My Village Essay | Essay on Village Life For Children & Students

The Village is the heart of beauty, peace and serenity. The village life is simple, sweet and very peaceful. The Following short and long Essay on topic My village discusses the beauty and simplicity of village life, with quotes, for children & students

Essay on My Village | Essay on the Village Life, Village Beauty, For Children & Students

I live in a small village few kilometers away from main city. My village is situated in quite peaceful environment.

It is at the end of city with population of about ten thousand people. It is small village with agricultural lands.

My village is famous in city for its beauty. There is equal population of man and woman in my village.

Beauty of Village

My village is very beautiful. There are lofty mountains in my village. Villagers often visit these hilly areas and enjoy the beauty of nature.

It has lush green fields. People grow vegetables, fruits and other crops. The environment of my village is very serene and peaceful. Cold breezes in summers are really joyful.

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There is heavy rainfall in our village. Morning breeze is very refreshing in my village and strengths our lungs. Apples and gapes excessively grow there.

I often visit the mountains of my village and always enjoy playing there with my friends. The scene of sun set from mountains is very beautiful.

My village has few wells and villagers use them to fetch water to their houses. Trees of my village are tall and present very beautiful look.

The greenery of my village always has soothing effect on eyes and mind of a person. It keeps us fresh and energetic and makes us forget our worries. Every villager enjoys the beauty.

People of Village

My village has very little population. They are very simple people. They eat simple food and wear simple clothes. Villagers love each other and always stand by each other in the time of distress.

They are always ready to help each other. There is strong bonding between every person of the village. They are not rich but very kind hearted.

They mostly earn their living by growing crops, by cutting woods or few earn by animals. Every family has chicks or goats at their house and they get milk and eggs.

Few families also sell these things to main city and earn better. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available to all people of the city. They eat healthy food and enjoy simplicity of life to their level best.

People of my village are not greedy and all of them are contented with their lives. They get up early in the morning and begin their work.

They are hard working people. Women of my village are also very hard working. They are exemplary women for all the women of the world.

They also help their husbands in fields. They are strong women in a true sense. They fetch water from distant wells every day. They also take good care of their kids at home.

Facilities of our Village

Our village is second to none in beauty but we can not ignore the fact of lack of facilities. There is facility of electricity in our village but we have huge problem of load shedding.

It is really very big problem for the villagers. There is also no high school in our village. There is small primary school but there is lack of facilities in the school.

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It is difficult for teacher to teach there. High school is quite far away and most of kids find it difficult to get education there. There is no hospital in our village and villagers have to visit city for their cure.


Our village is very close to nature and beautiful place for living but lack of facilities is really alarming. It is responsibility of government to provide equal responsibilities to all of them. There should be health and education facilities for all the villagers to dwindle their worries.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”1.How would you describe your village?” answer-0=” The village life is simple, sweet and very beautiful. In village life, we are able to see the true picture of nature. We observe the fascinating face of natural green beauty all around. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”2.How can I write a paragraph about my village?” answer-1=”Writing a Good paragraph on my village topic includes few simple steps; Firstly, you have to describe the village life, its simplicity and beauty, Next to that, you are needed to write a good comparison between the city life and village life. Finally, you have to conclude you topic by giving suitable reasons as to why the village life is the best of life. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”3.How can we clean our village?” answer-2=”The cleanliness is a collective act. In order to clean the village, we have to mobilize all villagers to the common point and agenda of cleanliness. After that, by making a thorough strategy we may be able to make our village clean and beautiful ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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