Essay on If I Were a Teacher | 10 Qualities of Best Teacher

Teaching is a very noble profession. No doubt it demands curiosity, intellect and insight but in actuality, its worth desiring. The following Essay I have written If were a teacher that talks about the nobility of teaching profession, how its sacred, vital and most desirable profession and what change one can bring while being  a teacher. This essay is going to be very helpful for children and students in school exams and written tests.

Essay on If I Were a Teacher | Qualities of Teaching that I Desire to have

Teaching is a wonderful profession. It offers you various opportunities to get in touch with students, learn their behaviors, about their cultures, and find the different ways to fit into the mind of your students. I believe teaching is one the most demanding mental activity. You needed to look through the window, into the minds of your students. If I were a teacher I would have taken a different approach. Essay on If I were a Teacher

As a Teacher: Bring Novelty in Teaching Methods.

If I were a teacher, I would try to bring more novelty in my teaching methods. For example, I would occasionally change the seating arrangements in my classroom so that students would not get too comfortable and start taking things for granted. I would also frequently use different teaching aids (such as flashcards, puppets, etc.) in order to make the class more interesting and engaging. In this way, I would be able to keep the students’ attention focused on the lesson.

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As a teacher: Facilitating Group Learning

If I were a teacher, I would also focus on facilitating group learning. I would encourage students to work in small groups on projects or assignments. This would not only help the students learn from each other but would also promote team-building and cooperation. Additionally, by working in groups, the students would be more likely to stay engaged and motivated.

As a Teacher: Friendly behavior

If I were a teacher, I would try to be as friendly and approachable as possible. I would want my students to feel comfortable coming to me with any questions or concerns they may have. I would also make an effort to get to know each of my students on a personal level. In this way, I would be able to build relationships of trust with them.

In addition, I would also try to get to know my students as individuals. By understanding their backgrounds, personalities, and interests, I would be in a better position to cater to their individual needs.

Overall, I believe that if I were a teacher, I would try to be as creative and innovative as possible. By doing so, I would be able to keep my students’ attention focused on the lesson and help them learn in a fun and enjoyable way.

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Therefore, I believe teaching a unique and creative experience. You need a lot more things than just bookish knowledge. You needed to apply your practical wisdom and insight to be better able to teach your students in a constructive way.

Essay on Ten Qualities of My Best Teacher

A teacher is the fountain head of knowledge and wisdom. He is real guardian of our future. A good teacher is the head of several best ever qualities that make him appealing and worthy of respect in everyone’s eyes. The teacher whom I love the most is also the greatest and most respected teacher by everyone in the school.

1. Excellent Communication Skills:

Good Communication Skills are the most needed element of a healthy and effective teaching. My teacher is really blessed with God given gift of making everything understandable with great explanation and examples. The tough & boring subjects often get digested easily whenever they are taught by my teacher. It seems he holds the key of our heart. By his tongue we find the real wisdom in the most simplistic form.

2. Good at heart and Mind:

My ideal is the real man with pure heart and cool mind. He always wants the good for everyone. He doesn’t get offended even someone disagrees without a reason. He, in fact, understands the logic of being reasonable and disagreeable. He is pure white and thinks well for everyone.

3. A Good Listener:

My favorite teacher is the good listener. He listens every student carefully. Whenever, he teaches, we find his observation so sharp and strong that he notices every moment in the class. He listens everyone with great care and respect.

4. Adaptability:

Adaptability is the art of getting merged into every situation. During the initial days of my teacher’s appointment in this school, he faced a bit difficult times. As he was from a distant location. And getting adoptable in the atmosphere of our city was a bit challenging for him. But, as I say adaptability was his ability. He got himself adjusted in the environment of our city. He always teaches us to be adoptable and agreeable.

5. Sympathy & Care:

My great teacher always has the heart of respect and care. He never lets anyone go without having him properly listened. He tries to understand the personal problems of every student. Even he extends help to the needy students by his personal time and financial contribution.

6. Respect Everyone:

My teacher respects everyone. He even teaches us to extend the respect everyone without the difference of color, creed or caste. He believes in the equality of humanity. To him, no one is above the law. Everyone is entitled with the same rights.

7. A man of Patience & Perseverance:

My teacher is the great man of patience. He never takes anyone’s talk on heart. He never gets offended. He listens the arguments of everyone. Sometimes, even the arguments students go illogical and unreasonable but my teacher tries to get them understand the things quite  amicably. He never forces his opinion on others.

8. Always Smiling & Positive:

My Teacher is always smiling and positive. He believes in the power of positivity and hope. He has taught us to never lose the hope even in the worst of times. He always encourages the weak students to improve and grow academically. He is smiling and wonderful person.

9. Simple & Creative:

My teacher is simple man in appearance. He believes to live in minimalism. He is of the opinion that one’s appearance is of lesser importance than his heart. He thinks that we should be simple and clean from all aspects of life. He is very creative person and believes in the simplicity of life.

10. Lover of Humanity & Nature:

My great teacher is the love of humanity of humanity. He believes that love of humanity is the love of God. He has taught us to respect and care every living creature on this planet earth. He believe we should adore the nature and should never compromise over the health of our nature.


My Teacher is therefore, the man of very wonderful qualities. His teaching style, his words, sympathy, care and respect is all that is loved by every one around in our school. All the school, from teachers to the students, love him and respect him profoundly. I always pray for the good health and well being of my teacher.

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