Essay on Volcano | Volcano Formation, Importance of Volcano

This essay talks about the Volcano, basic description of volcano, causes of volcano formation and importance of Volcano in our Universe. This essay is written in simple words and Easy Language for children and students.

Essay on Volcano | Types, Volcano Formation, Importance

A volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the earth. When pressure builds up, eruptions can occur. Eruptions can be explosive, throwing out rocks, ash, and gas. Lava flows can destroy houses and buildings.

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Volcanos are mountains, but they are very different from the regular mountains that we see. They are formed when the hot molten rock and ash from inside the earth’s surface erupts through any cracks or openings on the surface. The molten rock and ash become hard as they cool down and this makes a volcano.

There are two main types of volcanoes, the cinder cone volcano and the shield volcano. The cinder cone volcano is made up of small pieces of rock and ash that have been blasted into the air by a volcanic eruption and then cooled down and hardened. These types of volcanoes are usually not very tall, but they can be quite wide. The shield volcano is made up of large lava flows that have cooled down and hardened. Shield volcanoes are usually much taller than cinder cone volcanoes.

The molten rock and ash that comes out of a volcano is called magma. Magma is formed when the earth’s mantle (a layer of the earth’s interior) melts. The mantle melts because it is heated by the earth’s hot core. The molten rock and ash that come out of a volcano can be very dangerous. When magma comes out of a volcano, it can cause lava flows, mudflows, and pyroclastic flows.

Lava flows are rivers of molten rock that can flow for many kilometers. They can be very hot and can burn anything in their path. Mudflows are rivers of mud that are formed when the magma from a volcano mixes with water. Pyroclastic flows are clouds of hot gas and rock that can travel very fast down the side of a volcano. They can be as hot as 700 degrees Celsius!

Volcanoes are important because they help to keep the earth’s surface from getting too hot. The heat from the earth’s core can be released through volcanoes. This helps to keep the earth’s climate stable. Volcanoes also produce a lot of the earth’s land. When lava flows cool down and harden, they create new land.

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Volcanoes can be dangerous, but they are also beautiful. They are an important part of the earth’s surface and help to keep our planet alive.

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