Essay on Soldiers | Life of a Soldier Essay For Children & Students

Soldiers are the pride of our country. They are ready to give sacrifice of their lives any time to protect the country. The following essays on topic Our Soldiers have been written for children and students. It would help students in their exams and assignments.

Essay on Soldiers

A soldier’s life is not an easy one. Despite this, they are taught to never give up, no matter what the situation. Many challenges and difficulties await them, and they must fight with courage.

Challenges Faced by Soldiers

Here are a few of the biggest challenges faced by soldiers.

1. Staying Away from Family

Almost all of the year, soldiers are on call. It is necessary for them to be away from their family and friends during this time. As a soldier, this is one of the most challenging aspects. It can be emotionally distressing.

Soldiers hardly get any leaves. Whenever a special family occasion arises, they are rarely able to celebrate it in the company of their loved ones. No matter how they get leaves, the possibility of the leaves being called off cannot be ruled out. In case of emergency, they need to report back immediately.

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2. Physical Training

Soldiers undergo intense physical training before participating in battle. It takes hours of exercise and extensive stretching to maintain their health. Particularly the new recruits find this to be challenging and exhausting. They continue to build strength until retirement.

3. Lack of Supplies

Sometimes, soldiers have to go on long missions to remote areas. Since these areas are cut off from the main cities and towns, they lack even the basic facilities. It’s hard to live in such places. In these areas, soldiers face even greater difficulties because they lack sufficient supplies of food. However, they continue to fulfil their duty amid all these difficulties.

4. Weather Adversities

Additionally, soldiers are posted in areas with harsh weather conditions. Despite heavy rains, extreme cold, and scorching sun, they must fight to the death. They have to make their way through snow covered mountains and dense forests. On the field, they are required to be present at all times, guarding their country. The adverse effects of the weather can be a real challenge for them.

5. Lack of Bullet Proof Equipment

During wars, soldiers are constantly exposed to bullets. It is essential to equip them with bullet-resistant clothes and shields. Nevertheless, many countries, including India, lack bullet-proof equipment. It is a challenge for the soldiers to fight without these.


Thus, life for soldiers is full of challenges, yet they strive their best to overcome all challenges and to protect their home and countrymen. They carry out their duties with a smile on their faces.

Essay on Life of a Soldier

The soldiers of any country are its greatest asset. Their duty is to protect the nation and its citizens. Furthermore, they are extremely selfless individuals who put the national interest ahead of their own. There are few jobs in the world that are more difficult than being a soldier.

To become a great soldier, they need to fulfill challenging duties and possess outstanding qualities. They live a very tough life, however. Although they face hardships, they still carry out their duties.

The Duties of Soldiers

As soldiers perform their duties, countries sleep in peace. Soldiers are first and foremost obligated to serve their country without any selfish motives. The army is usually a person’s way to protect and love his country. Despite knowing they will face numerous challenges, they still do so for their country.

Soldiers safeguard the honor of their countries as well. Faced with adversaries, they don’t back down, but rather give it their all. They are willing to sacrifice their lives for the country no matter what. In addition, soldiers must always be alert. No matter where he is, whether on or off duty, he is always on alert.

In addition to maintaining the country’s peace and harmony, soldiers have a duty to defend it. It is his responsibility to ensure a safe environment for all. In addition to guarding the border, they are also always there in case of emergencies. They learn how to handle No matter if it is a terror attack or a natural catastrophe, evaluate every situation carefully. They are essential to bringing the situation under control, so to speak.

Few Challenges Faced by Soldiers

Serving in the military is not easy, it’s one of the most challenging jobs you’ll ever do. A person of normal means cannot survive their hardships and challenges. In addition to spending so much time away from their loved ones, they also often travel to distant locations. They are upset emotionally and don’t even get any holidays as a result. Their job is to safeguard the country even in festivals.

For soldiers to fight in battles, they must undergo rigorous training as well. They continue, despite exhaustion and physical challenges. Furthermore, they don’t even get enough supply to live a normal life. There are times when the food rations are low, and other times when they are posted in remote locations without any communication.

As a result, they are also subjected to the harshest weather conditions. The soldiers must be on the battlefield regardless of whether it is scorching hot or chilling cold. The same is true for the bulletproof equipment they get, which is insufficient. Our soldiers lead an extremely challenging life in order to protect their country.

The Gallant Soldier Essay in English

Soldiers defend our country against enemy attacks. In spite of all threats and difficulties, he is courageous enough to fight and triumph. As a soldier, you are a fighter.

In times of need, he is always willing to sacrifice his life for his country. Indian soldiers are known as ‘jawans’, and they are the backbone of the army. His life is hard and tough.

In most images, soldiers are wearing uniforms and carrying a gun. Having strong, active and healthy soldiers is one of the things that makes them stand out. There are three types of soldiers: Army, Navy, and Air Force. In order to become a soldier, he must undergo a rigorous training program.

While protecting the country, soldiers are well trained to deal with any situation. As a soldier, our sole role is to protect our country from external and internal enemies, and to fight for our nation.

Soldiers are made stronger by their tough training. In training, they begin their day with long hours of exercise early in the morning.

Their training includes the use of various kinds of weapons that are used during war such as guns, missiles, tanks, bombs, etc. As well as flying aircraft, climbing mountains, and swimming in open oceans, they are trained in these skills. Their training teaches them how to survive in the most extreme conditions.

Soldiers are required to work long hours. A tent and a camp are his only options to survive the extreme weather conditions. A little more than once a year, he gets to meet his family since he lives far away.

Short Essay On Soldier

A soldier most often lives near our country’s borders. There may be jungles, mountains, rivers or seas. It is not uncommon for him to go days without food. His eyes are always on the enemy and he never takes a break from duty. During war, he cannot take a break from duty. It is likely that he will suffer serious injuries. Sometimes, there are bullet injuries, limb losses or even deaths for soldiers.

Despite this, he is always a brave man who fights for his country and his people. He is willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his motherland.

Those who serve in the military put in a lot of work to ensure that we live in a safe environment free from threat. The soldiers who protect us are always to be thanked for their service. They deserve our respect and pride.

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A soldier joins the army not just for the purpose of earning a living, but because he loves his country. The fighting spirit of these people must be saluted

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