Essay on Peace & Harmony [ Meaning & Importance ]

Peace is the supreme goal of all human beings. Peace alone brings Light, Joy, Strength and Inspiration for Life. Without peace there can be no happiness in life – our thoughts are filled with anxiety, anguish, fear, disappointment and frustration.

Some people think that peace is not important or they do not need it. There are many who seek peace outwardly by finding ways to secure it through superiority of weapons, wealth or position. Even when they are shown the way to peace within, they refuse to accept it because all this time they have been enjoying the fruits of war and civil strife.

Essay on Peace & Harmony in Life

Peace and harmony are the foundation of our life and existence. Peace is inner and outer freedom from conflict and war. Harmony is the sacred marriage between two great forces in Nature, spirit and matter, consciousness and energy, soul and body – when they meet in us we experience peace within.

Essay on peace and harmony in life

Where there is unity there is strength it is the unity of peace and harmony in thought, word and action that brings Light, Joy, Strength and Inspiration for Life. Peace is a state of calmness within the individual realizing a state of harmony with all around them. This can only be achieved through self-realization. Peace comes from an inner realization which is beyond race, creed and religion.

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Peace is an inner realization that brings union with divine love and joy in life. The outer world of man-made laws, institutions and customs protect this inner peace, but a true sense of harmony can only come when we realize our real identity as children of God.

Harmony is the balance between two great forces in Nature, spirit and matter, consciousness and energy, soul and body. Our world needs peace within – when we establish peace (harmony) within us it will bring light, joy strength and inspiration for life in the whole World.

If our thoughts are filled with anxiety fear disappointment and frustration, our thoughts are not in harmony with divine love. We will feel fear when we disbelieve in God’s justice and mercy.

Benefits of Peace & Harmony

Following are the listed benefits of peace and harmony in life. That include;

  1. The absence of agitation and stress which is the cause of many physical ailments including asthma, high blood pressure, ulcers etc.
  2. Peace creates healthy interactions with people around us and so improves our relationships. It brings an inner calmness which makes it easier to understand each other’s point of view, make compromises and solve problems.
  3. Peace frees up our energy and time as we don’t spend much effort trying to control situations, people etc.
  4. It gives us the strength and clarity of mind to see the bigger picture in life and therefore be able to make wise choices and take calm decisions for ourselves and others out of love rather than fear.
  5. It gives us the strength to handle unpleasant situations with equanimity. Our thinking is free from anxiety, fear, disappointment and frustration – this helps us to face all adversities in life calmly and to find solutions fruitful for everyone involved.
  6. Peace helps us live our lives more fully as we are not exhausted or weighted down by negative emotions.

How to Develop Peace and Harmony in Life

Following are the steps to create a calm life –

  1. Connect with your inner being – Let go of any fears or guilt you have about going within and meeting your Higher Self, which is a reflection of God’s presence within each person.
  2. Give your will to God – Let go of worry trying to control others, situations or outcomes but allow Divine Love the freedom to do the work through you that it desires for you and all mankind.
  3. Use what you have learned about yourself in meditation to improve relationships with yourself and others.
  4. Dedicate your life and love to serve God’s creation in an active way. Then we can experience peace within and without – in every thing we do.
  5. Give praise and thanks for all the greatness of everything around us – in Nature, human beings and in ourselves
  6. Through self-forgiveness it releases any pain, suffering or guilt we have been holding onto in the past.

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Real peace is within us. We can realize this through self-realization. For inner growth and realization we need harmony in thoughts, word and action. We need peace within and peace without to have a paradise on earth.

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