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Gender discrimination is one of the most critical issue of today’s times. There lies a host of causes that give birth to gender discrimination. Read different Essays & Speeches on topic Gender Equality, Gender Discrimination, need and importance of women empowerment for the progress and prosperity.

3+ Essays & Speeches on Gender Equality, Need & Importance | Gender Discrimination, Causes & Impacts | How to Solve Gender Discrimination | Need of Women Empowerment

In the following essay on Gender discrimination we have discussed in detail Gender discrimination with definition, causes & its impacts on our society and furthermore, the ways how to solve gender discrimination in our society

Essay #1.

Essay On Gender Equality | Need & Importance of Gender Equality in Life

Gender equality means the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. All the humans are superior creature of Almighty. No one is discriminated from others.

All of them have equal rights to live their life according to their choice. This is what gender equality demands.

Gender equality should be practiced to create an ideal state in which equal opportunities are provided to both man and women in political, economic and health aspects.

Every citizen has equal right on resources regardless of gender. The concept of prosperous state is inevitable without gender equality.

Developed countries are those in which man and woman are working with coordination for strengthen of economy.

Prosperity of state demands that women should be given all the opportunities to make their way in life.

Gender should not be a hurdle for any person to live his life according to his choice. Every person is equally important in development and success of country and no one has right to violate this right.

Discrimination on the basis of gender is greatest sin against humanity and should be prohibited on all forms. Pakistan is included in one of those countries that are struggling against this issue.

It is really a matter of concern for our country and we need to make solid management in this regard. Gender equality has been appeared as one of leading issue all over the world and it has been conversed at all international forms.

Women can not be suppressed because of their gender. They should be respected and allowed to work like man and play role for betterment of their family and country.

It is foremost duty to government to provide them security in this regard. We all hope in near future gender discrimination would be eradicated from this world.

Essay #2.

Essay on Gender Discrimination | Causes, Impacts & Solution of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is defined as the unfair rights between males and females based on some roles in society. It has become one of the most critical issue of the world.

All around the globe there are numerous countries where women are considered lower than men, their status is little as compared to men, even they are paid less wages or salary as compared to men.

Women is subject of injustice and inequality throughout the world. There is a male dominant society where women are underrepresented.

Essay on Gender Discrimination for Children & students

Among seven continents of the world, the most affected continent is Asia, where gender discrimination is a trade or a common trend in society.

It has become a tradition is Asia where people feel proud to discriminate males from females and suppress the born rights of female gender.

There are many countries where there is reverse discrimination, it means there are some cases of females which have claimed that they are discriminated on the basis of their gender and some cases of males have claimed that they are discriminated on the basis of gender.

Causes of Gender Discrimination

Lack of education has made issue more worse. Many girls who are under age, they are forced to marry and play the role of house keeping means cooking, washing and cleaning.

If a daughter denies to marry, the rejection is considered disobedience in many societies. It is a sheer injustice against girls where they are not allowed to take any decision in life.

There are many societies where it is believed that only men are the agent of continuing the ancestral line. One who doesn’t bear a son faces disrespect in the eyes of parents.

Generation after generation this disease is being transmitted into the people, what our ancestors believed or liked is being liked and believed by their generations.

The unfair treatment between genders is society is increasing rapidly, it has become a big social problem. Gender inequality gets birth because of misunderstanding of roles of genders. The set roles of different societies state that women are merely bound to work at home.

They face adversities and face unpleasant situations in life. If they hardly get work, they are paid less than males, there is dissimilar salary.

It is indeed high level of inequality when boys are sent to school and girls caged in home. Hardly few girls find opportunity to go to school.

Many inequalities against women are deep rooted in our psyche, culture and politics. The reproductive rights of women are not given to them.

Girls are aborted because females are not able to inherit the surname of their family, only males can pass their surname.

There are many families whose history and surname is pride to people, they cause gender discrimination because of their traditional lifestyle.

There are many societies where it is believed that men ate more intelligent than women and they are responsible to run whole family.

Women are less intelligent and they can not shoulder the responsibilities of whole family so they are discriminated as weaker gender.

They also believe that only their males can go out and find job or work to earn bread while females are only obliged to do domestic chores.

Effects of Gender Discrimination

The most horrible effect of gender inequality is the abortion of female foeticide. Abortion of girl child has become common.

The number of new born boys has outnumbered girls in many Asian countries. The women population all around the world is shrinking.

As we know that sports is considered as the masculine characteristic, after many years women have become able to participate in those sports like men.

Still there are many games in which women hardly participate like men, parents doesn’t allow their girl child to participate in international games like cricket, football, badminton, hockey etc.

Another most deadly impact of gender discrimination is improper education to girl child. Education is the key to growth and development, only an educated girl can be a good mother and can help increase the capital.

A nation can only progress when both men and women work together. Economy and education are closely connected with each other.

If girls are not sent to schools, and they are not allowed to work, it will lower the economy of the country. Only those countries have flourished and progressed where there is balance in genders. Gender imbalance directly affects the economy of the whole nation.

Why there are less women leaders on the globe of the world, the little majority of women leaders is caused by gender discrimination. In many societies it is believed that only men can be the leaders while women are the followers of the men.

Because of gender discrimination trafficking of women has become common in many countries and sexual harassment against women is increasing. If there had not been gender discrimination there had not been violence of all types against women.

Solutions; How to End Gender Discrimination?

Gender Discrimination can be solved by creating awareness among people, it is necessary to change the attitude of people first. It is observed that only women or girls faces much difficulty. Women are subjected to live in unpleasant situations.

Awareness among people that when both men and women will contribute fully then a nation will progress. Too much have been done in order to eliminate gender inequality, its volume has decreased significantly but it still exits which can make many lives to suffer.

Spread of awareness can change the mentality of men, when old attitudes and traditions will fade away automatically gender discrimination will disappear from the globe of the world.

At all places where people feel insecure to send their girl child to school there gender-sensitive schools must be set up so that parents feel secured and good environment for learning is established.


We should start campaigns to promote girls education and encourage girls to go to schools. Education is the key to eliminate gender inequality.

Let’s shun our ignorance that only a male child is more valuable in family, let’s not deny the born rights of our girl child and send them to school.

Speech #3.

Speech On Gender Equality | Women Empowerment & Gender Equality

Ladies and gentleman! God created all humans alike and discrimination on the basis of gender is worst. Women and man living under same sky should have equal rights.

Gender equality is not only fundamental human right but also necessary  foundation for peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world. violation of women rights is basically the violation of moral values of society.

It creates imbalance in the society and should be prohibited at all forms. Gender equality demands that women, man or transgender must have all basic humans rights irrespective of their gender identity.

They should have equal right of education, choosing their careers, their way of living etc. Every person should be fully independent to work for his goals and chase his dreams without any discrimination and it is foremost responsibility of every citizen to respect his fellow countryman.

Success of country demands that every dweller of land should put his zeal and zest for development of his land and it is responsibility of a government to provide every person an equal chance to play his role.

It is impossible to create peaceful society without gender equality. Peace of a land shatters into pieces where all the people are not getting equal rights and specially disrespecting someone on basis of gender is truly awful.

Today, there are a lot of protests all around the world in favor of gender equality and world has accepted the fact that gender equality is an important issue and  there is need to take solid steps in this regard.

In a country like Pakistan and India, we  are facing massive cases against gender equality. Large number of organizations are working to create awareness among people about importance of gender equality.

Girls of rural areas are not allowed to complete their education besides there are a lot of foul traditions prevailing in our country.

Although the efforts of these organizations and government bore fruit and they are successful in abatement of such cases but still this thing has not eradicated yet.

No one can deny the role of women for ideal society and women can play fundamental role in developing of our country but it is not possible without education.

Government should create equal job opportunities for man, woman and transgender. There should be no discrimination on basis of gender and it is necessary for government to stop any activity that violates gender equality.

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