Essay on Communication Skills | Purpose, Why need it

Communication is the process exchanging knowledge, ideas, behavior etc. The strong communication skills are really important in today’s life. The following short & Long essay on Communication sheds light on important areas like why communication skills are essential, meaning, purpose and importance of communication skills in life etc.

Essay on Communication Skills | Meaning, Purpose & Importance of having Good Communication Skills

The communication as a process in which we send and/or receive message from other people and device. The definition of the word ‘communication’ is the action or process of using signals, signs, or words to express and/or exchange ideas and feelings.

Essay on Communication Skills

The human being does not only communicate to other person but also communicate with other thing such as computer, device, and etc. If we see the communication process on human body, there are so many things that involved and if we compare it to technology or machine, we can see that technology and machine does not involve so many things as compared with human body.

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The people require thinking process in order to interpret what they receive. The words that come from the other person’s mouth are mostly symbols, signs, and words. The sounds are the only thing that is not enough to make sense of it. The sounds are also very important in order to produce the words.

Major Communication Skills today

The following are the five important communication skills that we require in our daily life:

  1. Listening Skills: – The first and foremost part of the communication process is listening. It means to pay full attention to other person. A skillful listener can understand what he/she has heard and can also give some suitable suggestions on the base of it.
  2. Speaking Skill: – The second part of communication is speaking skill which means to speak up in front of the other person. If we do not have this skill, then no one will be interested to listen to us.
  3. Writing Skills: – The third part of communication is writing skill. It important to write the messages in a right way if we want to deliver it to other people or make some record of it.
  4. Reading Skill: – The fourth part of communication is reading skill. We must have this skill to read the message, document or any other material that come for us.
  5. Nonverbal Communication: – The fifth part of communication is nonverbal communication that means to use gestures, signs, body language, and facial expressions to express our ideas, feelings and emotions.

Importance of having Good Communication Skills

The communication process is important because they are very useful in communicating information to other people. It is the way of transferring knowledge, ideas, and experience to others. The importance of communicating message or information can be explained by the following reasons:

  1. To share information, experiences and knowledge with other people.
  2. To maintain a good relationship with our family members, friends, colleagues, etc.
  3. To convey our feelings to others.
  4. To work together with other people in group.
  5. To understand people speaking different languages.
  6. To negotiate with other people, that means to give and receive information or to make a deal with other people.
  7. To solve the problems and conflict that we face in our daily life by communicating it to other people,

Teaching Communication Skills to Students

It is important to teach students communication skills at school level because, this will help them to become a better person. We know that all countries are trying to develop their country and one of the important aspect that contribute to the development is education. So if we want our students, specially the children to become a better and responsible person then we must teach them communication skills during their school years.

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Therefore, the communication is very important to maintain the relationship with our friends and family members. It also helpful in solving any kind of problems easily because it is the way of transferring or sharing knowledge, ideas and experience to others. It also helpful in making a good career for you when you will communicate your ideas to others in a right way.

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