Essay on Right to Education [ Importance & Benefits ]

Education is a learning process to help students understand different subjects that will be part of their daily life. This concept has been dated back to the 19th century when educational institutions have been established to teach children in rural areas.

The aim of education provides opportunities for growth and development in every child, the provision continues through a formal 13-year school program for students. The education system is one of the most important public services for any country, but before it can be offered to them, there are certain requirements that each student should meet first.

Essay on Right to Education | Importance, Benefits

Education is a process that takes place in a school, during which time youth learn how to live in the society they are going to be part of. It’s an important piece in a person’s life.  It’s a time to find an interest and fall in love with it, as well as learning the basics of life.

Essay on right to education

Education is Right

Education is basic right to education for each and every citizen of the world. And laws should be made to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to get educated. Educated people are better equipped with tools to deal with real life problems like poverty, unemployment, lack of opportunities etc… They use their knowledge and skills along with technology to come up with solutions to these people. In the end, educated people are better equipped to save themselves and other people from harm or threats.

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Free Education is Basic Right

According to the law of nature, one must take care of their child without expecting anything in return. This applies for both animals and human beings. It is our responsibility to give an upbringing and education that enables them to face the world as respectful, responsible and intelligent members of society. Education is one such gift that we give our children which creates an investment in future.

If educated people take care of problems like poverty, unemployment and lack of opportunities with their knowledge and skills along with technology they use to come up with solutions to these people. As a result, they become helpful to others and this ultimately leads to a better world for the children of today as well as those who will come after them.

In short education is an investment for future of any country. If we want more educated people then either we have to spend money on it or open free education which is better than wasting money. When we say free education it doesn’t mean that students should get everything free rather some basic requirements like books, uniforms, lab fees and etc… but not the food which they can arrange with their families at home.

Therefore we all people of world should invest time and money on such law so that every child should have right to education because it’s a basic Rights of child. Furthermore, these children can contribute in making our world easy and better place to live than today so we should care about their future. Since the field of education has developed rapidly especially during the last few decades, there is no reason why it cannot continue to do so.

Education plays a fundamental role for any nation. No matter how rich or poor a country is, it can improve its position in the world through continuous investment on education. This investment will provide just rewards of peace, economic prosperity and political stability of that country also it will boost up the creativity, innovation power and productivity level of people.

Undoubtedly every single person has the right to education. Of course, not everyone has enough money to pay for their academic needs, so why can’t education be provided free for them? If every child of the world has access to education, there are great chances that they all will grow up happy and healthy with bright future.

Education is an investment in the future of children and their communities. It’s a noble cause that none can oppose. So, we all should cheers and join hands together and work for providing free education to every children of world because it’s only possible when we all unite for one good cause i.e. Free Education For All


Education may fulfill a private sector’s need but that doesn’t mean it is not a basic right for every citizen of world. So, we should take this opportunity to work hard and make a change in the society by providing free education for everyone because it might be unique chance for us to make our world better place to live in.

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