc.

1. Essay on leadership, Qualities with Quotes for Students

Leadership is one of the personal trait. This quality is not found in everyone. Some are born great whereas, some achieve greatness. Leadership is innate as well as acquired phenomenon. Leaders are recognized with their penetrating vision. They can see into the future and have a clear exciting idea where they are going and what they are trying to accomplish through their strategic planning.

Everybody define and describe leadership differently. I believe that “A leader is he who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”. A good leader has a futuristic vision and knows how to turn his idea into reality.

Essay on Leadership for Students with quotes & Examples

There are leaders in students, They will lead others and hold high positions. A good student can be a good leader. Those students who want to become good leaders must have the qualities mentioned below.

1) Hard work
2) Confidence
3) Honesty and integrity
4) Inspire others
5) Motivate others
6) Commitment and passion
7) Good communication skills
8) Decision making capabilities
9) Accountability
10) Empowerment
11) Creativity and Innovation
12) Empathy

The student or person bearing above mentioned qualities can be a great leader. Once the 34th president of United States said that “The Supreme quality of leadership is unquestionably integrity”.

Without honesty and integrity no real success is possible. It means honesty and integrity are two very important ingredients which make a leader.

The effective leaders always ensure that his/her team members follow the commands properly. As a leader you have to be oozing with confidence to gain the respect of your subordinates.

John Quincy Adams once said that “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.

If you are successful in inspiring your subordinates, you can easily overcome any current or future challenge easily.

The words do the magic.  If you are unable to communicate your message effectively to your team you won’t be able to attain your goal.

A leader should have the ability to take right decision. Steve Jobs said that Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Creative thinking and constant innovation is what makes you different from followers. On the whole as a leader one should always think positive and show positive approach through actions and stay calm under pressure.

2. Best Motivational Speech on Leadership For Students

Leadership is one of the great quality of human nature. It is defined as a quality by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective. A leader is who leads others and fights for the cause of others and motivates others to achieve a desired goal.

The most significant qualities of a good leader are Honesty, integrity, confidence, commitment, passion, creativity,  good communication skills and decision making capabilities. One who lack these qualities can not be called a leader and can’t lead people. The leader is an inspiration. One who inspires others and influences others can be a good leader.

It is a crystal clear fact that the good communication skills are very necessary for a leader. The simplicity and clarity in language and words inspires others. Those who are true, loyal and committed and trustworthy always win the hearts of others.

A leader must have decision making capabilities. For, declaring a decision and going ahead according to decision with unwavering determination, is very important for a leader. A leader is not characterized by turbulence but by the quiet stillness found in the eye of tornado. Specially while facing challenging time he must inspire others by his steadfast determination and stillness. While exercising the powers and authority a leader is deemed to adopt the spirit of humility.

A leader must know his own strength and power. One who do not know his own strength can not effectively lead, inspire, motivate and influence others. It is widely believed that a leader must have “I” factor within him or her that is “Impact, Influence and Inspire”.

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In the end I will personally add that leadership is an action. It is an ability to motivate, guide and inspire others to follow your ideology, vision and thoughts.

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