Essay On Cleanliness For Students [ Points, Importance, Advantages ]

Cleanliness is the virtue of life. Cleanliness and personal hygiene should be the part and parcel of life of students. Its importance and advantages in student life can never be denied. Students should know how to keep their class, school, home or city clean with various exercises, activities, practices etc.

Read here best selected essays on cleanliness and hygiene with introduction, quotes, examples for Ukg kids, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10th level students.

Additionally the topic covers 10 points on cleanliness, paragraph, short essay and speech with simple, short and easy to understand sentences.

Cleanliness | Meaning & Importance | Essays & Paragraphs for Children & Students

Cleanliness is a certain attribute of a healthy and civilized society. The love for cleanliness and hygiene is the preferred civilized value. The following write ups sum up how the hygiene and cleanliness lead us towards a collective good, welfare and progress in life of this world.

1. Essay on Importance of Cleanliness and Hygiene for Students in Life

A student is characterized by the element of Cleanliness and hygiene. It is very essential for a student to take care of his health. A good health is not possible without Cleanliness and good hygiene. A good student is he who is very vigilant to his health and takes good care of his health.

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The best student is known by his Cleanliness. I being a student has experienced the benefits of Cleanliness and good hygiene. Wearing neat and tidy clothes, keeping study room neat and clean and eating clean and fresh food have helped me a lot to study properly and to attend my classes regularly.

An unhealthy student won’t be able to concentrate on his studies. He would find it hard to attend his classes and  learn something. It is believed that Cleanliness matters a lot in a student’s life. If he will keep himself neat and tidy he will remain healthy and will study well.

Essays on Cleanliness For Students

There is regularity in a student’s life. He can not afford to miss school or college. He has to attend class regularly in order to study well.

He can not miss even a single day without study. Good health produces good mind, specially a student is necessarily required to take good care of his health. Cleanliness is said to be the half of the faith. A student is entirely dedicated to have faith on himself to excel in life and to succeed. The faith and hope plays vital role in a student’s life.

A student sets future goals, strengthen faith in himself and works day and night to achieve his desired and cherished goals in life.

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The School and college life leads them to materialize his dreams. When a student reaches at university level there he becomes more responsible and carries the responsibilities of the whole family on his shoulders. The faith and the determination that he holds to reach at his destination enables him or her to be something in life.

All this is possible when a student is dedicated to Cleanliness in order to keep himself fit and healthy to work in every waking of life. The hard work, struggles and efforts are put forth by those who are healthy.

2. Ten points on Importance of Cleanliness

1. Cleanliness is half of the faith. It is very important in life.

2. It is one of the essential element to lead a healthy life.

3. Cleanliness and purity of body gives good health.

4. Cleanliness promotes activity and helps to remain active and agile.

5. It not only improves health but also produces a sound mind.

6. Productivity in actions is possible with Cleanliness

7. Cleanliness strengthens our faith, determination and belief.

8. Wearing neat and clean clothes and eating fresh and clean foods increase our stamina of working.

9. Cleanliness is essential thing that is liked and appreciated by all good men.

10. One must have rich personal hygiene and cleanliness to live a healthy life.

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