Essay on Should Plastics be Banned?

The following Essay talks about Plastic, its main usages and Top ten arguments why Plastics should be banned.

Essay on Should Plastic be Banned | Uses, Importance, Plastic Alternatives Essay

Plastics are very versatile and used in many different ways. They can be molded, extruded or pressed into almost any shape. They can be made to look like wood, stone or metal. They can be transparent or opaque. Plastics are also used to make things that do not need to look like anything in particular; they can simply be functional.

Plastics are made from petroleum, natural gas or coal. Polyethylene (PE) is the most common type of plastic. It is used to make films, containers and molded objects. Other types of plastics include polypropylene (PP), PVC, ABS, polystyrene (PS) and nylon.

Essay on Should Plastic be banned

Importance and Usage of Plastics Today:

Plastics are very important in today’s world. We use them in everything from cars to computers, from medical equipment to toys. They provide many benefits over other materials; they are strong but lightweight, durable and easy to mold into different shapes.

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Why Plastics Should be Banned?

1. They pollute our environment – Plastics are responsible for a large portion of the pollution in our oceans and on our land. They take hundreds of years to degrade, and in the meantime, they release harmful toxins into the air and water.

2. They harm wildlife – Animals often mistake plastics for food and eat them. This can cause them to choke or starve to death.

3. They are a threat to human health – The chemicals in plastics can leach into our food and water, and we can absorb them through our skin. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, and other health problems.

4. They use up valuable resources – Plastics are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. They also require a lot of energy to produce.

5. They generate mountains of waste – Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste are produced. This waste often ends up in landfills, or even worse, in our oceans.

6. They are difficult to recycle – Many plastics can only be recycled a few times before they become too degraded to be used again.

7. They are not biodegradable – Plastics do not decompose like other materials; they just break down into smaller and smaller pieces.

8. They clog our drains and pollute our water – When it rains, the plastic waste in landfills often gets washed into our waterways. This can cause flooding and water contamination.

9. They are made from toxic chemicals – The production of plastics releases harmful chemicals into the environment.

10. They contribute to global warming – Plastics release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which contribute to climate change.

There are many good reasons to ban plastics. They pollute our environment, harm wildlife, and threaten human health. They also use up valuable resources, generate mountains of waste, and contribute to global warming. We need to find ways to reduce our reliance on plastics and find more sustainable materials.

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In conclusion, plastics should be banned because they are harmful to the environment, wildlife, and human health. They also use up valuable resources and generate mountains of waste. We need to find ways to reduce our reliance on plastics and find more sustainable materials.

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