Essay on Good Habits & their Importance in Life

Read the following short Essay on good habits, definition, purpose & importance of good habits in life for children & students

Essay on Good Habits, Purpose & Importance

Good habits are those positive actions, deeds and behavior of person that are liked by society. Good habits develop in the early years of life and stay with a person for whole life. A student’s personal hygiene, table manners, social skills, eating habits etc all come under good habits. Good habits are an integral part of every individual’s personality and help him/her to be successful in life.

Good Habits are defined as those positive actions, deeds and behavior of a person that are beneficial for a society. Good habits are very important in life. They make a person disciplined, punctual and organized. Good habits inculcate moral values in a person and help him lead a successful life. Some of the important good habits for students are:

1) Being punctual and regular in class: Punctuality is one of the most important good habits for a student. If a student is punctual, he will be able to learn better and achieve better results. A student who is regularly present in class is considered disciplined and responsible.

2) Doing homework on time: Homework is an important part of a student’s education. It helps in reinforcing the concepts taught in class. It is important for a student to do homework on time and submit it within the deadline.

3) Being organized: Another important good habit for students is to be organized. An organized person is able to manage his time and resources effectively. He knows where to find things when he needs them. Being organized also helps in reducing stress.

4) Maintaining personal hygiene: Personal hygiene is very important for students. A student who maintains good personal hygiene is less likely to fall ill. He will also have a positive self-image.

5) Eating healthy food: Eating healthy food is important for students. It helps them stay fit and healthy. unhealthy food can be harmful for students.

Good habits are learned behaviors. They are learned from peers, from society and even from your own home. It is the reflections of a strong character and positive personality. The bad habits, on the other hand, are quite dangerous for a society. Bad habits are developed within a person from his bad company.

It’s rightly said that the company with whom you sit, strongly influences your personality.
Therefore, Good habits are highly influential in shaping one’s personal and professional life. They make you successful in your career and goals. The bad habits, on the other hand, would cause someone disrespect and degradation.

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Good habits are the highly beneficial for students. They are inculcated into one’s personality through positive behavior, good company and from socialization

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