Paragraphs on Environment | Importance, Benefits & how to Save it

The environment is the base of our survival. The natural environment with all of its beauty is the richest God given treasure for all of us.

We have written the detailed paragraphs on Environment for children & students. These paragraphs are easy, simple, short and long and are helpful for Kg, primary, high school and college level students.

Following are the major points of paragraphs on Environment for children & students.

  • What is environment?
  • Natural environment, Importance & benefits
  • Environmental pollution and its causes
  • Solutions to environmental pollution

Paragraph on Environment | Natural Environment, Environmental Pollution & its Impacts | Paragraphs with quotes & Examples for Children & Students

Everything around us including living, non-living, natural and man made objects are environment. Natural objects like trees, bushes, forests, rivers, air and gardens are the beauty of our environment.

Essay On Environment For Students

Environment is the dwelling place for all organisms. The survival of all living forms is dependent on healthy and clean environment.

Importance of Environment Paragraph

Natural environment is everything that is natural or is created by God. God has created everything for the benefit of living forms on this planet earth.

Nothing is useless or meaningless which is natural. Men has always lived near to natural environment, without natural environment the survival of living forms is impossible. Natural environment is the key to healthy and peaceful life.

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The environment provide us food, shelter, air, water and everything that living organisms need for their survival. Natural environment keep us physically and mentally fit and healthy.

The natural objects are very important to help maintain the balance of environment. Forests and trees and all types of vegetation filter air and provide fresh oxygen which is the basic source of survival.

No organism can help survive without oxygen even for a single day. Trees are the factories of oxygen, we breathe in oxygen to stay alive. Plants absorb all harmful gases present in environment and purify environment to maintain its natural balance.

The natural objects like Air, Water, plants etc help regulate the system and cycles of environment.
All essential things like fertile land and water are provided from environment.

Environmental Pollution Paragraph

As we know that the artificial environment is not that much useful, all artificial objects degrade and pollute environment. The earth is a natural blanket which keeps all living forms safe and secure.

Much of the environmental degradation is caused by human activities which are not friendly to environment. The excessive emission of carbon monoxide gases and smoke from vehicles, factories, industries and houses is affecting air, water and land.

Environmental pollution is the biggest threat to all species living on planet earth. Global warming, depletion of ozone layer, green house gases, water pollution, air pollution, water pollution and land pollution are a kind of threat for all living forms.

In addition to it the misuse and overuse of natural resources is also a big threat to environment. Wastage of water, degradation of land and due to increasing air pollution, all these natural resources will soon exhaust and our new generation will hardly find these resources for their consumption.

How to Save Environment Paragraph

As the contributions of environment to life can not be repaid. We can not pay back what environment has given us. It’s high time to use and make environment friendly objects and policies. Let’s plant trees and save trees to make environment clean and healthy.

The three R’s policy is useful for the betterment of environment, let’s reuse, recycle and reduce the use of electricity and burning of fuels to save environment.

We should reduce emissions of gases in environment so combat the environmental issues like global warming and pollution.

We can save our environment by reducing the use of paper, so go paperless to make environment healthy. We must buy recycled products and use public transport to reduce pollutants in environment.

Say no chemical fertilizers and pesticides rather use and introduce organic fertilizers and pesticides. Stop Littering and throwing garbage near residential areas.

Love nature, save nature because someone has said that “ One who doesn’t love nature, can not love anything in life”. Richard Rogers believe that “ The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved”.

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To conclude with the golden words of Lady Bird Johnson, that “ The environment is where we all meet, where we all have a mutual interest, it is the one thing all of us share”.

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