Speech On Corruption its Causes & Impacts [ 1,2 Minutes Speech ]

Corruption is the main cause of underdevelopment, lack of progress and poverty in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. It is the deep rooted menace that needs stern steps to root it out from the basis of a country. The following speech on corruption mentions the ill impacts of corruption on our society and ways how can we solve the issue of corruption. The speeches has been written for Ukg kids, Primary, High School & college level students with simple words, quotes and images. These short and long, 1,2 or three minutes speeches would certainly help a student for school exam or any event.

Speech on Corruption [ Causes & Impacts of Corruption ]

A warm greeting and a good afternoon to my colleagues and students! I will address my view on corruption in today’s speech, particularly political corruption. The political elites and people ruling the government sectors have always dictated policies since the formation of our country. Despite being called a democracy, anyone who comes to power tries to use its power for personal gain.

The common people, as always, are left in a state of destitution. This inequality has become a clear mark of corruption in our country as one section of society gains wealth while others remain below the poverty line. This is why some countries, such as the USA, are facing a decline in their economies.

As responsible citizens of our country, we should realize this corruption inflicts damage on our nation’s economic performance like a termite and leads to crime in our society. The crime rate will not decrease if the majority of our society continues to live in poverty and deprivation and is unable to find work. We must address poverty and fight it to assist our country’s holistic growth. Poverty will destroy morals and ethics, resulting in hatred among our people.

No matter where such people are located in the political system of our country or out of it, the parliament should pass strict laws against anti-social elements of our society. Everyone should receive equal treatment.

There could be countless causes behind corruption if one were to think about it and evaluate it. The biggest reason for the spread of corruption, however, I believe, is the people’s irresponsible attitude toward the governmental laws and the government’s inertia towards those who spread evil in society.

It seems that the very people who are meant to put an end to corruption are themselves complicit in the crime and have encouraged it. Although it has numerous strict laws like the Prevention of Money Laundering Act; Indian Penal Code of 1860 and the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988; to name a few, they are not implemented seriously.

The lack of transparency within the bureaucracy and government also contributes to corruption. Government institutions show moral laxity in particular and brush serious issues under the carpet. Money that ought to be used for the uplift of the poor is taken by politicians themselves.

The worst part is that without affluence people who cannot bribe the people in power cannot get their work done, so their files end up falling to dust instead of stimulating action. Any country’s economy would come crashing down when corrupt officials hold the reins, no matter how prosperous it is. We need to be vigilant and take proactive measures to combat corruption and ensure that it is eradicated from our society. Thank You!

Short Speech on Corruption [ 1,2 Minutes Speech for Students ]

Good Morning respect Principle, teachers and my dear friends, Today’s we shall speak about  ‘Corruption’. A poison that destroys individuals and nations.

Corruption, to me, means a deliberate act that reduces the quality and authenticity of a nation. Oftentimes people explain corruption by saying, ‘I had to get it done quickly due to some urgency’. Nevertheless, this simple statement has the effect of directly damaging the nation’s image and reputation in the world.

While funding our work with money may facilitate quick execution, it is deteriorating the quality of our lives in the long run. This creates a negative image of our country and lowers its ratings. Taking advantage of some people with an additional amount or, perhaps, as a bribe, does not seem like such a big deal. However, it kills people’s ethical qualities or values deep down.

The inherited value reduction does not only apply to the person taking the bribe, but also to the person giving it. In countries and individuals alike, corruption stands between them and genuine prosperity and development. This impacts the development and growth of the nation from every angle such as economically, socially, and politically.

A corrupt practice is also the attempt to use the power of the government to benefit someone by breaking some, or all, of its rules and regulations. Receiving black money in cash is one form of corruption we often see in our country. During elections, there are many reports that a raid was done here at a minister’s premises and another day so much of cash was found in his wardrobe. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

Yes, we have all of these forms of corruption. I have not seen any concrete efforts to eradicate corruption from politicians, though they say this is one of their priorities. In order to control corruption, we need to address the root causes. Corrupt practices are deeply rooted in our society, and eradicating this is an activity or a project that requires complete dedication with purity at heart.

There should be strict actions documented in policies and they should be implemented against those who practice corruption for their own gain. I would like to thank everyone for attending this session of the Assembly. This important topic was a good choice for our discussion.

To all of you, I request that you all be devoted to reducing corruption in that location alone. Rather than being selfish, we shouldn’t put our convenience before the needs of others. Hopefully you will all help me to keep our nation free from this corruption act. Thank You! Have a great Day! We have to end corruption!

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