Essay on Child Marriage | Stop Child Marriage Essay For Students

The child marriage is one of the most ominous face of today’s world. It is practiced all across India, not only India alone.

Despite the legislation to ban girl child marriage, there are still cultural practices under which the girls are given as child marriage.

The essay that we have written below sheds lights on Child Marriage, Issues, Causes & Problems of child marriage quotes, examples for Middle, high school & College level students.

Essay on Child Marriage | Girl Child Marriage Essay For Students

Child marriage is a major issue in a country that needs special attention. It means getting a child married under the age of 18.

This mostly includes marriage of a young girl to an older man. Girls are forced into early marriages and they are made to leave their education and childhood.

Causes of Child Marriage

Children are the future of any country. If they are educated well only then they can lead a country towards progress and success.

Child Marriage Essay For Students

Unfortunately, people do not find it important to educate their children. For them marriage is more important than education to improve their financial status. There are many reasons for child marriage that are discussed below:

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1. Lack of Education

In majority of areas where there is lack of education, people are not aware of benefits of education. They consider education to be a waste of time.

They think that if they educate their children then they will get rebel. For them, solution of this problem is to get their children married at younger age.

2. Poverty leads to Child Marriage

In many areas where child marriage is practiced, it is because girls are not valued as much as boys and they are considered as a burden on whole family.

They decide to get their girl married in order to get rid of this burden. Without thinking about her happiness, they get her married without even asking about her opinion.

They want to reduce their expenses this way. They consider it more important to spend money on their son’s education.

This is the easiest way for them to ease their economic hardships by transferring this burden to groom’s family.

3. Culture & Traditions as the Cause of Child Marriage

Cultures and traditions are also an important reason behind child marriage. There are areas where the act of marrying a child at young age has been woven into the thin fabrics of traditions.

Problems in Child Marriage

Child marriage ends a girl’s childhood, increases her risk of domestic violence and puts her at a risk of early pregnancy.

The reason behind this is the lack of fully developed pelvis which can lead to death of young mothers during childbirth.

They do not have awareness about their rights and they are not in any position to demand their rights. Such young girls are more likely to experience domestic violence too.

Since her in laws know that no one in her family cares about her well-being so they take her for granted. She is forced to do all the work.

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Children should enjoy their childhood to fullest. When they get married at an early age, they have no clue about anything. Parents should understand that how their children can take responsibility of another whole family when they cannot even handle themselves at this age.

How to Prevent Child Marriage | Stop Child Marriage Essay

Firstly, empowering girls is so important to prevent child marriage. When girls are confident enough to stand up against injustices like child marriage, only then they can change their future.

Secondly, petitions should be signed in the countries where child marriage is prevalent to increase minimum age for marriage.

These types of cultures are made my men; therefore, they can be unmade by men too. So, the act of child marriage should be highly discouraged.

It is an infringement of human’s rights and should not be tolerated in a society. Severe punishment should be put in place for those people who still practice this act.

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Child marriage is a social problem. It is our moral duty to end this heinous tradition. We should work together to end this system that is considered ‘normal’ among millions of people.

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