Paragraphs on Moral Values | Short Easy Paragraphs For Students

Moral values define us. They are the essential for living beings. The following short & long Paragraph on topic moral values explains the need of moral values in our life for children & students.

Paragraph on Moral Values | Short & Long Paragraphs on Moral Values For Students

Moral values are the principles upon which the character of a person is judged by society. These values determine whether a person is good or bad. A person’s choices and decisions in life are largely determined by their moral values.

Importance of Moral Values in Life

It is moral values that determine what is right and wrong and what is good and bad. The prescribed norms help people understand how to behave in the society in order to lead a peaceful life. The moral principles one has learned from childhood help one to make decisions to some extent, since he knows the repercussions of his actions.

A good moral value gives us something to strive for in life. It grounds us in reality, and motivates us to do good for those around us. Good moral values include helping others, caring for those around us, taking wise decisions, and not hurting others. These values help in bringing out the best in us.

Moral Values in Indian Society

In Indian culture and society, moral values are highly regarded. Children are taught to behave in a morally correct manner from an early age. The society teaches them what is right and wrong. The first lesson we learn is to show respect to our elders and love to those younger than us.

The Indian culture stresses morality. Drinking, smoking, and engaging in other harmful activities – especially for women – are almost taboo in Indian society. As far as Indian society is concerned, it violates the customs and traditions. People in India have been known to break family ties with those who tread on the morally wrong path.

As times have changed and Western culture is becoming more popular, more people are defying these set norms of morality. Today, everyone wants to be able to live their own life without being constrained by strict moral values. A large number of people seek freedom and happiness by rebelling against society.


While moral values are important, they can sometimes seem too improbable. It is necessary to adjust moral values in harmony with the changes in mindset and way of life, so as not to remain too strict.

Short Paragraph on Moral Values For Students

Each individual must develop these values and morals if he/she wishes to live in a fair and just society. Likewise, if we are to create a society marked by respect and transparency, each member of society must adhere to these values and ethics.

Therefore, it is vital that each individual develops the values and morals that society must reflect. Living a morally upright life provides us with righteousness and virtue. It is peaceful to be virtuous since we become immune to punishment and retribution for doing wrong. In addition, we can inspire those around us to live virtuously.

It is important for a person to be honest and truthful. Honesty and the truth allow us to live in a society where there is no fear of corruption or violence. Thus, there will be more peace everywhere. Honesty and truthfulness require courage and boldness. Even when telling a lie is easy and gets us away from punishment, we should strive to live by the truth. The truth may hurt us or someone else but we may have to uphold the reality. The truth must be accepted at all times. Just as it takes courage to tell the truth, it also takes fearlessness to not tell a lie. If we are honest, we will also not steal from others. If we steal from others, others may steal from us.

Another moral we should practice is being just. The concept of justice refers to being fair and honest regardless of the circumstance. In addition, we also owe duties to our families, society, nation, and world.

10 Lines on Moral Values For Children

  1. Our character and behavior reflect our morals and ethics.
  2. A righteous person is one who is guided by moral values and lives by them.
  3. Such people live according to their moral values despite whatever difficulties may arise.
  4. They don’t fear punishment and remain in peace and contentment.
  5. Parents and teachers develop our moral values in childhood, and we carry them with us throughout our lives.
  6. Integrity and honesty are important moral values.
  7. One must be courageous and bold to be honest and truthful.
  8. No matter what the consequences, the truth must be spoken.
  9. The importance of moral values keeps us from coveting the possessions of others. Stealing is dishonest and unfair.
  10.  Stealing others’ things may result in us being robbed of our own.
  11.  Being just, respecting others, and performing our duties are also moral ideals we should live by.
  12. Therefore, the Moral values are the essentials of a happy, prosperous & peaceful society.

Short Paragraph on Moral Values for KG Class 1 Students

Children learn moral values from their parents and from their teachers. The child’s morals take root during childhood and assist him in becoming a responsible and righteous adult. Although life has its ups and downs, a morally strong person stays righteous, without giving into temptations or pressures.

To stay on the path of virtue, we must make sound decisions in life based on moral values. Honesty and truthfulness are two of the most important moral values. It takes courage and boldness to be honest and truthful.

In a society where all members are honest and truthful, the society as a whole is transparent and free from corruption and deceit. Citizens who are honest and law abiding contribute to the development of a society that moves forward. It is also important to live by the moral of being just.

Being just means being honest, truthful, and fair. In the same way, stealing someone else’s possessions shows dishonesty. A moral value is also showing respect to others. Our family, society, nation, and world that we belong to also deserve the best way to do our duty.

Paragraph on Moral Values & its Importance in Students Life

Human lives that are righteous and virtuous must take into account moral values. As individuals, we are guided by our moral values. Thus, they are ingrained in childhood.

The values of honesty and truthfulness should always be followed. All other valuables and ethical principles that we can use to build our character rest upon these two values. Courage is required for being honest and truthful. Saying a lie often makes us feel free from punishment, but it pricks our conscience and we feel guilty. If it’s inside or outside of us, we cannot wish it away.

Stealing indicates a lacking moral compass. One can prevent stealing and robbing by being honest and avoiding greed and covetousness.  It is also important to show respect to others. A lack of morals can be demonstrated if one shows disrespect to others or treats others dishonorably.

Justice and fairness are also moral values to live by. In order to be just, we must be honest and truthful. We must also do our best to accomplish our duties. We ought to fulfill our obligations as a matter of morality. As family members, society members, nationals, and global citizens, we have obligations. We treat others with dignity when we carry out our duties. An honest and trustworthy person does this.

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