Essay on Depression | Depression among Students Essay

Depression is the experience of deep sadness, loss of interest in activities that one usually enjoys, low energy, difficulty concentrating and thoughts about suicide. Read the following written Essay on Depression, what causes it and meaningful ways how to avoid depression in life.

Essay on Depression | Meaning, Causes & Ways how to end Depression in Life

The definition of depression is: a psychological condition in which the subject feels so low and tired that it’s almost impossible to get up and go to work, even when there are things he/she has to do. This can be accompanied by a lack of motivation, fatigue, irritability and a loss of interest in the things he/she used to enjoy.

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Types of Depression

  1. Manic Depression. Bipolar is characterized by extreme mood swings from manic highs (the patient feels “up” and can do anything and has many ambitious plans) to depressive lows (feeling like he/she wants to go back to sleep and stay there forever).
  2. Secondary Depression: Depression caused by illness (such as cancer) or medical treatment (such as anti-depressant medication), like feeling of worthlessness, suicidal thoughts, lack of interest in daily activities or hobbies, difficulty concentrating or making decisions.
  3. Childhood Depression – depression that is experienced by children. Most of the time this type of depression occurs in conjunction with conduct disorders
  4. Clinical Depression: it is usually associated with severe symptoms that interfere seriously with the ability to function. This type of depression lasts for at least two weeks (during which time there are no major signs of improvement).

Impacts of Depression

Five Major Impacts of Depression:

  1. The person feels very lonely, even when he/she is with friends or loved ones;
  2. Difficulties making decisions (or indecisiveness) and concentrating;
  3. Thoughts of suicide (which may lead to suicidal attempts);
  4. Lack of appetite;
  5. Low sex drive; low energy; fatigue.

Depression among Students

The most common time of the year when students feel depressed is during final exams, when they are faced with big challenges.

Other causes for depression in this population are: romantic breakups, financial problems, family conflicts or parental abuse, cyberbullying and lack of sleep.

Depression Impacts the work Performance

Yes it does. Depression can greatly reduce our productivity in the workplace since we’re not at our best (mentally speaking). We lose interest in work activities, become easily distracted and make lots of mistakes that end up costing us money or even bringing down company’s profits.

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Ways how to Avoid Depression in Life

Here’s my very own summary of ways to avoid depression:

  1. Avoid stress as much as possible – learn how to relax, read a book, go out with friends, listen to some nice music… Don’t stay alone for too long or you’ll start feeling lonely and depressed;
  2. Keep a healthy lifestyle! Exercise regularly (take a walk or go for a run), eat healthy food (fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat);
  3. Make sure you get enough sleep – about 7 to 8 hours per night;
  4. Have some time off every month (or week) and relax! Change your environment (if possible) and do something different from the usual routine;
  5. If you’re feeling depressed – talk to someone! Don’t be shy or embarrassed to have a mental disorder diagnosis. In most countries, depression is very common and also highly treatable. You can visit your doctor or a psychologist for treatment options that fit you best.

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In today’s world, depression is very common and highly treatable. Make sure you get enough sleep, have some time off from work every month or week and talk to someone about your feelings! Don’t stay alone for too long – it’s the best way to avoid depression.

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