5 Reliable Tools to Help You in Essay Writing

Writing a perfect essay is a tricky task. You have to do many things like brainstorming, finding a good topic, researching the topic, etc. These things take too much time, but you can also take help from some online tools to get along.

Reliable Tools For Essay Writing

There are many tools available on the internet that can help students in writing good essays. If you don’t know which tools can help you, then don’t worry.

Here, in this article, we are going to list the five reliable tools that can help you in writing a perfect essay. We will also discuss their key features, pricing, and plans and also talk about their pros and cons as well.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1.    Evernote

Evernote is also another reliable tool that can help you in writing an essay. It is a cloud-based software service designed for organizing, creating, and storing different files. The files can be text documents, photos, audio, video, or even web page.

This tool is similar to Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, and Google Workspace. All these applications or software are used to store all of your stuff in your cloud through your account.

Students can use Evernote to easily access their notes or other academic information whenever and wherever they want.

The other benefits that students can take while writing an essay by using Evernote are:

  • Organizing your class notes into notebooks.
  • Managing the assignments with a to-do list & reminders.
  • Scanning and searching handwritten notes by using a mobile camera.
  • Writing or drawing some changes in your existing PDF files.
  • Record the lectures from your mobile application.

Now, let’s take about the key features of this tool.

Key Features

  • All device supported application/software
  • Offline notes modes (after downloading it)
  • Scanning feature available
  • Calendar integration and to-do list available

Now, let’s look at its pros and cons.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple and good interface
  • Multiple features available
  • Templates also available
  • Keep track of meetings
  • Sync the information is seamless


  • The free version is available with limitations
  • The premium version is quite pricey
  • Don’t have an auto-save feature

Now, let’s move toward its pricing plan section.

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Pricing Plan

It is also a freemium tool in which you can use its free version with limits like only 60MB for only one month. But this limit will increase to 25GB, and also other features will be available in its premium version. You can get their premium plan on a Monthly and Yearly basis.

2.    Editpad

The paraphrasing tool by Editpad is a freemium tool that students can use for different purposes. It’s an AI-based paraphraser that improves sentence quality and readability.

This tool has four different paraphrasing modes, i.e., Smooth, Formal, Smart, and Improver. However, the modes Smart and Improver are only available in its premium version.

Here is how this tool can help you in essay writing.

  • It helps you to improve your vocabulary, allowing you to learn new words that you can add to your essay.
  • This tool also helps to make your essay sentences readable, making them easy to understand.
  • The tool also reduces the risk of plagiarism since you can use it to give your sentence a unique touch.

Let’s show you an example of how this tool does the above-mentioned things.

In the above image, you can clearly see how effectively this tool improves your writing without disturbing its original context. It changes specific words like “faultless” and “fiddly” with alternative ones like “perfect” and “difficult”. This will help students improve their vocabulary by learning new words easily and effectively.

Key Features

Here are some key features of the paraphrasing tool by Editpad.

  • 15+ different languages
  • Multiple options to upload the file
  • 4 different paraphrasing modes (Smooth & Formal are available for free)
  • Free to use with a 1,000-word count limit
  • Download the resulting text in DOC format
  • Allows you to copy the text to the clipboard

Pros and Cons of this Online Paraphrasing Tool for Students


  • Easy to use
  • Paraphrase the text accurately and effectively
  • 24/7 live chat available with their agent


  • Ads on the screen
  • Requires captcha (you can get rid of the captcha in the premium version)

Moving on, let’s check out how much it costs for its premium version.

Pricing & Plan

It’s a freemium tool (as discussed above). You can only get access to some of its specific features after purchasing its premium plan, which is available in different variants. It offers four different plans for Basic and Pro user.

3.    Grammarly

While writing an essay or any other write-up, the common mistakes that students face are grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Sometimes, students write some misspelled words in a hurry and forget/ignore to proofread the content for any mistakes. This will affect the overall quality of the essay and also leaves a bad impression on the teachers as well.

If teachers discover these faults while reading, they may lower your grade or even fail you.

Finding each error and correcting them takes too much time, and if someone doesn’t have a good grip on grammar might face difficulties. But with the help of Grammarly, you can easily do this difficult task within no time.

It is a freemium tool that utilizes AI-based technology in its algorithms. Grammarly is specifically designed to find and correct grammatical errors and improve the text tone (Clarity).

The free version of this tool doesn’t have any word count limit, but other features like Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery are only available in its premium version.

To see how this online tool detects grammatical errors in the content, let’s have a look:

The benefits that students can take from this tool are:

  • Able to correct grammar mistakes
  • Able to use punctuation marks correctly
  • Able to correct the spelling mistakes
  • Able to improve the text tone in Clarity mode (premium feature)
  • Able to enhance their vocabulary by finding best synonyms in Engagement mode (premium feature)

These are some benefits that students can take from this tool.

Now, let’s check out its key features.

Key Features

Here are some key features of this tool.

  • Free to use with no word limit
  • Multiple supported languages
  • Availability for mobile and Desktop users
  • Multiple file uploading and downloading options

Moving on, let’s talk about its pros and cons.


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t store user data
  • Utilizes AI technology
  • Allows you to download the file in DOC format
  • Google extension and MS word add-in are also available


  • Need to signup as a free or premium user
  • All of its features are not available for free
  • Highly accurate but doesn’t catch every mistake

Pricing & Plan

Grammarly is a freemium tool that also has a premium version. You can get its premium version on different plans (as shown in the below image).

4.    MindNode

MindNode isn’t an essay writing tool, but it can help you develop your thoughts into an outline. It is a mind-mapping tool that can be used to brainstorm ideas and plan out your essays.

It is a freemium tool. Its free version lets you perform only basic grammar correction tasks. However, if you want to get access to all its features, you need to purchase the premium version (MindNode PRO).

Being a student, you can take benefit of this tool because it’s a great way to visually organize your thoughts and get all of your ideas down in one place.

Till now, it is only available for MacBook (not for Windows) and IOS (not for Android) users, which means only Apple users can use this software. But let’s see in the future.

Key Features

Here are some key features of this tool.

  • Helps to create the idea for your essay
  • Offers Focus mode, which helps you to avoid distraction
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Available only for Apple users
  • Add some stickers that help to add clarity to your mind map
  • The dark mode is also available

Moving on, let’s see some pros and cons of this tool.


  • Offers free version
  • Available for mobile users (only for IOS)
  • Has good interface


  • Only available for Apple users
  • Free users can only do basic editing
  • The premium version is quite cheaper

Pricing & Plan

As discussed above, it is a freemium tool in which some of its features are available in its premium version. This tool offers Monthly and Yearly subscription plans to its users.

So, this is what this tool costs.

5.    Check-Plagiarism

The next tool that can help you in essay writing is Check-Plagiarism. By its name, you can easily understand what this tool is for and what its functionality is. It is an online plagiarism detection tool that helps users to find any plagiarism traces in their work.

Plagiarism is unethical and can ruin the academic careers of students. It occurs when someone copies/pastes others’ content and uses it as their own without giving credit to the original author. Compared to other write-ups, it can be more frequently found in student assignments or essays.

Sometimes while doing research, some students use data or any other information in their write-ups without knowing its consequences and without quoting or citing it.

That’s why Check-Plagiarism can help you because it scans the text against billions of sources such as webpages and e-books and highlight the plagiarized text. It also provides the actual source from where the information is taken or matched so that you can use it for citing or quoting.

Let us show you how it detects plagiarism in your essay. We have entered some already published content into the tool and the results are:

As you can see in the above image, how accurately this tool detects the copied text and gives the matched sources.

Now, let’s talk about its key features.

Key Features

Here are some key features of this tool.

  • Offers multiple options to upload the text file
  • Free to use but with a 1,000-word limit
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Gives the source link from where the information is taken/matched
  • 12+ different supported languages
  • Allows you to exclude the URL of any specific site

Moving on, let’s talk about its pros and cons.


  • Easy to use
  • Have catchy interface
  • Plagiarism report with percentages
  • Allows you to download the plagiarism report


  • Ads on the main screen
  • Requires captcha (but it will not be available in the premium version)

Let’s check how much the premium version of this tool costs.

Pricing Plan

As we have already discussed, it is a freemium tool. Some of its features are only available in its premium version. For instance, the word count limit will increase, the deep search option will become available, and the captcha will be removed.

This tool offers far more affordable packages than other plagiarism checkers, making it easy for students to afford and pay.

Comparison Table

Here is also a short comparison table for all of the above-mentioned tools.

ToolsAvailability Free to UsePremium Cost
EvernoteFreemium toolYes$8.9/Monthly
Paraphrasing ToolFreemium toolYes$19/Monthly
GrammarlyFreemium toolYes$12/Monthly
Mindnode14-days free trialsOnly free trials$2.4/Monthly
Check-PlagiarismFreemium toolYes$20/Monthly

Wrapping Up

So, here we’re with the five best reliable tools that can help students in writing an essay. We know that it isn’t easy to write a perfect essay, but with the help of online tools, you can do this task.

The above-mentioned tools can help you in writing the perfect essay, creating a catchy outline, brainstorming ideas, and making it unique and error-free. All these tools offer a free version, which you can use to check their accuracy and effectiveness. After that, if you want to purchase their premium plan, you can get it according to your requirements.

We hope the above-mentioned tools will help you in writing a perfect essay.

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