Essay on Over Population- Causes & Impacts of Over Population

Overpopulation is major problem of developing countries. This problem has number of causes which will be discussed in this essay. Rapid population growth creates enormous challenges for economic, social services economic development, environment and human welfare. In spite of this, the issue is not getting enough attention from policy makers.

Essay on Overpopulation, Causes & Impacts 

Overpopulation is defined as a situation when the number of people in a particular area or region is too large in relation to the amount of resources available. It is a problem because it creates poverty, unemployment, pollution and other social problems.

Essay on over population

Causes of overpopulation:

There are number of factors which contribute to the overpopulation such as lack of education, poverty, etc that lead to overpopulation. They are as follows:

1. Lack of family planning services:

Lack of family planning services is one of the major causes of overpopulation. In many developing countries, people do not have access to contraception and other family planning services. As a result, they continue to have children until they have the desired number of sons and daughters.

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2. Rapid population growth:

Rapid population growth is another major cause of overpopulation. In many countries, the population is growing at a very fast rate. This puts a lot of pressure on the resources and creates problems for economic development and social welfare.

3. Limited resources:

Limited resources is also a major cause of overpopulation. When there are not enough resources to go around, it creates poverty and unemployment. This leads to social problems such as crime and violence.

4. Lack of education:

Lack of education is another major cause of overpopulation. In many developing countries, people are not educated about family planning and contraception. As a result, they have large families which they cannot afford to support.

5. Culture and religion:

Culture and religion are also major causes of overpopulation. In many cultures, it is believed that having a large family is a sign of wealth and status. This leads to people having more children than they can afford to support.

Impacts of overpopulation:

Overpopulation has a number of impacts which are as follows:

1. Poverty:

Overpopulation leads to poverty because it creates unemployment and limited resources. This means that people do not have enough money to live on and they cannot afford basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing.

2. Disease:

Overpopulation also leads to diseases because it creates overcrowding and poor sanitation. This means that people are more likely to catch diseases and there is a higher risk of epidemics.

3. Environmental degradation:

Overpopulation also leads to environmental degradation because it increases the demand for resources such as water, food and fuel. This leads to pollution and deforestation.

4. Social problems:

Overpopulation also leads to social problems such as crime and violence. This is because people are desperate for resources and they will do anything to get them.

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Overpopulation is a major problem which creates a number of challenges for economic development, social welfare and the environment. It is caused by a number of factors including lack of family planning services, rapid population growth, limited resources and lack of education. The impacts of overpopulation include poverty, disease, environmental degradation and social problems. There are effective steps needed to curtail the issue of over population.

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