Essay on The whole Purpose of Education is to turn mirrors into Windows

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Essay on: The Whole Purpose of Education is to Turn Mirrors into the Windows

Sydney J. Harris has rightly said that the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.The phrase to turn mirrors into windows means to peep inside and see what one is.

It also means to look into oneself to see the world. It is universal truth that mirror shows and reflects what we are while window shows us outside world or while world.

Here Sydney j. Harris means through education one must open himself to world or reflect what he possess.Essay on th Whole Purpose of Education is to turn Mirros into the windows

Every individual is far different than others, everyone possess his or her own self which is entirely unique and different. How an individual sees world sees differently than others.

It is believed that to an honest and good person whole world seem good while to a vicious and cruel person while world appears to be cruel.

Education is a window which can turn bring light into a dark heart and can make man good. Every individual is a mirror. A mirror reveals the darkness, ignorance, fear, vice, greed and all negative impulses of man.

When window is opened means education is imparted into an individual the very darkness turns into light, ignorance into enlightenment, fear into confidence, vice into virtue, greed into generosity and so on.

It means it is education which enable us to explore whole world and enable us to turn mirrors into windows. Without education man is only a mirror which shows one thing while education opens windows and enable one to see world differently in many ways.

It can be said that an illiterate person is caged into a mirror in which he can perceive his own image and reflection which confines his thinking and makes man slave of himself or herself.

Illiteracy is an imprisonment, an illiterate one can not know and understand beyond of his own self. While knowledge makes a complete human.

Mirrors are an obstacle which doesn’t allow one to fathom the mysteries of world while windows throws open several opportunities.

All uneducated people are mirrors who doesn’t yield anything productive, we need to educate them so that windows of rationality are opened to them to see the world with peace, in an unprejudiced manner because pluralism get birth when one get enlightened.

The Life is a battlefield, every individual need to fight and win the battle, one can not win battle without arms and weapons, one need to be armed to win, education is the most effective weapon to win the battles of life.

Nowadays all social issues and inhuman activities existing in our society are product of improper education, only mirrors are there, being educated their windows are not opened. The cheap mentality and narrowness of mind are rich examples of closed windows.

If the mirrors had been turned into windows then these so called issues like racism, injustice, discrimination, misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia etc had not existed so far in our society.

Even educated ones display orthodox superstitious beliefs, dogmas and practices which destroys the fabric of humanity. It seem man is having adulterated education solely sought for seeking job or achieving their goals.

The education doesn’t aim to get job only. Instead, the real essence of education is to enable one to see the world beyond the sphere of our own illogical mirror to make the world a better place to live and to make it peaceful one.

It also mean to be helpful, honest, straightforward and thoughtful to create a perfect world.William Butler Yeats has rightly said that “ Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”.


If education doesn’t refines one’s character than he or she is far worse than an uneducated one. One must shun selfish motives, one is not born to get only and nothing to return. One is born to beautify the world with good deeds.

Someone has rightly said that “Education is learning what you didn’t even know, you didn’t know”. Man must try to understand his or her surroundings well and react in an ordered way.

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