Short Speech on Life After School For Students

The school days give you an unforgettable experience. That’s why we can’t forget it in our life after school. Read here an open speech on life after school. It describes the school life memories, days spent with friends and how does it feel in life after school days. The speech is quite helpful for children and students.

Short Speech on Life After School For Students

Good afternoon! Honorable Principal, respected teachers and my class fellow! I hope everyone is wonderful!

Akriti Saxena, the alumna of this school, extends warmly her greeting to all of you at today’s speech ceremony. The first thing I would like to do is thank my teachers for allowing me to speak today. As I visit my school after two long years, I am filled with nostalgia.

Even after years have past, I still am able to travel back to that magical time when we were in school, following a disciplined lifestyle and following the instructions of our teachers. We never knew that life would become so challenging after completing our school education. Our teachers and parents provided everything we needed.

We discovered we were left on our own when we were suddenly removed from the protection of our teachers. Making a career plan and working towards it was far from simple because we could not make mistakes, as no one would guide us through every step like our school teachers did to us in our classrooms.

There is something appealing about independent living after graduation because there are fewer rules to break and classes are no longer compulsory. Your professors will not shout at you if you submit your assignments on time and meet the minimum attendance requirement.

Certainly school life is the most enjoyable stage of life, but college life is full of its own rewards for developing independent thinking and critical thinking. Since we cannot be spoon fed forever. The time will come when we will need to be self-sufficient!  Isn’t it true? It’s sometimes necessary to be harsh on ourselves in order to realize our true potential and emerge as a stronger and better person. If we can sail through this journey of college life, we will surely shine through in our career ahead.

In order to achieve our goals, we need to put in the effort required and hone our mental faculties to accomplish what is expected of us. The college experience gives you the chance to prove yourself in your chosen field. It is therefore important not to be intimidated by the outside world, and to prepare yourself well during your school days. As I mentioned earlier, I believe I am a better person now than I was yesterday and that’s because of the decisions made by my parents, teachers, and now me.

Life will become meaningful and worth living only when you embrace every aspect of your path with positive fervor. You have to earn everything, so prepare well for the coming college years, as it will open a whole new perspective for you. Thank You!

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