Essay On Cyber Security | Importance, Risks & Challenges

The Cyber security is the need of today’s time. The world is getting on increasingly digital. Here in point, there comes the needs for us to strengthen our cyber security to face possible risk and cyber challenges. Here is the short essay in point that discusses the meaning, importance, risks, challenges and ways to deal with cyber security in today’s world. This essay is helpful for both children and students.

Essay on Cyber Security, its Meaning & Importance 

Defining Cyber Security

Cyber security can be defined as the protection of systems, networks and data within cyberspace. Defending against losses, compromises, or attacks using preventative measures is the goal of cyber security

Meaning & Importance of Cyber Security in Modern World 

Cybersecurity is a complex issue that cuts across multiple domains and requires multi-dimensional, multi-layered initiatives and responses. Since it involves various ministries and departments, it has proved to be a challenge for governments. In the absence of tangible perpetrators, the threat spectrum is diffused and varied, making it difficult to formulate a suitable response.

The goal of cybersecurity is to prevent unauthorized or unattended access, destruction, and changes to data, networks, programs, and other information. Security threats and cyber-attacks have made cybersecurity a very important issue in the modern world. There are many companies that develop software for data protection.

Using this software, the data will be protected. In addition to protecting information, cybersecurity helps to protect our system from virus attacks. The U.S. and China have the most internet users, followed by India.

Classification/Types of Cyber Security

Cyber security can be classified into two broad categories;

  1. Cyber crime
  2. Cyber Warfare

Cyber Crime

Criminal activities using computers or networked devices are known as cybercrime. Most cybercrimes are performed by cybercriminals for financial gain, but other cybercrimes are undertaken to damage or disable computers or devices, while others use computers or networks to spread malicious software, illegal information or images. It causes frustration, anger & Loneliness among the victims.

In addition to its financial effects, cybercrime can involve many different types of profit-driven criminal activity, such as ransomware attacks, email and internet fraud, and identity fraud, as well as attempts to steal financial account, credit card or other payment card information.

How to Boost Cyber Security & Prevent Cyber crime

Although it may not be possible to eliminate cybercrime completely and ensure complete internet security, businesses can reduce their exposure to it by implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy that employs a defense-in-depth approach to securing systems, networks, and data.

The following steps can help reduce cybercrime risks:

  1. Create a clear policy and procedure for the business and its employees;
  2. Prepare plans for managing cybersecurity incidents;
  3. Provide an overview of the systems and data protection measures in place;
  4. Install two-factor authentication (2FA) keys or use two-factor authentication apps;
  5. When possible, enable 2FA for every online account;
  6. Verify verbally the authenticity of requests to send money by talking to a financial manager;
  7. Set up intrusion detection systems (IDS) to flag emails with extensions similar to company emails;
  8. Analyze each email request for a transfer of funds to determine if it is different from the norm;
  9. In order to prevent security breaches, employees should be continuously trained on cybersecurity procedures;
  10. Maintain all software release updates and patches on websites, endpoint devices, and systems; and
  11. Data and information should be backed up regularly to avoid data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Cyber Warfare

Cyberwarfare is the use of computers and the networks that connect them to wage war against other states. Government and military networks are usually attacked in cyberwar in order to disrupt, destroy, or deny their use. Cyberspace is made up of computers and their networks. Almost every aspect of modern society depends on cyberspace, and developing countries are becoming more reliant on it each year.

From critical infrastructure to financial institutions and commerce to national security, almost everything modern society relies on cyberspace to function. Cyber attacks do share some similarities with other criminal attacks in that they produce the same result.


The role of cybersecurity in today’s world is growing due to the high penetration of the internet. Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly dangerous issue to the security of a country. Among the citizens as well as the government, awareness of updated network and system security settings and the use of proper anti-virus should be spread so that your networking and system settings remain virus-free and secure.

Short Essay on Cyber Security & its Importance today

Cybersecurity is an effort to keep electronic gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets away from hackers and data thieves. It is always detrimental to the end user.

Nowadays, everyone needs to have proper cybersecurity with the increasing use of electronic gadgets. It ensures the protection of our private data and official and personal documents. Cyber Security is essential to ensure the safety and privacy of our data. When Cyber Security is not implemented, anyone can steal, misuse, and abuse our data without our authorization.

Keeping our data and important documents secure when using electronic gadgets is extremely important for all people who use them regularly and frequently. Cyber security has grave impact upon the mental health of youth. It has been the leading cause of frustration, depression, anger and uncertainty.  Cyber Security is provided in many ways, some of which are Antivirus, Antimalware, End-User Protection, etc.


It is important to update your system software regularly. Choose a strong password when enabling security on your gadgets. Also, avoid clicking on uncertain and suspicious links. Keeping our devices secure with the help of the tools discussed above is crucial in the current digital world.

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