Essay on Mother Teresa | Bio, Life & Achievements For Students

Mother Teresa is a hero, a great social worker and an inspirational personality. Her selfless service to mankind are unforgettable.

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Essay on Mother Teresa | Bio, life & Achievements of Mother Teresa Essay For Children & Students

Mother Teresa’s real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was born on August 26th, 1910 in Skopje located within Macedonia. Her father’s name was Kole who was a businessman and her mother, Drana, was a housewife.

Essay on Mother Teresa for children and students

When Agnes was nine years old, she had to suffer the loss of her father’s death. She started earning by doing embroidery and sewing to support her family. She was a very religious person who always wanted to serve humanity.

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Today the world remembers her as “Saint of twentieth century” because she was a beacon of hope for millions of people all around the world.

Life & Journey of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was very fond of her mother, Drana, who was a very religious person. Drana was such a strong inspiration for her that she decided to dedicate her life to religious cause.

When she turned 18, she decided to leave home and join Sisters of Loreto in Ireland. After six weeks, she visited Calcutta in India and decided to begin a new life there by taking care of sick and needy.

She always wanted to do religious work and serve humanity so when she got the chance of coming to India, she decided to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from poverty. At first, she started teaching in convent schools but after some time she decided to serve the poor and helpless. For many years, she worked alone without any funds but even this did not demotivate her to discontinue her welfare work.

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She became an Indian citizen in 1948. In 1950, she established “Missionaries of Charity” which is a catholic religious assembly In Calcutta.

The main aim of this Missionary is to care for those people who are refugees, mentally ill, sick, abandoned children, aged and poor. They provide these services free of cost and to everyone regardless of their religion or social status. She also got training of a nurse in Patna.

There she learned to fix broken bones, treatment of various diseases and medications. She did not have any money but she did have motivation and energy with which she worked for the poor people gladly.

Later, her courage was recognized and appreciated all around the world and many people joined hands with her to support her mission.

It is because of her hard work and dedication that Missionaries of Charity has 160 centers in India and 105 branches in over 105 countries.

Awards of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was honored with many titles and awards throughout her life. She was awarded Padma shri (The highest civilian award) in 1962, Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding in 1969, Patronal medal in 1979, Bharat Ratna in 1980 and many more.

In 1979, she was also given Nobel Peace prize for doing the best work of solidarity between nations and promotion of peace congresses.

Death of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa suffered several years of deteriorating health including heart, kidney and lung problems. She died on 5th September,1997 due to cardiac arrest at the age of 87. Her death was a huge loss to the entire humanity and created a huge void that cannot be filled.

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Mother Teresa is no more with us physically but her spirit of charity, enthusiasm, compassion and love is always there to guide us all. It is a proud moment for Indians that she chose to continue her mission in India.

It is because of her hard work that her work is appreciated all over the world. She showed the world that how much difference just one person can make in this world. Indeed, she is a role model for all of us.

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