Essay on Life after School | Challenges of Life After High School Essay

The life after school has its own joys and challenges. Read the following well written essay on life after school that describes about the challenges of life when one student leaves the school. The essay is quite helpful for students for various exams.

Essay on My Plans After High School 

A key to life success is setting goals and giving your very best shot at reaching them. In order to ensure life after school progresses in a structured and systematic way, it is crucial to set goals for the future. A person’s goals cannot be limited to the studies, career, or profession he or she chooses. It is important to set personal goals as well.

1.  My Career Goals:   In order to ensure a comfortable life in the future, it is essential to build a career. If you want your career to be lucrative, you must set both short- and long-term goals. In order to do this, you’ll need to pick a course that has the potential to be successful in the market. In addition, you should consider your interests and skills. You cannot excel in a field that has a good market value if you are bad at it.

You should set goals for improving your skills. You can do this by taking part-time courses alongside your main course. You can take soft skills courses, personality development courses, problem solving and analysis courses, or courses related to your main degree course.

2. Balance between Personal & Professional Life:   Striking a balance between work and life is important. For a lucrative career, it is advised that you focus solely on your studies. As a result of the pressure, you will likely spend most of your time studying and looking for ways to improve your performance. However, you must realize that a life of work and no play can make you dull. Eventually, you might lose your ability to concentrate, and it may even have a negative effect on your health.

Your main goal should be to balance your studies with your personal life. With hectic study schedules, it is essential to rejuvenate. As well as being good for your mental health, this is also good for your physical health. Studies have shown that studying continuously reduces learning abilities. Therefore, taking short breaks is necessary.

Exercise for at least an hour each day is also important. You should also spend time with your family and friends every once in a while.

Conclusion:  In order to streamline things, you need goals. You must not, however, overextend yourself in making your goals and planning your schedule. To achieve the same, it must be a workable plan, and you must work diligently towards it.

Essay on Life After School | Joys & Challenges of After School Life Essay For Students

Compared to life after school, school life is quite simple. School life does not require any major decision making and we keep moving in one direction. Although life after school can be challenging, we are faced with several challenges. We are expected to act with more responsibility, build our careers, and also maintain our personal lives.

Choosing a Course

It’s a challenge after school to choose a course. Before choosing one, a number of things need to be considered. The grades we earn in twelfth standard determine what courses we can take up. Besides, we must consider our interest, caliber, and scope.

Seeking College Admission

Having made up our minds about which course to take, we need to search for colleges offering that course. Admission forms, entrance exams, and other nitty-gritty details need to be filled out. This requires quite a bit of research, quite different from our school years where we didn’t need to look for anything. It is the school administration, teachers, and parents that take care of everything.

Building Career

After a course is completed, we have to decide whether to pursue another degree or diploma to specialize in the field or if we should start working straight away to gain some experience. It is never too late to build a career. To stay competitive and secure a lucrative career, we need to constantly learn new skills and improvise.


It is extremely hard to adjust to life after school. To have a good life after school, one needs to make wise decisions and work hard.

Short Essay on Life after High School

There is a significant phase of life after school. During this period, one learns a great deal. Once we’ve left school, our true personalities truly come out, since we’re not being supervised and checked at every turn, as we were during school days. Taking decisions independently is a chance we get from our parents, which helps us learn and experience new things.

Pursue Hobbies:  The school year is full of fun, but it’s not as easy as it seems. It presents its own challenges. In the higher classes, due to the growing competition and voluminous syllabus, there is no time for hobbies. There is a strict schedule. Almost half of the day is spent in school for students who go to school. As part of the second half, preparation for entrance exams and self-study sessions should be included.

Many activities are lined up back-to-back for school-going students. It is possible to find some respite from school after graduation. It is a good idea for them to pursue their hobbies before beginning a course or even as they seek admission to college. If they spend only an hour or two a day learning it online, they can take a hobby class.

Grow Personal Relationship:  The students are constantly under pressure and their schedule makes it difficult for them to attend family functions, visit family members and go on trips with friends. All of this is available after school.

Families and friends play an important role in a child’s development. As children grow, they become able to understand these relationships better and care about them more than ever before. Being out of school gives them time for their personal relationships.

Self made Decisions:   The majority of children are spoon fed until they enter school. All major decisions are taken by their parents. There are a lot of things teachers do at school. It is nearly impossible for students to decide what types of co-curricular activities they should engage in or how many hours they should devote to studying. In other words, the parents and teachers don’t really know right from wrong and they think they can do this better on their behalf than they can.

Once they enter adulthood, however, they begin to be consulted by their parents on many important issues. Many decisions are even left up to them. In most cases, children choose their own courses, even if parents and teachers suggest various courses to them. The students have the option of choosing a course and a college. Also, parents trust their adult children with all kinds of other decisions. Their decision-making power is enhanced.


After school, a person’s real life begins. There will be many challenges to face once we graduate from school. Our ability to overcome these challenges will determine whether we succeed or fail. However, you need to stay calm and make wise decisions if you want to have a fulfilling life.


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