Speech on Happiness For Children & Students

Happiness is the condition of joy and festivity. It is the feeling whereby one feels completely joyful and cheerful. This speech starts with quotes, it defines what is happiness? What are the characteristics of happiness? Benefits of happiness. How happiness is important in our Personal Life? Key points how to stay happy in Professional Life? … Read more

Speech on Self Confidence & Its Importance in Life

Self confidence is the ability of believing in one’s own capabilities. It’s mental state where one knows oneself fully and stand confident and persistent in the face of harsh realities of life. This speech defines what is self confidence, what are its features, why self confidence is important for a stronger personality, Importance of self … Read more

Speech on Poverty, Causes & Impacts on Life

Poverty is the inability that defines itself with the financial, intellectual, moral and social dimensions. Poverty is the inability of a person that makes him vulnerable to exploitation and injustice in the world. This speech defines what is poverty, what are various dimensions of poverty with explanation of each, What are the major causes of … Read more

Speech on Girls Education For Students

The Girl education is indeed of pivotal importance. The educated mothers shall bring an educated nation. For the progress of our country, India needs to promote the girls education. This speech on Girls Education defines what is meant by girl education, Reasons why Girls Education is important for the progress of India, Causes of Low … Read more

Speech on Digital India [ Achievements & Challenges ]

The concept of digital India stands for India that is progressive, democratic, transparent and developed. The digital India means the revolution of Information and communication technology with increasing role in progress and Prosperity of Indian society. This speech define what’s concept of digital India? Can India be digital and in what areas? Advantages of digital … Read more

Speech on Smart Work vs Hard Work

The following Speech talks about the these main points; What’s hard work and what’s smart work, features of both, Reasons why Smart work should be preferred, how without hard work there’s no smart work. This speech is written in simple English and in easy to understand words for children and students. Speech on Smart Work … Read more

2 Minute Speech on Mobile Phones

This is Speech written on Mobile Phones that focuses on following main points; Importance of Mobile phones in our life, Advantages of Mobile Phones, Disadvantages of mobile Phones and how to solve them. This speech is written in simple English and easy to understand words for children and students. 2 Minute Speech on Mobile Phones … Read more

Speech on Smart Work For Children & Students

Smart work is the ability to reap the maximum benefit by investing minimum efforts. It’s the sum total of strategy, sound planning and experience that enable a man for smart work. This speech defines what is smart work, what are few features of smart work, why smart work is more important than hard work with … Read more