Essay on Importance of Friends in Our Life

The life is beautiful with wonderful friends only. True friends are really important in our life. Read the following essay on topic importance of friends in life. The essay explores meaning, importance and true benefits of having wonderful friends.

Essay on Importance of Real Friends in Our Life For Students

Friends are essential to our lives; they make life enjoyable and bearable. Friends make our lives more enjoyable and bearable. The most important reason we need friends is:

1. Support:  A true friend is extremely supportive of each other. They support one another in various ways. By encouraging each other to do well in studies and other activities, they help each other bring out the best in them. I am so grateful that my friends always share their notes with me whenever I miss out on any class. They provide great emotional support as well. In times of emotional difficulty, I turn to my best friend for support in such a situation.

2. Guidance:  In addition to being our best guides, good friends are always there for us. Friends are there to give me advice when I need it about relationships, management of my studies, or participation in other activities. Also, they give me guidance when I break down emotionally, helping me see the positives in life and letting go of the negativity.

3. Enjoyment:  Life is more fun and enjoyable with friends. Being around friends is a fun and exciting experience. Although I enjoy trips with my family, the pleasure of going out with my friends is simply unbeatable. It is incredibly fun to party with friends, gossip with them for hours, go out shopping and to the movies with them, and indulge.

Conclusion:  With a crazy group of friends who really match my crazy level, I have a life full of fun and adventure.

Short Essay on Choosing the Right Friend For Our Life

The importance of friends cannot be overstated. Every person needs friendships in their life, whether they are toddlers, teenagers, middle-aged people or older.

Childhood friendships help us learn sharing and caring habits and develop them. It is easier for small children to form friendships and to enjoy their friends’ company. Playing and learning together is fun. They need friends to grow and develop properly. Our friendships become even more important as we become teenagers.

Our teenage years are a time when we undergo numerous psychological, emotional, and physical changes. There are many problems that we face during this age that cannot be discussed with our parents. The sharing of these with friends is quite comfortable for us, however. It is indeed a blessing to have friends who can listen to our issues and provide us with support and guidance at this point in our lives.

Mid-life crisis is a well-known phenomenon. The prevalence of this problem is rising among people these days. In this age range, almost everything and everyone around them begins to feel burdensome to them.

Having close friends around during this emotional upheaval can provide a source of positive energy. During old age, friends are equally important. Nowadays, couples are often left alone during their elder years due to the growing nuclear family system. Their lives remain interesting and fun if they have friends around.

Essay on Importance of Family & Friends in Our Life | Why True Friends are Necessary?

There is no relationship more beautiful than friendship. Family and relatives are in our lives whether or not we wish them to be, unlike our friends who we choose. The person who has a bunch of good friends around is happier than the one who doesn’t.

Friendship Strengthens Emotional Support

I’m sure you know what I mean if you are lucky enough to have one good friend. My friends provide me with emotional support, among other things. When we become emotionally charged, we may feel compelled to tell somebody our deepest thoughts. It is impossible to share many things with our parents and siblings for fear of hurting them or inciting their anger.

 When we need help, we can turn to our friends. A good friend will never stop listening to you. When you have an emotional outburst, they are there for you.

 Sometimes, we simply need someone who will listen without passing judgement and without forming an opinion about us. A friend can only provide this level of comfort. We can talk to them and they are willing to listen to us.

When I was arguing with my sister or mother, or getting scolded by my father or teacher, I had trouble concentrating on my studies for a while until things improved. Whenever I think about what led to this situation, I only remember that I should not have said or done those things. The guilt trip almost breaks me emotionally. My friends are the ones I need most in these difficult times.

Their advice helps me sort things out. While sometimes they give good advice, other times they don’t. I feel better, though, if I just express my feelings in front of them. Whenever I face a difficult situation, I know I can turn to someone for support. Whether they can change the situation or not, at least they help to minimize my guilt by reminding me that I am only a human and that I don’t have to judge myself too harshly.


Friends are some of the best people I’ve ever known. I consider them a pillar of strength and consider them just as valuable as my family. I wouldn’t have been able to live my life without them.

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