5 Best Written Paragraphs on My Best Friend For School Exams

There is no man in this world without having a best friend. A good friend of you is one who stands by your side in every situation. He is sincere, loyal, trustworthy to you. A good can can be in the shape of a class mate, brother, father, sister, mother, relative or one who lives near you! In any form, a good friend is real gift that you should be thankful to God.

Read the following carefully written paragraphs on topic my best friend. These paragraphs have been written in a way to help students of ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, High school and college level students. These short & Long Paragraphs with images and quotes would definitely help students in their exams

Short Paragraph on My Best Friend For Children & Students

My best friend and I have been classmates each year at school since our kindergarten years. I cherish and treasure our special friendship and our close relationship.

In class, my friend sits beside me and is kind and helpful, and if I have any difficulties understanding any topic or completing my homework or school project, she is there to help me.

Because she excels in science and math, I excel in English, so we are both able to help each other in any way possible. I enjoy the fact that she never insults me, so I greatly appreciate that aspect of her. She does not make me feel obliged.

Whenever I am sick or hurt at school or in the craft room, she is the one who comes to help me. It’s she who helps me in the medical room at school. She helped me reach home safely once when I fell ill at school, and I am always grateful to her.

I travel to school on the same bus, and sometimes she takes me to school in her car when we miss our bus. My friend’s mother is also friendly and sweet. She enjoys hosting me when I go to visit her. During our summer vacations, she baked us cakes and made us ice cream.

We participate in extracurricular activities together at school and at home. As part of our summer vacation homework from school, we work together on the projects. We can do that by involving our parents who take us places to complete our projects, making it more fun and easier.

When we work on embroidery or needlework together, we enjoy the activity together as well. Music and chitchat make it easy for us to complete the task as we listen to music while working on our tasks.

Also, while on holidays or at school, we go to yoga classes together in the morning or evening. Regular yoga practice is beneficial for physical health, and meditation can help us achieve balance, clarity, and peace in our minds. Together, we enjoy these classes.

My Best Friend Paragraph For Class 1 & 2 Students  (150 words)

I have a best friend at school who is a classmate. We started studying together when we were in kindergarten. This whole time, we have been studying together. Because we stay close to each other, we also travel by the school bus together. I am only ten minutes away from her home.

The friend I have is kind and gentle. Whenever we’re together, we’re always glad to see each other. Together, we study, play, and eat. Her goal is to make me happy if I am sad.

Throughout my relationship with her, she has been kind and helpful. If I am ill and have not been to school, she brings all the work from school to me. Whenever she misses school, I help her review what was covered in class. In the evenings, we play badminton with each other.

My Best Friend Paragraph for Class 3 

There are many friends in my life, but my closest is my sister. Whenever I am at home or at school, I share everything I experience with her. I love her dearly and unconditionally. I can always count on her to help me. She is kind to me even when I throw tantrums. Her age enables her to guide me with care and concern in all matters relating to my studies and personal life.

In times of illness, she treats me with much affection. If I have doubts or difficulties in my studies, she is patient with me. She never demands anything from me, but shares all she has. In addition to her painting brushes and watercolor paint, she also shares story books with me.

My sister is also kind to me, and I try to help her. However, she is more loving and kinder to me than I am. She helps me in so many ways that I can never express my gratitude. We also enjoy cooking together. It is fun to make cakes and sweets together at home, and we love eating them.

My Best Friend Paragraph for Class 4,5,6 

My cousin is my best friend.. He is my age. We are best friends, even though we live over fifteen hundred kilometers apart. We usually get together during our summer vacations; either my cousin comes to Delhi or I go to Chennai with my parents and brother.

Our interests are similar, so we always enjoy getting together. Cricket is something we both enjoy. We often play cricket for many hours when we get together, so we have a lot of fun when we are together. For us too, it’s a good practice. If we are in Chennai, his friends will join us, whereas my friends will join us if we are in Delhi. In the end, we were able to make a complete cricket team. We often play badminton together when we aren’t playing cricket.

Books are our favorite pastime, so we share them with each other. Our favorite genres are horror and thriller. The books are one of our favorite things to look at in bookshops. I enjoy buying a book and reading it the good old fashioned way. Furthermore, we are working together on a book. Our aim is to publish it as soon as possible, and it is a thriller story.

In this genre, we also watch films. We enjoy watching them together either at home or in a multiplex. On a regular basis, we discuss our studies. To do this, we can look up different sources online and in reference books. Our mutual interest in maths and sciences makes us brush up our syllabus and work on the different topics whenever we get together. This helps us grasp the fundamentals of each topic. It is a pleasure to be together with good friends.

My Best Friend Paragraph for Class 8

The best friend I have is my father. I have found him to be a great support. I love him and he is very caring to me. When I am in trouble, my father solves all my problems as if he had a magic wand. I know he does everything in his power to make me feel better, whenever I fall Ill. 

He is a brilliant man. An Indian Carnatic musician, he plays the violin. Despite having studied mathematics at university, he is now a music professional. He enjoys singing and performing in concerts. My father sings well. I am also being trained in Carnatic music by him. The way he treats me is strict, but I know it is for my good. Because of this, I do not take offense at his strictness.

My father helps me when I have questions or doubts about my studies. It is very easy for him to solve my problems. His patience is evident when teaching me math or any other subject that is difficult for me.

In addition to my studies, my father always encourages me to be involved in extracurricular activities. My achievements make him happy. My father is a courageous and bold man. I don’t want to rush or be late, so I tend to be punctual as well. I have an extremely close relationship with my father. I love him, so we’re like good friends.


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