My School Essays For 3rd and 4th Class Students

The school is very sweet place for students. I have written following short, simple, easy to understand essays on my school topic for class 3 and 4. In addition to that, you can look out here for more essays on my school topic for all class students.

Β Essays on My School for Class 3rd & 4th Students

The school is the place where thousands of minds are made and molded. In every class fro 1st to 10th or 12th level, the students are shaped accordingly. In these whole years, the students feel, observe and experience wonderful things that are to influence the later period of their lives.

1. Essay On My School For Class 3

The school is a beautiful place where students study and work hard for the good of a country. The school helps build the future of a nation by educating the children of a nation. That’s why I am proud of my school because it is the foundation stone of our country.

I study in school (write the name of school) in class). My school has a beautiful multistory building. The classrooms of our school are very wide with big windows for air. Our school has a new building with spacious rooms. Our school has a practical science lab for students to do science projects. We can borrow and study books in a big library of our school.

My school essay for 3rd and 4th class students
My School Essay for Class 3 and 4

The playground of our school is very large and beautiful. The teachers of our school are very kind and helpful to students. Our class teacher is very kind man. He teaches us very kindly.

He teaches everything practically. All the other teachers are also kind. The principal of our school is very friendly man. Our school encourages students to take part in extra curriculum studies.Β  Many of our school students have won prizes from other schools in quiz competitions, speeches, debates, tabloids and sports competition.

Recently, my school won first prize in annual science competition. My school regularly keeps our parents informed about our studies. The best school is one that provides friendly, peaceful and cooperative environment for studies. Fortunately, our school has the best learning environment. We all live like a family here. The schools like ours are the real wealth of our country.

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2. Essay On My School For Class 4

The school is a place where the students study and become the good citizen for tomorrow. Education is the weapon of progress and development. The good school schools provide the quality education. I am fortunate that I study in one of the best schools.

My school is the best ever school in our entire area. The school has vast and beautiful building. The building looks greeting to every student. Every morning we are greeted by the hardworking principal and teacher at the school. We do take part in assembly. We thank God for His blessing. We then move to our classrooms where we study.

I study in class (write class name). My classroom is beautifully designed. There are charts, graphs and a good wall clock hanging against the wall. My classroom is jam-packed. All of my class fellows are hardworking and sweet. Our class teacher is a very kind heart man. He never beats anyone. He loves everyone and teaches with kind and gentile heart.

All of our teachers are very hardworking. We are taught self discipline, honesty, dedication and love with everyone. We love to take part in extra curriculum activities in our school. Our school facilitates parents and teachers. Career counseling and teaching guidance are given for better education.

My school is one of the best schools with all the facilities of education that are must today. It is a matter of great pride for me to have been taught under the guidance of the best ever teachers. I say thanks to God to have provided me the best opportunity to learn here. To me the best school is one who only teaches from books but from practical life.

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