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The friendship is a unique virtue. It is indeed very noble blessing gift of God. Read the following essay on a good friend. The essay explains the importance of a good friend in life with quotes and examples.

Essay on a Good Friend For Children & Students

Good friends are the only relations we can earn in life. Finding a true friend, someone who cares about you, is honest, loyal, and most importantly compatible with you, is the most important thing we can achieve in life.

Whether it is in the company of our good friends or our families, we always learn new and exciting things together. A good time spent with the people you care about is a bliss you cannot describe. A party with friends is always fun, whether you make group studies or attend someone’s birthday.

One Who Keeps Your Secrets

Those who we trust and are safe in their company are genuine friends. With them, we can share each and every secret of our life. A true friend understands your emotional expressions without needing to explain our problems. True friendship occurs when we don’t need to express our problems with words. The value of true friendship is that some of our greatest friends remain with us for the rest of their lives, and cannot be replaced by anyone or anything else.

True friends are those who are always there for you, good or bad, whether in good or bad circumstances. In every stage of life, a person needs a true friend who can support him or her. Friendships are never limited to any particular age group.

It is always difficult to deal with the circumstances in life that come from this fast-paced world, but with the support and guidance of a trusted friend, these situations can be easily overcome. The real friends we have are those well-wishers who can slap us when we are wrong, after our parents.

There is nothing more hilarious than bonding between friends, because whether they live near or far, they never lose contact due to miscommunication or misunderstandings. It may not matter to you how many friends you have but it does matter how close you are to all of your true friends, this is what makes life full of joy. I always feel happy and emotional when I think of the times I spent with my friends.


With true friends we enjoy and learn a lot about life, and that is a priceless joy we cannot express in words. It is believed that among friends there is always a bond of trust. Having true friends is the real accomplishment in life. There is no such thing as a good friend, but instead can be regarded as someone who is respected as a quality friend. You should never lose your true friends.

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