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Health is Wealth: Meaning, Importance | Essays & Speeches For Children & Students

The health is superior to wealth. The health is peace, happiness and enjoyment of life. Read following short and long essay on health is wealth for students

Essay on Health is Wealth For Students

It sounds quite contrary with an apparent look that how the health only can be more the riches of the world alone? Though the charm of wealth, treasure, success and beauty is always appealing but they all get dull and clumsy if not added with health. The health is real wealth.

health is wealth, essay, short essay and Paragraph for students

Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean a man is free from illness. He looks sound healthy. Instead, the health is a though term. It stands when person is fit physically and mentally.

He enjoys his life free from internal as well as external disorders. Therefore, the health is superior to wealth in all terms and meaning including;

The Importance of health is wealth essay

1. Everything can’t be ha with the wealth alone. Ask bed ridden wealthy man what things triggers him most? The good health he would reply. It is the sound health which makes you feel elated, happy and overjoyed. The wealth can’t be substitute of everything in your life.

2. The wealth is temporary. It is the just the pleasure of eyes. It is the matter of the world alone. You can trade everything with wealth but can’t buy your life.

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The sound life is only possible with the amount of good health.Thereby, the wealth alone doesn’t suffice all in our lives.

3. The wealth for this world alone. The good health is supplementary to it. If the wealth is a luxury car, the health is engine to it. We have seen many people in this world, the rich but unwell, bed stricken, aggrieved and unhappy.

Whereas, on the other hand, you must have observed how well, happy and smiling a poor man is? He has the sound sleep and enjoys the life to his fullest. The wealth alone, therefore, can’t cure all the internal as well as external disorders of man.

The health and wealth are thereby interconnected with each other. The poverty is not the way to happiness though and the wealth alone is not the way. It is the balance between both that matters the most. Therefore, a sound balance in both the health and wealth is needed. In order to turn your health into a sound wealth you need to do the following things as mandatory.

1. Have a look at the food you take. Don’t overeat or under-eat. Learn about the balanced diet. You must be aware of as what food is better for you and what is not.

2. Exercises are essential things. Keep it a habit. Exercise regular to keep yourself fit and smart.

3. In order to maintain the mental health, travel regularly an explore new things. You can also do so by reading quality books. The reading is the best mental exercise. It gives you the mental strength an peace of mind.

4. Stay happy, smile always an don’t stress yourself for the little things. The life is too little for taking every pain inside.

The health is therefore the real wealth. One should understand it accordingly and thoroughly. It is the true and most important thing in our life.

2. Speech on Health is Wealth For Children & Students

Honorable Principal, respected teachers, dear fellows and guests, Good Morning! I welcome you all here. Today I will talk about the famous proverb said by Ralph Waldo Emerson that “Health is Wealth. Indeed health is wealth because good health gives a power through which we can achieve everything.

The Health is defined when one is in the state of functional efficiency of body and he is  free from all sorts of illnesses. As we know that happiness is priceless, health is indeed a great treasure that gives us real happiness and pleasure in life. Loss of health is loss of happiness.

I believe that when an individual is rich in physical and mental capabilities and is in a sound state of utilizing his or her potentials he is said to be very rich.

Health is the greatest blessing. Without good health one can not attend class, go to work and can not fully participate in the activities. The health is the prime source to enjoy the nature and all types of foods and all weathers.

I regret at those who are careless to their health. It is the very health that provides us pleasure in everything. Those who posses healthy body only they will have healthy mind. A healthy person achieves success easily because he possess good body and mind to work.

In this modern period I have observed that people often lose their health in order to earn money and earn the resources for life to live, unfortunately they forget that they are already bestowed with wealth in the form of good health.

In the pursuit of money people destroy their wealth and become ill. They become bed ridden eventually and spend all accumulated wealth to recover their health. What is the need to run behind the money which lasts very short!  One must take good care of his or her health. It is the biggest wealth which they possess.

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In order to keep oneself fit and healthy one must eat balanced diet, foods containing vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, specially green vegetables and fresh and dry fruits. Proper exercise also keep us healthy.

All physical exercises keep us fit. There is a saying that early to bed and early to rise is also equally important for good health. Cleanliness is also very necessary for maintaining good health. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that the health is certainly a wealth. In fact, a sound health is more than the treasures of entire world. We must take care of our actual wealth.

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