How Online Paraphrasing Tools Help Students to Improve Writing?

How Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing is the technique of restating the words of other people in your own terminology without changing their meaning. It is a great technique for people when they want to describe things in an easier way.

Students in particular benefit a lot from paraphrasing because they have to explain the concepts and ideas proposed by others in their own wording to show that they understand them.

Students also have to do a lot of paraphrasing in literary subjects. Having a large vocabulary allows them to be more verbose. It can get them more numbers in literary subjects by enabling them to write well.

However, not all students are at that level. Many of them have to work hard to get there. For them, there is a handy tool called a paraphrasing tool. In this article, we will teach you how students can benefit from paraphrasing tools.

How to Use a Paraphrasing Tool to Improve Writing?

Writing is the act of using words to describe ideas and concepts. It is primarily a form of communication. As such it is supposed to be clear, and understandable.

There should be no confusion. Let’s see how a paraphrasing tool helps students to achieve all of that and improve their writing.

1. Vocabulary Expansion

The key to good writing is a large functional vocabulary. The more words a person knows the better they can articulate. Before the internet, people use to read a lot because that was the only way to increase their knowledge.

People read books, newspapers, and magazines. The writing in these media was of great quality. Just by reading them, a person would passively learn new words and phrases.

In the age of the internet though, people don’t bother to read anything that is even remotely difficult. They simply look for a simpler alternative—which is readily available due to the internet.

As convenient as that is, it has affected the reading comprehension of the general populace. You will be shocked to know that the average reading age in the UK is a mere nine years. That is abysmal. An adult should have a reading age of at least 15 years old to be considered functionally literate.

Unfortunately, students have also suffered from this decline in reading comprehension. So, they have trouble writing things in their own words, and they have trouble understanding things that are difficult.
With a paraphrasing tool though, they can learn new words. Take a look at the example below.

The paraphraser introduced so many new words in the sample text. Just by reading the output, a student can learn new words, and use them later.

2. Help Them Understand Difficult Prose

As we already discussed in detail that reading comprehension is down globally. So students who want to improve their writing can’t do it because they can’t read advanced works.

So, what they can do instead, is to use a paraphrasing tool to simplify the difficult text. A paraphrase online can do that with ease.

All the student needs to do is enter their content into the paraphrasing tool and select the mode that improves readability.

Most online paraphrasers are equipped with such a mode. Then by reading the simplified work and comparing it with the original difficult prose, the student can understand it.

Of course, this will also improve their own vocabulary as well, which goes a long way in improving writing. Once understanding is facilitated by the paraphraser, students can use their newfound knowledge to supplement their own writing.

No matter what concept or idea they have to write about, improved understanding will help them to write well. In the attached images, you can see the at understand difficult prose

the sample text has had its readability improved to grade 6 (which is fairly easy to read). So, paraphrasers are indeed helpful in this regard.

3. Improve Clarity of Writing

Paraphrasing tools are also good at improving the writing of a student directly. When a student is done writing, they can run their content through a paraphraser and improve it directly.

The most obvious way in which this happens is by improving the clarity of writing. Students have the bad habit of padding their writing with unnecessary fluff.

They do this for the sake of increasing the length of their writing as they are under the impression that longer equals better. Or they are under constraints to write an essay of a certain length but do not have enough material.

By running this kind of fluffy content through an online paraphraser, the student can enhance the clarity of their writing.

This happens by reducing the fluff in the content and improving sentences that are hard to read and confusing. improve clarity

This is great for students as not only does this actively help them and save time, but it also passively improves their writing skills as they learn by example.

The best thing is that students can easily take advantage of these tools because they are usually free to use and do not have any debilitating limits that make them almost useless.

Even if most tools are not completely free, they are still freemium and have competent features that can help students.


Paraphrasing tools are good at what they do, however, students should not overuse them as that will make them too reliant on tools. This can impede the growth of their own skills and hurt them in the long run. So, as long as students utilize paraphrasing tools moderately, they can drastically improve their own writing.

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