Essay on Traffic Rules | Short Essay on Traffic Rules for Students

Read the following well written essay on traffic rules for students. The essay explains the importance of traffic rules, meaning and real value for children and students.

Essay on Traffic Rules | Traffic Rules 10 points with Explanation

All drivers, bikers, passengers, bus and truck drivers, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, are required to obey traffic rules. Every commuter benefits from them because they ensure safe traffic flow.

Types of Traffic Rules & their Importance in our Lives

As we travel from one place to another on a daily basis, we need to follow traffic laws in order to get to our destination safely.  As you use the road, you must obey the following traffic rules and understand their significance:

1) Driving With a Valid Driving License

You probably have reached the legal driving age if you have a valid driving license. In addition, you must have received training about road safety rules and regulations from the licensing authority, making you a responsible driver.

2) Always Keep to the Left

The daily commute is another important rule that must be obeyed. When leaving or entering, you must keep to the left of the road to make way for approaching vehicles, already traveling at high speeds. In addition, you must keep left to allow for an emergency or other vehicle coming from behind at high speed. You will ensure that both arrive at their destinations safely this way.

3) Never Take a Road From Wrong Side

A sudden approach from the wrong side of the road can be fatal. A wrong and sudden approach may cause confusion and collisions with other drivers/riders. If you see any approaching car on the main road, approach slowly and keep to the left at all times.

4) Always Wear the Proper Safety Gears

All safety equipment required by the vehicle must be worn by the driver. The difference between life and death can be determined by whether you wear your seat belt or helmet. The concept that safety gear is not required when commuting in the city is a myth. Safety belts and helmets are proven to save lives on city streets as well as highways.

5) Following Traffic Signals

It is a junction or an intersection of roads that everyday commuters must go through many times in a single day. It is difficult to predict the turning direction of a vehicle coming from the front or to see a vehicle approaching from the left or right. The consequences of continuing blindly on a junction could be fatal. Keep to the traffic rules or the policeman’s signals, who alternate the movements to ensure everyone’s safety.

6) Waiting For The Pedestrians

Walking on the road puts pedestrians at risk. Their safety depends on other drivers. If they are crossing the street or waiting for the bus, a negligent driver can strike an unsuspecting pedestrian. Every commuter should always give way to pedestrians on zebra crossings or other spots, and ensure safe transit for everyone.

7) Don’t Drink and Drive

Drunken drivers risk not only their own lives but also the lives of others on the road. When someone is intoxicated, they are less likely to be able to make sound decisions and see the consequences. The drivers become negligent and over speed, thus compromising the safety of themselves and others. A driver should not be allowed to drive drunk, whether for daily commuting or sometimes.

8. Keep the Speed Limit in Mind. 

A speed limit is intended to ensure the safety of passengers in vehicles as well as pedestrians. A driver who travels at a high speed, even on a road with little traffic, is more likely to lose control or suddenly fail to brake, resulting in an accident.

9. Regular Service of vehicle

It is imperative that you maintain your car on a regular basis. In addition to replacing your engine oil, you should repair your worn tires, fix your broken headlights, and fix your side mirrors as failing to do so could result in an accident.

10. Stay Careful During Bad Weather

When driving in bad weather, you need to be extra careful. Winters, for instance, may cause the roads to become foggy. Therefore, make sure you have your fog lights on while driving.


Every day, traffic rules play an important role in ensuring our safe transit to and from work and home. Even if a person ignores the rules and reaches safely, it is only because other commuters follow and respect traffic rules. The problem would be that no one would be able to reach their destination safely or within a reasonable time frame if all the vehicles jump the signal. As a result, it is imperative that everyone on the road adhere to the traffic rules and regulations.

The Traffic Rules Essay For Students

It is essential to have traffic laws and regulations to regulate traffic and to protect all road users, giving them safety and ease of commuting.

What Makes Indian Roads Unsafe

We have India’s highways and city roads loaded up with more and more traffic than they were designed to handle. Indian roads are overcrowded with multiple vehicles and commuters. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg; the main issue is the variety of vehicles that share the same route, all of which must reach their destination in a timely manner.

The same road is shared by slow moving traffic such as rickshaws, carts, buses, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, pedestrians and often times even animals. On crowded and busy roads, people on motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians are also the most vulnerable since they are difficult to spot.

Not to mention the roadside stalls and eateries, which have encroached on footpaths and roads, creating a dangerous condition for pedestrians. A collision will be the most likely outcome in this scenario unless traffic rules are followed promptly.

How Traffic Rules Improve Safety

There are traffic rules and regulations in place which aim to protect all commuters. There are some rules specific to the type of user, and some that are used by all.

Rule such as “keep left” is meant to give way to vehicles coming from the opposite direction. It is a safety measure for pedestrians that a driver slow down when approaching a zebra crossing.


Helmets are recommended to be worn while riding bikes and bicycles to protect the rider. Likewise, seat belts for drivers to help keep them safe, driving at a reasonable speed, keeping a clean car, etc.  It is important to give way to pedestrians and obey traffic signals and signs, all of which ensure the safety of road users.

Paragraph on Importance of Traffic Rules

Traffic rules and regulations are formulated to regulate traffic, for the safety and convenience of all types of road users. They are very essential to ensure safety of various road users and as well as their easy travelling across the roads

What Makes Indian Roads Unsafe

There are too many vehicles and daily commuters on Indian roads. In our cities and on our highways, we handle far more traffic than they were intended to carry. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg; the main problem lies in the variety of vehicles on the same road, and of course they all want to arrive as soon as possible.

There are slow moving vehicles on the road such as rickshaws and carts, along with cars, buses, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, and even animals. A crowded road is especially dangerous for motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians because it is difficult to spot them. In addition, there has been an encroachment of roadside stalls and eateries onto the sidewalks and roads, only making things worse for pedestrians. When traffic rules are not obeyed promptly in this scenario, a collision becomes inevitable.

How Traffic Rules Improve Safety

In order to ensure the safety of commuters, the traffic rules and regulations are designed in such a way that they ensure their safety. In the end, some rules apply to specialized groups of users, while others apply to all users. It is a rule such as “keep left” that allows passage to vehicles coming from opposite directions. It also allows passage to vehicles approaching from behind in the same direction. The rule requiring a pedestrian to slow down when approaching a zebra crossing is meant to ensure their safety.


Helmets are worn while riding a bike or bicycle for the rider’s safety. It is important to wear a seat belt while driving, maintain a reasonable speed when driving, avoid drunken driving, give way to pedestrians (since they are most vulnerable), and follow traffic signals and signs as they are all designed to ensure the safety and easy movement of road users.

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